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christmas craft idea for a 2 year old???

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anyone have any fun and easy christmas craft ideas for a 2 year old???
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My sitter just did these two with my almost 17-month yo. He wasn't that interested and/or didn't get that he had made art (still a little too young), but he definitely participated some. I think these would be just right for a 2 yo though:

1. Cut out a x-mas tree from green construction paper and tape it to the inside of a shoe box. Coat marbles with non-toxic finger paint and put them in the box. Tape closed the box and have your toddler shake the box, roll it around, etc. Afterwards, you'll have a decorated x-mas tree cut out!

2. Use finger paints on construction paper to make fingerprint snowflakes.
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We did one this week. I got some cheap little wooden star cut outs and the cheapest glitter paint I could find. We let dd paint the stars with the glitter paint. She picked which color she wanted and we put a drop of it on the star then she used the paint brush to coat the star. She got really into it and the stars look nice. I plan to attach a ribbon to each so they can be hung on the Christmas tree as decorations. I think the whole craft cost $4 to make a whole bunch.
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DS loves glue and glitter in shakers. YOu can either let him glue or make a glue design yourself and let him go with the glitter! DS loves this as I won't let him use the salt and pepper shakers, lol!

You/he could also rip green tissue paper into small pieces and glue it on a tree shape and glue on paper "ornaments" to make it look like a christmas tree. You could also do this for a wreath.

Can't think of any others at the moment....
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One of the crafts I just finished with my two year old is magnets. You can buy a sheet of magnetic paper for 1.00, then, we made hand prints, she colored some tree cut-outs, and painted some heart cut-outs. I then cut out the shapes and stuck them on the magnetic shee, cut that out, sealed them, and they are very sweet, if I do say so myself. Good luck!

Also, I used all of her old paintings that she has been doing for gift wrap, and that seems to be very popular as well.
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thanks for all the ideas!! i had TONS of ideas back when i was a Nanny, but then i ran a special needs daycare in my home for years and was so used to modifying that I forget what is age appropriate....not to mention the fact ds is suddenly waking up between 4:30 and 5:00 for the day (big change from his normal 7:30) and i am so sleepy i can't think straight!!
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MY 18 month DD loves to have her hand prints put on everything. So we did aprons for Grandmas and t-shirts for the uncles.

I also got some white felt and let her color on it with markers and stickers. Then I attached that to cans I've been collecting. Added some pens I found at the dollar store and now they are a great gift.

We are currently working on cutting out her hand prints from foam sheets and making magnets out of them. You can either attach the magnet to the foam or attach a clothes pin to the handprint then the magnet to the clothes pin and put a piece of artwork in the clip for a gift.
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handprints here too
but we made christmas cards with her hand prints on each one (in red or green paint) and i attatched her christmad photo on the other side of the card/////
so cute
we walked to the PO today, bought the stamps (counted the money togther placed the stamps by saying who the card was going to and what numebr card it was) and then mailed them

it was a fun, educational, extended project and we kept one for the fridge!

my dd is 16 months old
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Nellie made 50 X-mas cards this year, covering them with alien-looking faces....we went thru 2 packs of markers, a box of cards and envelopes, and many, many hours of morning entertainment as I nursed the baby. I like the coloring activities b/c I can participate with one hand.

we also made ornaments with white sculpey, cookie cutters and gobs and gobs of tempera paint.

You can also draw a tree and the child can decorate it with pasta and beans or sequins.
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