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Where did you give birth? - Page 2

Poll Results: Where did you give birth

  • 30% (39)
    In hospital in bed
  • 0% (1)
    In hospital in birthing pool
  • 6% (8)
    In Birth Center in bed
  • 3% (4)
    In Birth Center in birthing pool
  • 12% (16)
    At home in bed
  • 20% (26)
    At home in birthing pool
  • 26% (34)
128 Total Votes  
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You didn't allow for multiple selections, but your choices don't really fit either of my births anyway. I voted other.
#1 was born in the hospital operating room ('nuf said).
#2 was a homebirth away from home, in the bed. Not really a birthing center, except as far as my insurance is concerned.

Claudia, I've really got to see a picture of that!!
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I voted home in birth tub, but actually it was a RubberMaid feed trough.
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in our van :LOL
he was supposed to be born in water at a freestanding birth ctr though oh well!
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#1 birth center water birth
#2 birth center water birth
#3 on floor in bedroom (probably would have been bed but ended up emergency shoulder dystocia and needed to move to hard floor)
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hospital in bed (sigh)

Next time I am planning a homebirth
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was going to be at home in birthing tub but ended up in hospital via c-sec. I smiled through it anyway
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All 3 were in bed at a hospital.

#3 was a birth center transfer, would've been in bed there if things hadn't gone south with the labor (meconium).
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ds1- operating table
ds2-hospital bed
ds3-the bathroom floor at home
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ds #1, birth center in bed.
dd #2, at home, in an aquadoula in my bedroom.
ds #2, at home, in an aquadoula on the back deck, although potty pushing felt so good I might have stayed there, without prompting to get back in the tub!
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First was bed
Second was tub
Third was bed cause she came before I could get in the tub

All at home
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Both were born in my bed.
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At home both times - one in bed and one on floor.
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I voted "other" for my last birth, which was at home, on the floor near my bathtub. My first was at home in bed, my second was at home in a birthing pool, my third was at home on the floor of my living room.
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in the birthcenter's 110 gallon tub...it was heaven.
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#1 - Hospital bed
#2 - Home on floor near couch
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At home, on a home-made birthing stool...OMG, I hope I don't have to use it next time!
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Twice in a hospital bed, once in a birth pool at home and once in bed (on hands and knees) at home.
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DD1: On a birthing stool at a freestanding birth center
DD2: On the same birthing stool on my living room floor.
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Dd #1 - Hospital bed in stirrups. :

Dd #2 - Hospital bed no stirrups and no meds

Dd #3 - At home in water
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#1 in birth center in supported squat (regretfully got out of bath for unnecessary episiotomy)
#2 wanted a homebirth in water, but i ended up birthing in the shower at a public place. -- had a regularly scheduled appt with midwife who was temporarily working out of the massage room at a mom & baby center (like a community center where there are classes from belly dancing to how to wear a sling and natural parenting - not a birth center by any means!)- I didn't realize i was so far in labor, no time to go home!

maybe next time i'll get the waterbirth!?
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