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Melissa and Doug toys~

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I put these on my 18 months Christmas list wish but I too would like to pick up some

Do you love them?

Where is the best place to find them?

What are you all time favorites for around age 2? Or age 4, 5 (for my two older kiddos )

Anywhere have free shipping (ya right thought I'd ask though ).

Thanks so much for listening to my MANY questions
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I love M and D toys so much! I find they are popping up everywhere including discount stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I even saw some a Bed, Bath and Beyond really, really cheap. My favorite is the locks and key puzzle!
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Nearly everything for christmas this year came from M&D. We got alphabet magnets, band in a box & a food cutting set.. We haven't gotten into the instruments yet but the other ones are already getting a lot of play time, and dd likes them, too!
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I saw some on ebay
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We have a Carter's outlet here that carries them really cheap. If you have an outlet mall, you might want to check it out. We love the stacking train.
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They're everywhere, it seems.
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I was kinda surprised to see they were made in china, tho. We got some of ours at Wild Oats & some online.
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I got a sorting block and the stacking train for $12 each at Stein-Mart a couple of weeks ago. They had a bunch of other stuff, but most of it was for older children than my son.
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We love the stacking train and the magnetic doors puzzle. These are the two best gifts DS ever got.
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My mom & one sis bought him tons of M&D toys for this Christmas... he got some for his birthday & DH & I bought some others for this Christmas. They are fantastic.

He got the alphabet blocks for his birthday and loves 'em. I bought the train for $3 at a local discount store called Marc's, but saw a variety of them at Big Lots, TJ Maxx, etc. Everything we've got is A1 - quality wise.

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gummylump.com has the entire line at 20% off and often has a free shipping deal. we love melissa and doug toys. always a hit arround here. i just wish they weren't made in China, but then again just about everything is these days.
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To find out what brick & mortars they're sold at, call them @ 800-284-3948. I called a few days ago and was suprised to find that they're sold at local school supply stores. Places like Ross and Marshall's have them, too. The toys are made of hardwood, in case anyone's wondering.
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Just wanted to chime in that I got Nathan the food cutting kit, fuzzy shapes puzzle and magnetic doors for Christmas (aka he hasn't played with them yet).
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In addition to M&D, I've seen two other wooden toy lines in mainstream places lately.

One is Imaginarium, which is wooden but lots of frilly pink and pastel paint on the kitchen and appliances. At TRU

The other is Little Tree, which had a doll house with wooden bendy people and furniture for $50 (similar arrangement in Mothering-related toy catalogs were $100+) and a horse barn. Minimal paint and embellishments. I don't know where either is made. At Target.
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My mother got ds the animal stacking pull toy for Christmas. It looks pretty cool. He saw one in a store the other day and started playing with it, so I think my mom made a great choice.
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FYI, here is a link to the pull toy that my mom got for ds:

Also, my grandfather got this puzzle for ds:

He already has the shapes one:

and the farm one:

and he loves them both.

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Are they available at any stores in Canada?
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but do they have pvc?

I have bought a lot of M+D toys, as they are so affordable, and they are awesome. Last year ds got the Band in The Box and the wooden pizza which are still favorite toys. I also got the Fold and Go kitchen, which is awesome as it is painted red and green (not girly) and he really loves this...I got it on a special deal last year at Toys R Us it was only $9.99! This year he will be getting a couple of the food sets...cutting foods and the 4 food groups one, the take along tool kit, as well as their unit blocks (SUPER affordable). But I have noticed that the pizza especially is covered in some thick strange smelling stuff and wondered if that is PVC? I know I have heard that some wooden toys have it. I searched online and couldn't find any info on this. Does anyone know if they are PVC free? Not that I could take away my kid's favorite toys....
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Are they available at any stores in Canada?
Yep - I'm in Ontario, and I see them everywhere. Around here they're mostly in specialty/small business toy stores. You won't find them at Wal-Mart or Sears.

I bought dd (2 years next month) the wooden triple stacker toy, the wooden number and wooden letter puzzle (they're just gorgeously painted) and the wooden animal book that is also kind of a puzzle and the pieces can go on the fridge.

We M&D!
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I would try and get them other places than ebay - most of the ones I saw listed had prices about the same as the retail and then asked for at lest $8 shipping
I got ours at TJMaxx but the selection varies from store to store.
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