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Jan. Mamas Dec. 19-25

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Asheville Mama (Sonya): 1/01 with #2, homebirth
Nakagain (Pamela): 1/01 with #3, planning Homebirth
Killick (Nicole): 1/03 with (BOY = Will), hospital birth
Lisa2976 (Lisa): 1/03 with #1, planning water/hospital birth
Jee'smom (Keri): 1/04 with #2 (BOY)
Delfina: 1/05 with #2 (BOY), planning VBAC
ccasanova (Cynthia): 1/05 with #4
Zannster (Suzanne): 1/07 with #1 (BOY)
sme (Sheila): 1/07 with #1
embens (Leenie): 1/08 with #4
stacy31(Stacy): 1/8 with #4, homebirth
jhoward: 1/9 with #3
Kimberlytm (Kimberly): 1/09 with #2 (BOY), birthcenter
chickiepickie (Theann): 1/10 with #2
Kirei: 1/10 with #1 (GIRL), hospital waterbirth
mamajessica (Jessica): 1/11
Artemisia (Judith):1/14
Froggie:1/14 with #2 (GIRL), home waterbirth
Mamamaya: 1/14 with #3, planned UC
Bunches (Mary): mid Jan with #1, homebirth
Chocomoto:1/16 with #3
PamandAbigail: 1/18 with #2
PIOmama: 1/18 with #5
Peace4you (Jen): 1/19 with #1
Nathansmom (norah): 1/19 with twins (BOYS)
Majick1 (Celeste): 1/20 with #3, homebirth
Marysmama (Gen): 1/21 with #2, natural hospital birth
sweetpeasmom (Laura):1/21 Megan, 10-11-04, 1 lb 11 ozs, 13 in
AmyB: 1/22 with #2, homebirth
Babytime: 1/22 with #2 (GIRL)
Mamabeca (Andy) due 1/22 w/#2 , m/w asstd homebirth.
Zonapellucida (Heidi): 1/23 with #7 (BOY), planned UC
Jwhiskeycat: 1/24 with #1
Flyjawn: 1/25 with #1 (GIRL)
Fromscatteredtribe: 1/26 with #4 (BOY),homebirth
Slygrrl (Kathy): 1/26 with #2, homebirth
sadkitty: 1/27 thru 2/1 with #2, waterbirth at birth center
Proudmom: 1/27 with #2 (GIRL), homebirth
Parkersmama (Kristin): 1/27 with #2, hospital VBAC
Human Being (Heidi): 1/28 with #1, homebirth
NadiaSJ (Nadia): 1/28 with #3
Azreial: 1/29 with #2 (GIRL)
HelloKitty (Kitty): 1/30 with #4
icxcnika: late Jan with #2 natural hospital birth
tofumama: late Jan with #3
Jessitron (Jessica): late Jan with #1, homebirth
Zanelee (Jennifer): late Jan with #2
Malama: late Jan with #3
Milk4two (Adria): late Jan with twins
Chiromom (Mar): late Jan with child #3, planning UC
Parthenia: late Jan/early Feb with #2 (still one of us!)
rubysmomjess(Jess): Jan with #2, homebirth

HokieGirl: ? with ? (GIRL)
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38 weeks (EDD 1/3)

Hello Ladies,

Sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks. Nothing new to report. We had an appointment on Friday with the OB. I am still 1.5cm dialated, but no effacing yet. He said and I quote "It is softer, but nothing dramatic" I have another appoinment on the 23rd and then one on the 28th. The baby has moved slightly to the left, and now his head is firmly lodged agains my left pelvic bone, so... until he moves and puts pressure on my cervix, we are not expecting anything to happen. Not a big deal, since I am hoping to get as far away from Christmas as possible. I've been having contactions since Tuesday and after my appointment on Friday, I discovered the wonderful joy of losing my plug. Sorry to be so graphic. It was a bit freaky, though, since I never really had that happen with DD. I was shocked by the amount of blood that was involved. Since then, the bleeding has tapered off. Well, more after my appointment on Thursday!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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KM - you are so welcome. Those are great pics, and that little one is totally precious! No wonder ds is in love! Nicole - it sounds like the internal exams are doing something to you. You can certainly tell your OB you don't want another one, unless you don't mind progressing that way. Once you lose you plug, I thought, things sort of move faster, or they could, and also it means that the cervix isn't sealed (against???)...what do these things mean, our wonderful mw companions? I though it was possible to thin and eface without actually dialating, or am I confusing terminology? Is the plug just extra protection from infection? Why do we need it if the sac is there to protect the baby? I am really kind of duh about this stuff. I will go read up on some of it, but it wasn't in my Ina May book (and if it ain't in there...), maybe aviva jill romm... not much there... well, maybe Karen or Heidi can share what they know about it??? Thanks ladies... ps - if I don't post a pic. onto like shutterflyor something, how do I get it to attach? Can I do it from my own computer, or do I have to post it somewhere else? And how do I do that?! sigh.
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If you lose your mucous plug, it doesn't necessarily mean you will soon have your baby. You can lose it naturally and then go another couple of weeks. If it's dislodged in an internal exam (which, you're right andy, isn't necessary), then your body can start to reform one again.
The mucous plug does act as a barrier to protect the baby- but then so does the amniotic sac, and even w/o plug, an intact sac isa formidable barrier.

Also, Nicole, you can check your cervix a ton of times (esp in one who's had babies) and it may tell you nothing. things can change so rapidly with your cervix-it's unpredictable. You can certainly (if you want) tell your OB that you don't want one- esp if you felt your bleeding was scary afterwards.

andy: re pictures..... i couldn't think of any other way of posting them other than going to shutterfly or one of those others.... it's easy to do though and doesn't cost any $$$. And, once you are using it you can post pics of your new babe for far away relatives to see and buy on their own.
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Oh, that's cool about shutterfly. I think if the family ever returns from cutting an x-mas tree (one of the benefits of living in the cold places of the world), I can get dd to take a picture and we can post it. And thanks for the info. on the plug Karen. mine came out while in labor last time, I expect the same this time (probably a no-no : expectations going in are bound to be trouble!), it's good to know that there are multiple layers of protection for the baby. what a miracle!!! I'm up to my eyeballs in donated used videos that the brownie troop is giving to charities in the area - trying to clump them and wrap them and sort out the baddies... ugh. deep breath...
Carpe Dium!
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Hi guys! Karen, you look great! I wish I still looked that good in a bikini! I'll try and post a picture, but for some reason my OS doesn't like shutterfly. I'll try and figure it out though.

As for the mucous plug thing - one I lost about halfway through labor, one came out a couple days before. This time I'm losing little peices here and there...It doesn't mean anything concrete, but I always get excited because it means something is happening down there. I had my midwife appointment yesterday. We think the baby might be OP, since I've pretty much been feeling all my contractions in my back and sides. Not fun...bleh...sounds like I need to take my own advice and go swimming. She also thinks the baby is a bit small. That's fine. I'm a small person. I just barely hit 140 at 36 weeks pregnant, and I've birthed an 8 1/2 pound OP baby, and let's just say...it wasn't all peaches and cream. Also, I don't believe you can really tell the size from feeling anyways. So, hrmmm. I guess thats it for now. Have a good Sunday
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Hi everyone!
First, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words of support and suggestions regarding our dilemma. I am feeling SO much better now than I was a few days ago, I'm happy to say! I kind of expected that once the initial shock had worn off a bit, I'd be able to feel calm and a bit more able to come up with ideas.

The wonderful thing is that we have *2* incredible midwives that I absolutely love, and with whom DD is pretty comfortable. I did give the doula suggestions much thought, but there are a couple of things here that may be problematic for us ~ first of all, my DD takes quite a while to get comfortable with new people. She is very sensitive to new situations. We have to introduce things quite gradually, and so the fact that she's relatively at ease with our midwives now means that *if* she is going to stay, she'd likely be better off with one of them to sit with her than with a new person that she has just met. If it comes to the point that for either me or for her it is better that she is gone, we have a couple of people who would be safe & appropriate caregivers for her, and we are hoping to arrange for a few more just to be cautious. Granted, she would not be happy to go, but this would be secondary I suppose if for the birth (or if for her) it is better that she is not here.

The other good part is that they will fly him back if I go into labor while he's gone, so there's still always the chance that he would only miss the first part of the labor.

I guess I am feeling very positive about all of this though, now! I figure that if I do not feel ready to give birth, in all likelihood my body & the baby will be affected by this and the birth will wait until he gets back. If I do go into labor, then that means that I am emotionally & mentally prepared! I am a very big believer in the power of visualization, so I am keeping my thoughts positive and picturing a beautiful, peaceful birth... ideally with Daddy catching!

So we've talked about it a lot, and for us the opportunity is so great and the risk that the birth will happen during those exact 3 days is relatively small. I am still keeping my fingers crossed, of course!

Otherwise, we are doing great! I seem to lose a little of mucuous every so often, but that's been happening for months now and there's never been bloody show at all. Karen, you look AWESOME!! I didn't look so good in my swimsuit when I last wore it, at the end of October... lol! I will try to post a link to my most recent belly pic. It was taken at 32 weeks, and I guess I'd better get busy taking some more now that we're midway through week 34!

32 Week Belly ]
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Ugh, forgot to mention my second reason that I prefer not to bring a new doula in at this point ~ I'm a pretty private birther, and wouldn't even really like my own mother or best friends here at the birth. I have a "GACK!" reaction when I think about someone entirely unknown to me being here... (like mother, like daughter??? LOL!)
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Kathy, you look wonderful and such a beautiful belly! I also played around on your site adn read your beautiful birth story- brought tears to my eyes! I do hope that your dh is there for you as he seems like he was such a huge help with your last birth.

I'm so glad that you're at peace with everything. Just like all things labor-ish, letting go of stuff is the best way (IMO) to go.

I totally understand you not wanting to have another stranger at your birth. I'm having a hard time figuring if I want anyone else there. I'm having my mw/friend there- I don't want her to do anything, but be there. I don't want her to bring another mw and she's fine with that, but then I'm starting to worry that maybe my boys need a support person. THey are very well versed in birth stuff, have seen a ton of videos, but I'm not sure how they'll deal with the intensity of birth. Every person I can think of to ask to be here has some committment that will make it challenging (small kids, work, etc....). I really need to talk to the kids and see what they think. The mw said she could hang with them, but frankly, i wasn't planning on calling her until the very end....dh could be with them because I generally don't like anyone touching me or talking to me..... we'll see.
My mom will be coming here at the very end of Jan, but somehow i think we;ll have the baby by then.

OK, rambling out loud.
Oh, and FWIW, i lost my mucous plug with ds#2 the day before he was born- water broke that night and he was born in the afternoon the next day.
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Thanks Karen Good luck with your own decision. It's not easy, is it? My primary midwife feels really positive about how DD will handle the birth, and I'm still keeping the door open to the idea that, if all is going well, she could stay even if DH is caught away.
I do feel really at peace with it, amazingly so even! Not to say I'd wish for it, but if it happens all will be well. I am confident of that.

Yeah, with DD labor began just over 24 hrs after I lost my plug too!
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I don't recall losing my plug with dd... I'm sure I did, so it was probably in labour when I was preoccupied.
Nothing new here.
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i have met lots of midwives and lots of homebirthing moms and i've been one myself, and every single person has recommended not just someone to watch children but someone resposible for EACH child. last time my kids slept mostly through, but ds2 needed to nurse once and my mom laid in the bed with the two of them for awhile.

the potential problem is not that the children can't handle the intensity of birth or that you don't want them there (although i suppose that's possible too) it is that YOU might become DISTRACTED. afterall, these are your precious babies....we hardly know the unborn ones comparatively and our thoughts are naturally going to drift to them. distractions (even as precious as our children) can make the birth more difficult.

if you hear your four year old crying and your pushing a baby out it is certainly better to KNOW there is someone to explain things to her, get her some soymilk, and hold her in their lap.

midwives and moms can always adapt, but best case scenario someone else is supporting the kids while the midwives and your partner support you and you are in charge of nothing but birthing.

hope that doesn't sound abrasive or harsh; i've been moody and dh worked 80+ hours this week.....................
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No worries, fromscatteredtribe, I hear what you are saying and I don't disagree. What my own preference is, though, is to have people who can come and take DD to their homes if it becomes to much either for her or for myself. I agree that you cannot predict how a child will feel in a birth situation, and nor can I predict how *I* will feel about her being here. My hope is that she can be here, however we will have ample back-up supports if that proves not to be possible. For me, though, I would be no more comfortable having extra people attending the birth than I would listening to a distressed DD. Ok, maybe a *bit* more comfortable, but it's certainly not my preference. I hope that makes sense.

Luckily, we will have 2 midwives (1 can and will act as a that extra support if needed), and with any fortune my DH will be here. For us, this is how we prefer it ~ just the midwives & our immediate family.

Thank you for saying this though. It means that you care, and I appreciate that so much.

p.s. hope DH is home for a bit, so you can both have a bit of R&R time.
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Oh, by the way, I'd meant to mention how much I appreciated you sharing your personal experience with birthing without your DH present. It was very reassuring and helped me to reach a level of peace Thank you.
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i think it is still a pretty big disappointment for dh. he wishes i would have called sooner. i'd been saying for weeks ds3 would come on the 18th (10 days early) and he had a flight out on the 17th for five days. i told him i was having mild pains but they CERTAINLY couldn't be labor and he cancelled the flight. three or four hours later the contractions were five minutes apart and he got the last flight out of phoenix on my sis's credit card (very expensive) and was in a layover in detroit when ds3 was born. i was 7cm when midwives came (they didn't think i was but 3 for the way i was talking) and i was offering drinks and rearranging furniture...still no pain.

i was not disappointed because i had to be strong and was given much grace but my husband is VERY connected to our children and sad about it.

he hates working so much now but it keeps our phone and electric on; keeps food on the table; and will pay our 400 dollar co-pay for the homebirth.

we both have better attitudes than ever even with tiny amounts of sleep and tons of chaos, because while the debt is still there; we have a refrigerator with food and no one repo'd the cars. it takes some pressure off.

we wanted to be professors..finish our phd's before having kids, but got married at 21 on spring break out senior year of college and got pregnant two months later. we are 29, with 200,000 dollars in student loans 50,000 in debt; no home; no assets; with a fourth (surprise) child on the way...

BUT we love each other an awful lot and know things will get better someday
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It sounds like everyone is looking towards birth. I think I'm still in denial. Things are just so hetic lately that I can't imagine adding a baby into the mix. I did mostly pack the birth center bag though. DS helped me with that. I have a comfy sweatsuit which has gotten too short so I desided to take that as my going home outfit. I was throwing it in the bag just so I would stop wearing it and ds wanted to know what I was doing and then he wanted to make sure that I had pleanty of things in my bag

We haven't had our birthing class in two weeks now. Last week our douls was out of town for a doula thing and this week she had a cold and the other couple in the class were having some problems. Our doula called yesterday evening to let us know that the class was off becuase she was off to the hospital to be with them, she's not due until the end of February. So I am hoping everything is ok with them. She was having some problems a couple of weeks ago and spent most of the night in the hospital.

Well I'm off to soak in the tub. I feel like I am 9 months pregnant and about 80 years old tonight
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Hey Az - Ikwym - I sort of wish I didn't feel so old... but hey, dh has been a real sport all day. I've really just stopped doing stuff - cooking, cleaning etc. on wkends. Either he does it or it doesn't get done. No cleaning got done, but he took dd and her bud and got an x-mas tree, got all the stuff out of the attic, put away stuff from the car, took kids to lunch, and made dinner...so no complaints here!

I'm a real alligator, recently, too. Snapping at everyone, esp. dd (poor thing). I try to apologise if she's not being TOO annoying (which is about 50-50)... I do wish I was better at keeping a little of this in...anyone got a rec. on how to get better at that? bite tongue? Dig fingernails into palm? counting only works once or twice a day, otherwise I just plain run out of steam for it.

I did finish my x-mas cards! Funny, for a jewish kid, but since most of our friends at least celebrate the 'holiday season' I try to get them out every year. I give myself credit, since I've added a bunch of dh's friends/family to the list and he never! sent out cards. huh.

Ok, I've got a picture to send to shutterfly, so next I'll try to get on line to them and see if I can't figure this out. Hopefully you'll see a post soon! Cheers, andy
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Ok, if this works, let me know... I can be really thick about these kinds of things...

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It works!!! And you look awesome!!! It looks nice & winter-y there. Are you enjoying the snow, or cursing it? We're missing it this year, so throw a snowball or 2 for me, will ya?
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Oh, I love all the pictures. Everyone looks great!

All is well here. The sinus infection is clearing up. I had an appt with my mw today. All is good, except I had trace proteins, so she had to draw blood. No sysmptoms of anything, just protein. I told her it is because she is making me eat so much protein due to anemia

I also keep wondering about ds during the birth. I wanted my sister here, but she is due March 4, so she can't travel really. My mom refuses to be here, because she thinks we are insane for having a homebirth. I have had several friends offer to watch ds, but I just don't know. I would like him here with someone devoted just to him, but I am not sure I want anyone here - iykwim....

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