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We've Been Babymooning!!

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William Wyatt Saille Cramer Harpold was born at 2:38 in the morning on Tuesday, December 14, after a quick 5 1/2 hour labor! He is BEEAAUTIFOOL and tiny ( 5 lbs 12 oz) and perfect. I'm good -- its amazing to hold him! And I'll put picks and a birth story up soon.

Hope all mamas are well -- Rainy32
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Rainy32, our babies share a birth date!

Congrats to you, enjoy that baby!!
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Congratulations Rainy!!!! Welcome William!!!
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That's great news!!!
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YAAAY! congrats and welcome to William!
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Awesome, rainy! I can't wait to read the birth story and see his pictures! He must be so little and precious.
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CONGRATULATIONS! Happy babymooning!

I'm looking forward to the pictures and story
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Congratulatiuons Rainy!

I'm glad you had a short labor.

Enjoy your Babymoon!
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Much congratulations Rainy Welcome William
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Yaaaaay! Welcome, Wyatt! That's a mouthful of names for a wee little boy!

Yule blessings to you and your young Oak King!
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Congratulations Rainy! I was hoping you had him when I hadn't seen you around in a few days. I can't wait to read your birth story!
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That was 3 babies all born on the 14th!! Rainy's, Kerlowyn's and mine.

So what was the Labor Map showing that day?!!

Congratulations to you!!!
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congratualtions!!! happy babymooning!
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Welcome to the world baby boy!
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thanks mamas! I am having a hard time getting on line -- just wanna hold wyatt and look at him all the time. I am so glad to hear that you are all having babies! 3 on the 14th!! Wow.

we are in heaven. i'm sure you all are too. i'll be back before too long ....
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Congrats, mama!!!
Hope your family are enjoying your babymoon!

Can't wait to see pics of your new lil one
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