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What is the worst movie you have ever seen? - Page 24

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Worst movie I ever saw was when I was 12. My Uncle Al rented it, it was called "Firestorm". I have no actual memory of it other than looking at my cousin Ab and saying, "This is the worst movie I have ever seen" and he said, "Yeah, it really is".

So we turned it off and watched "Tango and Cash", which, when you're 12, is pretty good.
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the doom generation

wish id turned it off.. the end had 1 of the worst sceens ive ever seen in it. its been over 10 years since i saw it & it still bothers me & its pretty much the only thing i remember about the movie
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Well, being a bug nerd, I find myself seeking out cheesy insect horror films to make fun of a la Mystery Science Theater. Well, I've found some doozies. I thought that "Empire of the Ants" (a Bert I. Gordon film from the '70s) was the worst I'd ever seen. It drug on forever, and was actually MUCH better when we were watching it on fast forward and making up our own dialogue.

Oh, but then I found THE WORST film. EVER. It is "Tail Sting". It's basically a "Snakes on a plane", but with scorpions. Filmed in 2001. My dp described it as "Power Rangers meets Snakes on a Plane". That's how bad the cinematography, plot, dialogue and so-called "special effects" were. Oh, and awful stereotypes as characters. It really isn't worth the film it was made on, let alone the dvd we paid good money to rent. I wasted an entire 30 minutes of my life hoping it would get less awful. No such luck.
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Bad movies... lets see...

/me reads through the IMDB Bottom 100 (http://imdb.com/chart/bottom) and lists off the ones he's seen.

* Legend of the Chupacabra
* Alone in the Dark (a song about defeating racism used for a sex scene?!?)
* House of the Dead
* Bloodrayne
* Eraserhead (David Lynch, his freak baby and lusty mother-in-law)
* Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
* Santa Claus Conquers the Martian (I own this on DVD!)
* Species 2 (aliens + sex = no thank you)
* Curse of the Overfiend (I'm sorry to say I watched that)
* Shrek 3? :-P
* The Gate 2
* Toads (I think that was the name?)
* Eragon (swishy dragon, the rest sucked)

Unfortunately there's a bunch more that DW and I have both a) paid for and b) watched through, mostly crappy z-grade scifi flicks though.
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How about "SSSSSSS"?
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Originally Posted by Maeve
I would have to say one of the all time worst movies we've seen (and we've seen some baaaaad ones) was Napolean Dynomite. Oh dear god. The first time we turned it off. Then we tried watching it again thinking we we must have missed something after hearing how hilarious it was. Nope, still sucked. And I like some really off the wall, bizarre movies.

NO! I loved that movie! It was hilarious! Totally made for children of the late 80's/early 90's who were dorky fantasy geeks, lol.

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Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson

The Pledge with Jack Nicholson


Sahara with Penelope Cruz

Rollerball with Chris Klein

Lost in Translation

Also, still trying to figure out the appeal of Good Will Hunting.
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Originally Posted by JesseMomme View Post
I loved that one but I'm not that sophisticated.
I loved the Life Aquatic. I agree that it appeals to a certain type, but it has nothing to do with being sophisticated.
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Originally Posted by Heffernhyphen View Post
And speaking of disappointing Bill Murray moments, I can't explain how ripped off I felt shelling out for two full priced tickets to Life Aquatic. I guess I'm not sophistocated enough to get that kind of humor.
Oh, this one I LOVED. And I'm not sophisticated at all. I love, love, love Bill Murray and I wept when he finally saw the jaguar shark. It was so beautifully done. I also love Anjelica Houston and Willem Dafoe so that might have had something to do with it.
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Wow. I would list Unbreakable as one of my top three. I loved it. It was understated and beautifully shot. I guess having a passion for heroes and destiny helps me to love it.
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