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What did you eat yesterday/today?

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If nobody minds I would like to bring back the eating thread. It helps me see what I am missing and get ideas from you moms. Either that or food is just about the only thing I think about.

Here is what I had yesterday.

BF - Egg & bacon buritto.....mmmmmmmm
Lunch - Turkey bolanga sandwhich
Sanck - Chocolate soy pudding & Trail mix
Grilled cheese & mushroom sandwhich
Dinner - Tacos (3)
Bed-time snack - Grilled ham and cheese sandwhich

The only veggies I had was the lettuce, tomato and guac on the tacos.
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I just haven't been exelling in my nutrition lately, so I am not posting anything, but I'm still interested to read other's responses. c'mon, mamas!
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I have eaten so much junk I am subcounsciously blocking it from recollection at the current moment...

I seriously can't remember what I had for breakfast today.
Couple glasses of soy milk with GASP coffee added. Not much, though. I just add a couple tablespoons or so.
I ate 2 Tilapia fillets (with Rosemary, celtic sea salt, basil, parsley and butter) and rice with butter for lunch.
Glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. I think I had a couple of oranges, too.
A few cashew nuts.
I have eaten a ton of Russell Stovers chocolates. This is not good. I haven't eaten hardly any vegetables lately! I know I ate more than this! I'll keep track tomorrow, and I'll do better!
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OK. Here's what I had yesterday.

a cup of farmers chees with about 2tbsp of yogurt

chicken with mushrooms and a couple of pieces of potatoes

2 kiwis and an orange

pitas with hummus and roasted marinated peppers on top

is that actually enough food? I guess if I am not feeling hungry, it must be, right?
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I'm so glad that you want to talk about diet. I feel continuously inadequate in my diet during pg. I try really hard to get at least 60 grams of protein per day but i don't think i quite make it lots of the time. How about the rest of you? I get so stressed about eating the right amounts of everything and avoiding all the "don'ts" like coldcuts, soft cheeses, fish with high levels of mercury, etc. I admit i have been splurging on coffee (just one cup) on most days and i simply can't give up chocolate. I've been especially bad the past weeks and need to get back on track.

Anyway, yesterday I ate:

BF: pancakes with strawberry yogurt, coffee, milk
lunch: leftover chicken cutlet and a reheated sweet potato, milk
Snack: choco chip cookies, smartfood, milk
Dinner: pasta with butter, cheese, and garlic
Snack: protein shake with ice cream, milk and whey protein powder, crackers
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berkeleyp, you seem to be doing way better then me!
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I try to limit my caffeine consumption as much as possible. I only allow myself 1 cup of caffeinated tea a day, brewed lightly a couple fo times a week (but not every day). And I also never drink pop. But the New Year's I drank so much Cola ... and I didn't even think until after the fact about how much caffeine is in it. I just never drink it and never think about it. I could have had Sprite or 7UP - still lots of sugar, but at least no caffeine, but that thought, again, didn't cross my mind until the next day. I felt so guilty. ;(
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okay, I am trying to eat healthier BUT I am having a hard time giving up the sugar.

Breakfast- I fig neuton and 1 small cup of coffee. (I usually eat breakfast but wasn't hungry this am)
Lunch- Starving due to lack of breakfast and had a haircut so couldn't grab a snack- my fault. Anyway 1 burrito and chips and salsa ... ate way too much
Snack: 1 peanut butter cookie and 3 fig neutons.
Dinner: Still full from all the other crap I ate.
Yesterday, I should have posted it was much better. I ate fruits and veggies and yogurt every food group and not too much. Today, I was off track. Back on tomorrow

I rode my stationary bike for 15 mins this evening. I am also trying to get back into some kind of shape.
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Thanks for resurrecting this. I really need to do this from time to time. I also feel I don't eat enough protein some days, or calcium. My son has problems with dental caries that started in infancy, so I am trying to be careful to get enough calcium and vitamin D (though I didn't think I was deficient last time, it can only help).

BF: quinoa with pecans and a little maple syrup, decaf coffee with soymilk, hardboiled egg
S: dark chocolate More soymilk.
S: few ww crackers, cheddar cheese
S: tangerine. handful of cashews
S: kefir smoothie with banana and vanilla, ground sesame seeds
Dinner: chicken breast with mushrooms, broccoli, a yogurt sauce, half small baked potato

No "real lunch" today, and I could eat a lot more vegetables and generally do. I took an extra grocery trip today and got more stuff for salads so that should help. Usually have hummus or some kind of beans also. But the main thing is some days I just find myself craving something sweet, though I was doing so well until a few weeks ago. I really really want to stop all sugar as of now, to avoid any negative contribution I might make to having a huge baby again. Not that a big baby is a bad thing, but I don't want it to be because I overdid the sugars.
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I'm so gald to see that i'm not the only one who doesn't live up the ideal pg diet guidelines. We all do the best we can. Eating well takes a lot of time and energy that i just don't always have. What is a kefir smoothie? I love smoothies for a bedtime protein boost. I usually use milk, ice cream or yogurt, banana and/or strawberries if i have any, choco syrup, and whey protein powder. Any other smoothie ideas?

Felt so crappy yesterday morning and made a conscious effort to eat better and i felt so much better than i have the past few weeks.

BF: Whole wheat bagel w/ cream , coffee
Snack: Two scrambled eggs, 2 slices American cheese
Lunch: canned lentil soup, cheddar cheese
Dinner: chicken cake things, crescent roll, corn
Snack: smoothie
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I had a horrible day yesterday, but I'll confess here. may be it will make me take care of my diet more.

2 pieces of french toast, rosehips tea

about a 1 1/2 cups of farmers chees with about 2 tbsp. od organic strawberry yogurt

A sandwich with cold cuts (yep, I know, I should not be eating this)

2 pieces of shrimp deviled eggs

Potatoes with smocked fish, lots of fresh pickles

a cup of milk

Where a hell are my veggies??? I myself cannot believe I only had fresh pickles as my vegetables yesterday. Usually I do like veggies, but why am I not eating lots of them lately???
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Berkeley, kefir is cultured milk, kind of like yogurt but different cultures and a much thinner consistency. It comes in all kinds of flavors but I usually get it plain and use it like milk to make smoothies. There is a whole thread on it in "Nutrition" forum right now.

I will try to report back later with my "menu". Doing pretty good and eating lots of vegetables, but having a sweet treat nearly every day. <sigh>
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I must eat at least twice the food any of you eat. I hate that I still have to eat every 2-3 hours or will feel very ill.

Here is what I had today:

BF Bacon, egg, hashbrown breakfast buritto
Lunch: Fetuchini alfredo w/ scallops and broccli
Snack: Banana, cinnimon raisen toast, cutie
Dinner: Huge plate of spaghetti w/ meat and fresh veggie sauce
I will have a bowl of oatmeal before bed.
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