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How many slings you got?

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How many are in your stash? How often do you use each? How do you choose another(what are your criteria )
I am actually out of the babywearing phase, but I just wandered into the forum and am amazed.
As for me, I had a new native, OTSBH and a backpack. My, how times have changed
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I only own two wraps. In the past, I used a Snuggly,which would always kill my neck,and my back. For my 6th child,Chris I bought the Infantino carrier and that was pretty much the same, only able to wear a short time before I started aching.
When he got a little older, I got a stroller/backpack combo(can't remember the name), that was'nt too bad, when I got too sore from him being on my back, I just put him in the stroller(this was before I discovered AP)

I recently got a gauze type fabric from MamaToto. That was such an awesome difference from all the above.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did once try a Nojo? I think thats what it was, and I hated that one too. Not really into pouches and slings,I'm large breasted and anything over them plus the babe in it,just made me look even bigger!!!

Today, I just got my Ultimate Baby Wrap, I've had her in it, its glorious!!!!!
The fabric so soft and stretchy!!

Well, this has been my experiences so far....
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I have three ring slings, all purchased used so I'm unsure of their origin.... now a gauze wrap (fabric from Dharma Trading).. and two Doodlebug Boutique ABC carriers

My criteria for choosing when to wear any of them? First is ease of use, or how long I'll be carrying my baby. If we're only out for a bit, then I'll choose a ring sling because they're the easiest to slip over the head and plop baby in. Then, for choosing a ring sling, it's all about color. I like my black one with metal rings for a nice, classy look

As for the other two styles, I just got my ABC carriers earlier this week and haven't really tried them out a ton, but I can see myself using them for longer carries which will be nice to have the weight distributed over two shoulders. And the gauze wrap? Ooh, it's very nice, but again, I just got it earlier this week, so I need to play with it some more
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ok, but why two abcs and three rings? What is the difference within each style?
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i have 4 carriers right now. i wear a khaki stretch hotsling around the house, it has its share of foodstains from when i'm eating. for out and about i have a black toile hotsling and a blue floral wise woman sling, whichever one matches my outfit best that day. i recently just got a freehand mei tai which i'm quickly learning to love also.

i'm sure i'll be getting more - i told dh that for me, slings are the "new" shoes

lb (a former shoe addict)
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I have 3 carriers and 1 on the way. I use my Maya Wrap the most cuz I the adjustability of it. I also have a fleece Hotsling pouch that I use for wlaks in cooler weather or when I know I'm going to be someplace I'll have to keep DS warm in. I also have a Snuggli carrier that DH uses.

BUT.... I have A KOZY KARRIER on the way!!! I am most excited about this one as DS is getting kinda heavy to carry in the one shoulder slings. I also plan on getting a Moby (wanna try out the wrap) and I would also like a stretchy pouch from Hotslings for using around the house and quick pop ins and outs
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I have...
countless Hotslings (duh)
an Ellaroo
a Zolo silk and Zolo pouch
a Maya Wrap
a Kozy
a Sachi MT
a Kangaroo Korner Solarveil
a Wise Woman Sling
a Baby Space AP
a Moby
and a Storchenweige on the way...

i'll edit later all the links - baby crying
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I have : 2 stretch Hotslings, khaki and sari print, used mostly when dd was a newborn, I could wear her higher than in ring slings and no adjusting needed.

1 olive green Maya Wrap, bought before dd was born because everyone raved about them, but never got the hang of and hope to re-selll someday.

2 Wise Woman slings, pink stipes and leopard print, I loooove these slings they are so easy to adjust and comfy, I use them everyday. They are so easy to nurse in!

1 blue silk Zolo ring sling, it is so beautiful, I figured since I wear my dd 2-3 hours a day and she is my last I deserved a silk sling, it makes me feel stylish and beautiful again.

1 black OTSBH, the only sling I used with my first dd, there wasn't really much to choose from back then, and it was very easy to use, just hot sometimes.

1 black Ergo, I have really big kids and needed a two shoulder carrier, I have tried both an ABC and a wrap but am too lazy to use them, I like more quick on and off carriers.

Umm thats it
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I'm very new to babywearing, so I love to try the different carriers to see what will work for me and my now 3 month old. I've traded and sold some other carriers, but this is what I have now:

Hug-a-Bub - Loved this since he was just born. I use this when I am going to be wearing him for long periods or when I'm doing anything which requires me to bend over and be completely hands free.

2 Hotslings with padding: khaki & Mendhi - love the pouches for around the house or shorter errand runs

KKAFP - use when its cold

Maya sling - I'm ring sling impaired and want to sell this one

Wise Woman Sling: Earthy cord - bought out of frustration with the Maya; love it, so easy to adjust

Girasol - haven't used this one yet - seems so overwhelming and I'm loving my other carriers right now; probably will when DS is bigger

Sachi Mei Tai - just received so I haven't used it yet

Baby Bjorn - husband likes this one as he's used to it from DS1 (he'll use other carriers if I'm there to help him)

Ergo - on the way for DH to use when DS outgrows his Bjorn

On Kelley's list for a silk Kozy - hopefully, it will be my turn in January (the silk Kozy on Ebay is so tempting though)

There's so many other carriers out there that I would love to see in real life and try out.

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I have:

-Heart2Heart - longterm loaned to a friend coz it doesn't fit me nad i hate the padding

-MayaWrap - loaned to a friend who isn't using it! And sorely missed... I'm gonna grab it back at Xmas if she doesn't make a commitment to it by then! :LOL

-crappy old Jolly Jumper (Babytrekker style but more cheaply made and less padded) - used it a lot when seh was brand new actually, and really liked it, but it has since been left in the dust

-Babytrekker - dd's papa's fave carrier, used daily and going strong

-Purple Penguin gauze style wrap (see www.purplepenguin.ca) - a little overpriced IMO (and even more since I bought mine) but this was my intro to wraps and it is very functional

- and my new , an artist-Mama-made wrap (by bikruca) made with polyester knit fabric purchased from Walmart's $2 bin, with a beautiful silk butterfly on a very functional pocket marking the centre of the wrap.

The only carrier I would buy at this point is another wrap, or maybe something like the mamababy slings/wrap by Mayawrap. Once I got into wraps, I can't go back! :LOL I'm wrap crazy!
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geez, i feel like such a minimalist! i have a maya, a wise woman, a kkafp, and a kozy. and i thougth that was so extravagant!!
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Originally Posted by guerrillamama
geez, i feel like such a minimalist! i have a maya, a wise woman, a kkafp, and a kozy. and i thougth that was so extravagant!!
Well, I only have one type of carrier, so I beat you there. lol
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Originally Posted by art4babies
Well, I only have one type of carrier, so I beat you there. lol
mmmmmkay, but how MANY of that one type?
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Originally Posted by guerrillamama
mmmmmkay, but how MANY of that one type?
lol. okay.... 5
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: I have over 40. TG I am haveing another baby or I would have a substantial stash sitting around. I do give away basic ring slings everyonce and a while so its probally a little less. I carry a few around to give to people I see and think oh they could really use a sling I won't bother to list them all, LOL. All I am missing right now is a Didymos, Oh I would kill for one of those! I borrowed one from a friend, but had to give it back Sadly no $ to get one of my own.
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I've got 2...

an OTSBH and a made by me Frakenkozy. However...the frankenkozy is beautiful, but the fabric I used makes it kind of heavy and bulky. So..I'm going to make me another one w/ different fabric. In the meantime though I'm on the hunt for something new!!
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Originally Posted by Goddess3_2005
: I have over 40.

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Originally Posted by Goddess3_2005
: I have over 40.
uh, YAH.... tell me you SEW!
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I have:

a Maya wrap
a Baby Bjorn (my husband used it alot)
a Kozy (I use it as a back carrier, mostly)
a pouch carrier that I never liked
a frame backpack (best for hiking with a toddler)

I think that is all of them...
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