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does anyone else have a little nudist?

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Hello! DD is 23 months old and hates clothing!! I'm lucky if she's even wearing a diaper. ---she's gotten quite good at removing them. Anyway, she's running around the house stark naked today and refuses to put clothes on. We live in florida and are having our first cold snap and its kind of chilly in the house. I ask her "emily, aren't you cold"....she nods her head yes, and she even has goose bumps...but...she won't put on clothes. :LOL
Just wondering if anyone else has a little nudist? I sort of feel bad that she's cold, but then again...i guess if she was really cold, she would get dressed...right?
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Well we do EC and it's constantly 75 degrees or above so I definitely have a little nudist. My husband is always asking me to at least put a diaper on him but as long as it's just Nathan and I he's as naked as a jaybird! It was weird at first but now it's extremely natural to me and even cute!
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Bran would be naked all day if I'd let him... He plays naked for over an hour after his bath, and goes around dancing to his music without clothes. :LOL
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ds is pretty much naked unless we go somewhere. he loves it and i love it. i have way less dirty clothes and diapers to wash. if he doesn't have on a dipe, he'll go in the potty. although lately i've been putting socks and slippers on him cuz it's kinda cold here and i like slippers so...(i'm assuming he does too, hehe) i think sometimes it makes company feel weird but that their issue, not mine or ds's, yk?
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My kids are always naked. Even when I'm fully dressed and cold, no amount of suggestions can convince them to get dressed. They do like to wear slippers and hats though. And I leave blankets around for them to snuggle in if they feel like it. I also leave their clothes on the coffee table so they can choose to wear them if the mood strikes.
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Connor is another one who likes to be nekkid! It's a challenge because it is so, so cold here and I feel he has to be in something. He usually ends up with a shirt on and I try to keep slippers on him.
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Ok! I'm glad I'm not the only one with someone who loves to run around naked! The only problem with EMily is that she rarely uses the potty, so we end up with puddles I'm hoping that will change soon. I can't get her to leave a diaper on for anything. She will however put diapers on all of her stuffed animals :LOL
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Yup...Haley is a nudist too...she also runs around with goose bumps saying she is cold but won't keep clothes on We have been demanding that she keep some clothes on (socks, shirt or pants, panties or diaper) b/c it is sooooooo cold right now. As soon as she strips we put them back on her
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yes, my ds would be naked all the time if I let him, which wouldn't be that big of a deal to me when he's potty trained (he now hates diapers, too and learned how to unsnap the liners for cloth and tak e them off!)
but it can get cold here, so we comprimise, mostly he is with a long sleeve shirt and diaper only except after bath, i let him have some nudey time, and in the morning after his morning poo, I let him hang out for a while w/o a diaper.
He really fights getting bundled to go outside, He NEVER will wear a hat , which bothers me because I do not want him to get an ear infection on all our damp chilly NW days - but go figure- He has never even had one ear infection and he is now 1 1/2! sometimes his ears are red and cold, and I say aren't your ears cold- a hat or hood would keep them warm,, and put it on, but he takes it off imeediately or screams til I do!
I loved last summer cause he could go outside naked with only a diaper, and that made him very happy (and a lot less of a daily struggle for mwe! )
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DD is almost always naked in the house and sometimes gets outside naked as well (the neighbors love that--think it is the funniest thing in the world :LOL ). She immediately strips when we come home from being out. She also insists on being naked dancing when DH plays guitar (he hopes this isn't an indicator of a future profession )
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Not only do I have a nudist, I have a *stripper*. I can get clothes on him, but he takes them off, a little at a time. I then get to search for them all over the place - the car, the dog's kennel, the babysitter's, grandma's house, you name it. I keep wondering if he is going to grow up to be a Chippendale or in XXX movies. Hey, it's a living...

>>He NEVER will wear a hat <<

Musing Mama, I have one of those too! If I had a nickel for every "bad Mom" look or comment I've received, I'd be able to buy a store full of hats -- plus the velcro straps to keep them on DS's head!
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Paige prefers naked...even in the depths of winter! She can remove her dipes (even the side snappers! ) She was naked for most of the summer, and I thought that the slow change of seasons and gradually adding some clothing would provide for an easy transition---uh, I was WRONG!

I have found that she doesn't mind really soft cotton knits (like Zutano) that much, and she associates getting dressed with going out, and she LOVES to go out and "see."

The problems comes in when we are at the in-laws house. They have a 200 year old farmhouse with bare floors, and it can be a bit drafty. My FIL constantly remarks, "Don't you think that the baby too cold?" Right now I think that her priority is comfy nekked over being toasty warm.

I was a happy naked baby and toddler, so I expected Paige to be the same way. Innocense doesn't last long these days, so I just want to let her have her time!
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Yes DD is always nude. Now that it is cold out I ask her frequently to put her clothes on and if she wont do it I just give her a blanket which she will gladle wrap herself in.
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My 2.5 yr old would live totally naked all the time if allowed! We even turn the heat down to 62 at night & the thermostat often says the house is at 58 or 60 when we get up in the morning. She still strips her jammies off & runs around naked. Now & then she'll go digging for clothes - usually a shirt & underwear or just a pair of tights. So, lately she's been getting the message that clothes keep her warm & she might want to try some. We let her wear (or not wear) whatever she wants most of the time. The rules are that she has to wear clothes when we leave the house & when we have people over. We've been enforcing that rule ever since she started being able to dress & undress herself and she's pretty compliant.

The funniest thing is when we get home from being out all day & the first thing she does when she walks in the door is strip! It totally cracks me up!

We are learning to give her some choice about what clothes we buy for her & what clothes she wants to wear. That seems to help her actually want to wear clothes when she gets too cold.
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I have been going through the same thing with my little girl for the past 1 1/2 yrs. She only wears clothes when we go out but as soon as we get home she takes everything off including her socks. We live in Utah and it has been snowing latley my dh and I thought that she might keep some clothes on now that it is so cold. WRONG she has even gone outside in the snow naked. My mom tells me it is just a phase but I say this has lasted way to long to be a phase. My 1 1/2 yr old son is now trying to copy her. I don't know what I will do with two little naked butts running around my house.
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Originally Posted by magmamaof3
[B] WRONG she has even gone outside in the snow naked. B]

ok....i guess my little naked florida girl is nothing to worry about then :LOL

today she was running around in a diaper (i was lucky she had that on) and her jacket -- just because it has a hood and the hood is neat.
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My 25 month old son is naked right now. :LOL When I ask him if he wants to get dressed, he says "No, I want a nursie." :LOL
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Originally Posted by MissMisha

>>He NEVER will wear a hat <<

Musing Mama, I have one of those too! If I had a nickel for every "bad Mom" look or comment I've received, I'd be able to buy a store full of hats -- plus the velcro straps to keep them on DS's head!
LOL!! I know!!! my ds loves to go on stroller walks here every day, rain or shine, so we really get the looks when I (the negligent mean mommy) take him hatless in the rain and cold-- little do they know, it is his idea, and i dont have much choice! :LOL
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Yup - count my ds in on the nudist group! He's 3 1/2, and prefers to hang out naked at home. It has been a real struggle when we travel! Grandmommy insists on at least underwear, and Grandma needs for him to be fully clothed.

It does make our potty training a little easier. Although we have had a regression this last week. He's not wearing diapers anymore. For the first few days, pooping in the potty was great fun. Lately though, he tells me that he'll just poop on the floor. And he has. Twice. Ugh. :

He also uses his bare skin as a canvas. He decorates costumes - Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear. He even gets his back! And his eyelids. Yes, we get comments everywhere we go.
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I have a naked loving girl too! She is 2.5 years old. She calls it "nakey butt". She takes this deep inhale and loudly exclaims "I'm nakey butt" and gets a gleeful smile on her face.

I also can't keep blanktes on her. I am guessing that the rest of the naked loving kids don't like blankets either!
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