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wow, after reading this whole thread, i don't understand why, since you feel so ultimately set in your own world of beliefs, why on Earth you'd go out of your way to tell (in the name of inquiry originally) so many of these loving mamas that they're "damaging their babes psychologically" by loving them & growing them however they see fit? i'm stunned at your OP & then your subsequent responses to try to get YOUR point across to those who have soo much more experience than you do at this point. are you wanting to learn?

maybe the universe is using MDC to help you awaken to other ways? b'c these mamas are so very rich in wisdom & knowledge that it's intimidating at times! just open up a bit & really read what they say... it's pure love, nothing wrong with that. & people, including little people, are SO very different regarding personal needs... maybe your babes will self-wean at a year, maybe you won't even get the opportunity to BF at all, at any rate, let the child tell you what they need & it won't be "wrong" ever! babies are smarter than most adults, imo.

best luck with your pg & delivery & BF'ing it's a whole 'nother world of beauty, as I'm told by the gorgeous, educated women here.
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I just want to say that you coming here to learn about ways of parenting that may be new to you shows that you are making a very intelligent decision as a parent, and you haven't even given birth yet!!

My advice to you is to keep reading and asking questions. It's excellent. When you are learning, try to see things from a very nonjudgemental view. That way you can really learn from your investigations. For a while, maybe try just reading up on things and if you have questions about what you are reading (like if something doesn't make sense) come to a place like this. I'm sure someone will be able to explain it to you. There are a lot of smart mama's here. Just think, one day you'll be giving a new mom advice and help with her breastfeeding! If you keep up your research, you'll have the answers to give.
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Mothering upholds and supports extended breastfeeding. Doing so is a part of its core purpose in print and on the internet. Members are welcome to come here and ask questions to seek information about extended breastfeeding *if* their intent is to learn and understand.

However, if a member's intent is to argue and debate then such posts are inappropriate and not welcome. That is what I see happening here so I am closing this discussion.

This forum is filled with information about extended breastfeeding as well as mothers who have bountiful knowledge and experience. But the purpose is to inform and support, not denigrate or discount. If your mind is open you will find plenty here to absorb and benefit from. If your purpose is otherwise, this is simply not the place for it.

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