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Elisabeth drink lots of water and rest when you can (lol). Are you against homepathics? If not perhaps you can find out what is causing the headaches and treat it. Or a chiropractor always helps when I have a headache I can't get rid of.
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Scratch what I said above
Its positive!
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Congratulations, Megan! Welcome, Baby!

That's great news! How many days post O are you? Did this morning's test give you a super-conclusive line? (aw, nevermind...a line is a line is a line!) Wooo-hoooooo!

Justice and Galatea~ Thanks for the implantation dip info. It dipped .4 yesterday, and today it's back up to 98.1 (tied for the highest temp I've had since ovulating). So no super-high temp today, but at least it's kinda high! I'm 10dpo, so since AF would be coming in five days, I'm not really expecting to see anything triphasic this late in the game. I'll just keep hoping and test on Friday.

Galatea~ I'm always losing my EWCM. Eventually I just gave it up and got Pre-Seed. Now my EWCM comes in a little tube! Yay!

Justice~ still : for you. Sorry the tests are being mean.

Kavita and allgirls (and anyone else getting ready to GIO)~ Have fun! I don't know if any of you are snowed in like us, but goodness knows there isn't much else to do!

Hey, anyone here have silly superstitious things they do during the 2ww? The first couple of cycles TTC, I would go online as soon as I knew I had ovulated and look up the potential due date if we got pregnant. I don't know why, but for some reason I started thinking that was bad luck, and now I don't look it up even though I'd LOVE to know when I'd be due. Craziness.

I also hold my breath every time I use glue or cleaning solution, but that's just being overprotective of hypothetical baby.
Congratulations again, Megan!
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Originally Posted by amarasmom
Scratch what I said above
Its positive!


: : : :

: : : :
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Yes most definitely a line. Nearly as dark as the test line.
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Congrats Megan!
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Originally Posted by amarasmom
Scratch what I said above
Its positive!

EEEEK!!! I clicked on the link, and I almost cried for you!!! I'm in such a baby mode, that seeing that makes my heart jump!!!! WOW, good luck!!!!!!
For all waiting to know good luck, and I hope you all recieve good baby news around Christmas time!! How fun!!!
I'll be trying early January. I'm too lazy to look to see what cycle day I am at now. I need to go get kiddos, but wanted to pop in, and ready everyones news!!! I'm excited to see some good news!!
hugs to all mamas that are starting over! I'm there too.
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Hi everyone!

I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow and I just wanted to come in and spread some baby dust for those of you that need it.

I hope there are a TON of BFPs for the holidays!

Blessings to you all,
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Congratulations Megan!! WheeHee

: : :
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Hooray for BFPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
even if they're not mine

: : : : : : :

Congrats Megan

: : : : : : :

I on the other hand am rebooting after what appears to be another annovulatory cycle. Guess I better start up the Vitex again. DH is starting to think something is wrong with me aside from the 9 years I spent on the pill. Never again.
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Megan, I had a startlingly BFP come in my dreams last night. I am still shaking, it was *your* test. I kept thinking all day, maybe I should test? But when I saw the photo, it was straight from my dream!

Congratulations, Megan. I am praying fervently for a sticky. Merry Christmas!
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Congratulations Megan!!!

Oh Megan, i am soooo happy for you. the pic of your test made my night. i know how long you have waited for this and how badly you have wanted this. Wow! this is such great news. you must be on cloud 9! did you do anything different this cycle? any change with your nursing schedule? taking any herbs that you think helped??? please, do tell....
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i'm trimming the one thread i put an asterik by those of you i've seen post recently. anyone that hasn't posted in the next weeks i'll remove - i think there's quite a few old names here. what can i say, my OCD gets the best of me....i can't help but clean.
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Did nothing really. I didn't even take my herbs like I should. Dh did take a little red clover though which is a general sperm health enhancer.

I am hoping it will stick this time too. I'm concerned but not worried.
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: :


Justice2--you're going to have to throw a little obsessing my way in a couple of weeks, because I'm on pins and needles here on your behalf!! I'm waiting anxiously and hoping you get a BFP!! I checked out the picture and it was too fuzzy to tell but I could see where there was something at least resembling a line.

RedOakMomma--are you feeling better? Crossing my fingers for you too! (oh, I'm in the desert, so no snow here. If you are getting jealous right now, keep in mind that if all this GIO works, I'll be waddling around hugely pregnant in 110 degree heat cursing my stupidity next summer!! Even if it doesn't work, it'll be hot as you-know-where!!)

allgirls--when are you expecting to O? I'm thinking it will be Fri or Sat for me most likely.

Oh, RedOakMomma again, in response to the thing about the superstitious things--funny you asked b/c I was wondering about something similar, but more general. Since nobody else responded yet I'll go first--every month even when not TTC I've looked up the potential due date if I got pregnant, and then checked to see what astrological sign the baby would be! This month the likelihood is end of Virgo/beginning of Libra . . . I can handle that! I haven't been trying for long enough to have any other superstitious things developed for the 2ww (yet!) but I have other more general ones. As we were getting ready to start trying I made a "baby altar" in the room where we do yoga/meditation (when we do, which is unfortunately not as often as we should!) And the night we decided to start trying, before we actually did anything my husband and I separately came to the conclusion that we should move that into the bedroom. So we ended up thoroughly cleaning the room, changing the sheets, putting on a new bedspread we'd never used before, rearranging the furniture, setting up the altar, etc. We lit a candle on the altar, I took an extra folic acid, and we began our babymaking adventures!! Not exactly typical foreplay I suppose, but it really did consecrate the moment and the decision for us.

The question I was going to ask was actually this: there are some schools of thought that what's going on at the moment of conception plays a part in shaping the character of the child. Does anyone here believe in that? And, does anyone (either intentionally or unconsciously) do things a little differently when it's "babymaking sex" for that reason?
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Wow! Congratulations Megan!!!

I think I'm about to reboot. Some spotting yesterday and a little crampy...
all around
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CD 39 and...

...ready to REBOOT! :

At this point, I don't care that I'm not pregnant this month. I would just like to start my period and try again already.

This morning, BFN and no sign of spotting or anything. My back hurt like a muther last night and I was hoping maybe the onset of cramps, but alas, none so far.

I am in my own little cranky conrner of Tennessee. I'm sorry I haven't been around to support the way I have been supported. While I'm here, maybe I should make my introduction that you all made 2 weeks ago?

I'm Bex (Rebekah) and I'm 24 years old, married for 2.4 years. I'm a student and sahm to Austin who is 2.7 years old. Lol if you get that...

We have been ttc for only 2 months, but I am a very impatient person when it comes to something I've decided to do/try/put my mind to. In my own words, I want it yesterday! What else were we supposed to say?

Well, I'm from Jax. FL went to school in Tallahassee (Go Noles!) and then moved to Norfolk, VA where we had ds, were married, and lived for 2.5 years. We just moved to Knoxville, TN in June and I am now beginning to warm to it here.

If I can think of anything else interesting, I'll post more later.

I see that there are alot of new TTC mamas! Hooray! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and to catch up with those I already know.

Have a good day, everyone.
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OH MEGAN!!!!! CONGRATULAIONS!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Send some of that baby dust our way!!

Ok, I tested again this am and there looks like a line, but it's so frikkin faint that I can't tell and I can't get any good pictures with it (my digital camera SUCKS). My temp is back up though, this am and I am wondering if maybe, just maybe I didn't even implant until yesterday and that my first line was a fluke. From what I have read, it's much, much more common to implant on 10. I am not saying that implanting at 6 dpo is out of the question....I don't know, I just looked at the test again and there IS *something* there, it's just incredibly, incredibly faint. I had some pretty bad cramps yesterday and an...um...er accident on the intestinal highway. Is that a sign of pregnancy?

Looking at my past charts, if af was a commin, I would think that I would be spotting by now . Ok, I will test again in the morning.....

Allgirls - I am glad that you MIL is fine. My hubby was worried that when he left for basic training that our son would forget him. Every time I talked to him or every time he wrote me a letter he would say "please don't let my son forget about me." Poor guy.

Joey's Mom...Blood test...ME? Needles.....Ummmm NO. It's really the only thing I am afraid of...ick...needles. I can stick other people, without a problem, but cannot handle them headed in my direction!

Jennifer - Thanks for the dust!!

s to all those starting over, yet again.
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Cd 11 and ready to bust an eggie any second...

and hubby is on the road...due home around noon but no way to GIO with MIL here...sheesh...

Thanks for the babydust Jennifer...glad all is well!

citygirl43...sorry about the annovulatory cycle...vitex helped me quite a bit along with b6 supplements...good luck!

Bex..could you dream up a bfp for me now? LOL! Next one is yours sweetie!

Squeakermans mom...don't remove me....I'd DIE without my co-obsessors!

Amara's mom...I am just so darned chuffed for ya!!

Kavita...what a great question...I think you might be right...I think way more than we know plays a part in a child's character...I know Sophia was concieved under very stressful circumstances...hubby had bought a new truck and it was stolen and it was for work and we needed money and of course he was home when he shouldn't have been and I got pregnant...I remember saying to him "next year this time we will have found something good that came out of all this" and of course 9 mos later Sophia was born...she wasn't planned but omg what a blessing...so much so we want another! And she always puts things in perspective for us...as for doing things differently...well I never just have babymaking sex...honestly that bugs me...I always enjoy my man and put as much love as possible into GIO particularly at babymaking time because I want a baby to be loved and created in love from the beginning!

Justice..I think you are pregnant...I know what you are going through..but I am thinking very positive thoughts for you! HUGS I am looking forward to your update!
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