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Just saying Hi

Hi I'm Rachel and live with DH and DD just in the Paris suburbs - not too happy with that one - but hey hopefully we'll go back home (Scotland) within the next couple of years. This is babe number 2 due at the end of July and our little morning star is still nursing at nearly 2 and half years which I find rather draining and painful at the moment am hoping to wean on her cue - not sure how that's going to work, but think that we will end up being tandem nursers - that's a worry - anyone else thinking about that too?! I just can't see her stopping - she just doesn't want to at the moment. I sound really confused don't I??!!

We are delighted about this pregnancy and saw the babe for the first time a couple of days ago - it's just so reassuring that everything is going well. We are having a hospitalised birth but with an independent scottish midwife who I know will give me the natural birth that I really really want, I really don't trust the medical people here - they just don't seem to listen anyway that's a different story.

Congratulations to you all on your expectant arrivals.

Looking forward to our chats - I think MDC is the only thing that keeps me sane!
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Hey all,

I've been lurking for awhile and am deciding to unlurk with an intro

I live in the SF Bay Area with my DH and DD, who just turned 2. The new bean is expected around July 26. DD came on time, so we'll see what happens with #2. I had a hospital birth with DD and am planning on it with #2 (I had postpartum hemorraghing issues so am wary of doing a home birth, although that would be cool). I'm really happy with my OB -- I think if I had a different OB, they would've insisted that I had a c-section after I was in transition for over 3 hours!

My first trimester tiredness and nausea (no vomiting) are tapering off, so I am quite happy about that. However, I am getting heartburn now, which started around the same time for me in my last pregnancy.

Glad to join you all!

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Hi Rachel and Cathy!
Glad you two decided to introduce yourself! Thanks for De-Lurking...

Cathy, I'm not trying to push homebirth off on you or anything - but I have heard that for hem. after birth some shepards purse tincture or putting a piece of placenta under your tongue will take it right away. Sounds like you like your OB though so more power to you!
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Hi, I'm Nordic, and I live in Stockholm (yes, THE Stockholm in Sweden) with my dh and ds, aged 3.5.

I am an archaeologist by trade but have had trouble getting a job and am currently work PT as an assitant to a handicapped woman.

I am due around July 24 with our second child. It took us two years to get pg again, so this was a very happy surprise (we had just about given up).

I was posting on another pg board but started to feel rather out of place. It seemed like I was the only one there aiming for a natural birth and planning on co-sleeping. I dread to think what their views on breastfeeding a toddler would have been! So some of my friends at nursingmom.net suggested I come here.

And here I am...

edited for crappy grammar
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Welcome Nordic Mama!

Wow, we're getting quite the international group here, aren't we? Sweden, France, New Zealand/Australia (right?), Canada, US. Where else have I missed? Super cool!
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Hi Ladies ~

I've been lurking around lately, but I figured it was time to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Meghan. I'm about 17 weeks along. I'm pretty much sure that I know I conceived on the 24th of October - although I was coming off the pill and charting and I hadn't had a period. So, 266 since conception would put me at the 17th of July. At my midwife appointments, my fundus measurements corresponde nicely with how far I think I am.

Edited to add a little more about myself: I'm 23 and I just graduated in December with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Women's Studies. My man just graduated in May and we are expecting our first little one.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself since I'll probably be jumping in on some threads. Hope everyone is doing well!
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My name's Lisa. I'm married and live in North Vancouver, BC. I'm 36 and my EDD is July 14th (I'll be 37 by then).

This is my 6th pregnancy, and I'm the happy mom to an almost 12-year-old boy, and an almost 2-year-old daughter. Between the two, I had two miscarriages, followed by a divorce and remarriage, followed by one more miscarriage. When I got pregnant with my precious Emma, I was really quite terrified! But, I had my miracle baby in 2003.

Both my babies have been born by c-section - one emergency, and one scheduled, which was not my idea. I'm psyching myself up for a fairly major disagreement with my OB. I'm not quite ready to switch to a midwife, but the thought is definitely there.

After this one arrives (however that may be), I'd like one more, but my husband doesn't. However, he says that I'm more "hellbent" on having another than he is on not having another, so there may be four by the time I'm done.
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Hi! I introduced myself way back when, but haven't posted in months. I'm Dana, 31 years old and living in Arlington, MA. This baby is due around July 3, although my first was 16 days early, so I'm guessing it will actually be late June. My daughter is 3 1/2, and very excited about her baby brother!

We'll be giving birth at the same birth center that Miranda was born at, and hopefully actually make it there in time to get the tub filled up this time! I did consider a homebirth, but I really like the midwives there, so even though we've moved a little farther away (it'll be about a 20-25 minute drive), I'm comfortable going back there.
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Hi everyone,
This is my first post here. My name is Hilary, I am 19 and pregnant with my first (due late July). I am living in Austin, Tx but will be staying in Massachusetts for the summer to have the baby because both sets of the baby's grandparents live there and we want to be near them for the birth. Nice to meet you all.
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Hi there girls,
I'm also already lurking for quite a while here on the Mothering place but finally thought it's time to introduce myself!

My name is Val (short for Valesca -which hardly anybody can pronounce or even remember *lol*), I'm 29, German (see myself rather more international though as I've mostly lived my life in other countries like Brazil, Japan & Portugal), happily married to an US Navy 'cop' and SAHM to a 3 year old little girl who's quite a little devil most of the time.

We're currently stationed in Newport, RI, due to DH's job in the Navy. After the next 3 years we'll see where we'll be going next. We're coming from Lisbon, Portugal where we're living for 4 years (also due to DH's job).
For me it's the first time living in the US and so far I like it a lot!

After 5 months of TTC #2 we found out that we're finally expecting again (it was a long time waiting for me as with DD I got pregnant the first month after I got off the BCP) and by now we know that we'll be having a little baby boy. EDD is July 15th but due to many reasons I'll have a scheduled c-section (DD was also born via cesarean) probably around July7th.

BF didn't really work well with DD (due to not being informed enough and not having any support..) and I gave up after only 2 months -which I still regret!- but this time I'm determinded to BF my little boy sucessfully! Also I'm totally new to cloth diapers, so I'm very excited all around for his arrival!

I guess that's about it for now.. :LOL
Looking forward to get to know you all better!

Have a nice day!
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Val, I think your name is beautiful! Welcome to the boards

I gave up bf'ing early as well, lets hope this time is easier for the both of us!!!
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Thank you, darsmama!

Yes, let's focus on a great BF success this time!

Have a nice day!
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My name is Rida. I am a 35 year old mother of four kids, names and ages in my signature. My husband is Hans, 43. My first husband is the father of my three older children, and he was killed when my daughter Sula was just born. I am very excited to be having my second child with Hans. I am due 04 July and we do not know the gender- Hans wants a girl and I don't care which it is. I am a SAHM and we live in the southwest. It had been our dream to move here for a long time and after Hans and I married we moved here from Sweden.

I am very excited to be joining all of you!
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Hi Rida,
welcome! I'm sorry to hear about your loss of your 1st husband.., but happy for you that you found another wonderful man to share your life with!
How many years are you living in the US already? (I'm German and this is my 1st year living here! )

Looking forward to read from you again,
have a nice weekend,

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Hello Val! Well Leo (my first husband) and I wanted to move here since we met 15 years ago but then when I met Hans he began to share my passion for it. We moved here three years ago! At first it was a shock but I have found nothing but great people here. What do you think of it? I was nervous about having my youngest, Eben, here, but I had a great experience.
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Hi Rida,
it's nice that you could fullfill your dreams then!
Well, since my husband is American and I was in contact with quite a few Americans ever since we met 5 yrs. ago, coming here wasn't much of a 'shock' but rather a really pleasant change. (DH is in the US Navy and we're stationed overseas, in Lisbon, Portugal for 4 years b4 we came here, so it was a very positive change! )

I absolutely love it here, eventhough I've only seen so little from the US so far (I've been in NY and San Fran. once, just as spent some time in Philadelphia b4 we moved up here to RI) and I'm looking forward to see many more places. It's DH's and my dream to settle down somewhere in a peaceful area in the US, we'll see where it'll be. For the next ~12 years he'll still be in the Navy, so we'll automatically get to travel around and see bits and pieces from the States!

Our daughter was born in Portugal and it was a very negative experience, so I'm very positive that this time will be much better! I already know from my gyn that the hospital is very baby and BF friendly, which should help me a lot compared to the time with my DD where I had no help/support in regards to BF..

Are you also using cloth diapers or planning on? This will be a complete new experience for me with our little baby boy, but I'm very excited!

Looking forward to get to 'know' you better,
have a great rest of your weekend,

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Val- I hope the birth experience of your son is better for you this time. I cloth diapered with my first three children but not with my youngest- I could not find any supplies here, not the kinds I wanted. I am looking into it now from some links on this website and think I will try again this time! I liked cloth much better.
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Thanks, Rida!

I'm sure you'll find great CDs here too. At least from the sites that I've been looking at I got totally convinced and into it already!
I have to admit I'm a bit nervous starting out cloth diapering a newborn, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it fairly quickly, right!?

I'm currently also discovering the joy of sewing my own diapers! I haven't finished one yet (my sewing machine gives me some probs right now..) but I think that'd very well become a nice hobby for me -and a benefit for my son!

Have a nice day!
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EDD July 14

Hi, I'm Annsley. I live in Denver, CO and this is our first. We're planning a homebirth (possibly water....if we find the right pool) We don't know what we're having...and very anxious to meet the baby. I'm a childbirth educator and pre/postnatal yoga therapist....so I love to talk about pregnancy and birth!! Looking forward to getting to know some of you!! Anyone out there into attachment parenting? Enjoy your pregnancies!
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Hi Rida ~ Nice to meet you!

Hi Annsley ~ Nice to meet you, too. I grew up sort of near to Denver, in South Dakota. I'm currently on the west coast, but we did a lot of traveling to Colorado for concerts and such. I'm also planning a homebirth. The midwife is bringing over an "aquadoula" in which I plan to labor, but we'll see if the babe is born in there or not. I agree with a lot of AP, but we're just gonna find our own style - what feels good to babe and us.
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