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Hehe Andy, I understand you on the weather thing - usually Dec. here is an ugly mix of rain, sleet, snow, a few warm days, more rain. I'd rather just have a nice crisp fall, cold winter, and hot summer.

Xmas gifts - well dh got me an ipod, which I've been begging for so that I could load it full of all of my favorite music to take to hospital for labor. I was expecting a used one from ebay, but the demand is so high this year that the ebay prices were the same as the apple store with his student or my teacher discount. So I got a new shiny one, and oh boy it's the coolest. He loaded something like 30 hours of music on it already for me, and I have another dozen cds I'd like to add, but it's been a great toy so far. I think my parents got me a coat tree, we don't have a closet for guests to hang coats, and we could really use something. The inlaws "cancelled" gift giving for anyone but the children under 12 a few weeks ago - long after I had already gotten them gifts and wrapped them, so we'll see if they have anything for this babe, if not, then that's the extent of the xmas fun around here!

It's bitter cold and sunny here right now - the dog and I are basking in the sun, I'm typing while she snores. Dh has vanished to the computer lab, he must play with his new toy too.

And yikes! I just realized it's 11, and we have to leave shortly after 12 for lunch with my family. Uh oh! Going to climb out of bed, toss bean casserole together and into the oven, and get in the shower.

Happy Christmahaunakwanzika to everyone.

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Hi there, everyone-

Wow, I can't believe how long this thread is.... I was only able to read the last page or so! We had a nice XMAS dinner last night. Following my husband's family tradition, we had a little Mexican fiest - tostadas, nachos, guacamole, salad, etc. Not quite sure how that became a tradition, but it was sure yummy! I also thought I was in labor yesterday afternoon for a few hours and would have a little XMAS baby, but contractions subsided after I started moving around more and cooking. Hopefully the moon tomorrow night will help move things along!

Lisa, looks like you got a winner of a gift! Mamabeca - I don't think anyone can top our "worst of the worst" gifts this year. Basically, I got a box of tea and jam from my SIL and some money from my ILs (no complaints there!). My dh got a cheapo electric veggie chopper from his sister (??), a heated ice scraper (basically a flimsy piece of plastic with a heating element inside.... um, no) and a car batter charger that works by plugging in one car to another through the lighters (it looks like it would fry the whole electrical system) from his parents. We got each other small stocking stuffers this year because we wanted to use most of our holiday money towards baby stuff.

Also, Mamabeca - the best deal in town by far for baby announcements are with Costco or Sams!

Happy Holidays, Mamas!!!
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well.... we don't celebrate christmas, but have been having a nice day. dh and our younger ds have been collaging boxes (he likes to put his things inside them) and our older ds just made a batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies (YUMM), while I've been sewing.
We are going to some friends for dinner and hot tubbing, so since I had insomnia last night (again!), I'm gonna take a little nap, so I can stay up past 8pm lol!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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