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Christmas presents for new baby?

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We were talking about our Christmas shopping today and brainstorming final stocking stuffers when we realized we have absolutely nothing for our new baby. And can't really think of what to get him. I mean, all he really needs/wants at this point is our love and milkies :LOL But I want to get him at least a little something special since it is his first Christmas.

Any ideas?
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We're totally broke so that really limited us And I could give nothing to this baby that he already doesn't have, in order of importance, my arms and my boobs :LOL

BUT, we did have someone make us a play bar out of wood. Like this one at Rosie Hippo http://www.rosiehippo.com/productdet...oupnumber=T105, only it cost me $4 in materials. I do have to get some nice wood toys to put up there, but one of DH's brothers is getting some little wood toys that we can hang. I just need to sand the hell out of it and put some baby oil on it.

I never got around to making his stocking, as it took me 3 yrs to get DS1's done, I'm not too worried. It'll be done by next Christmas

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What a cute idea, Amy!

We are totally broke, too... and Viv has a few things coming from other family members, so we aren't too worried about getting her anything right now.
My mom got her a gorgeous blanket and my MIL has picked up a few toys more suitable for the 0-6 mos stage since we didn't have any left from Ella.

I think this Christmas, I am gonna just give her a nap with mommy!
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I got Aurora a sheepskin off ebay. I thought it would be nice to get her something real special, since we usually only spend money on neccessities. The sheepskin is a luxury (as far as I'm concerned) but it is functional and will endure years of and a variety of uses.

Plus, I had one as a kid and remember sitting on it to watch tv well into middle school.
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My inspiration for giving the baby a few gifts is the fact that my 3-yo would protest if Santa delivered to her but not to her baby brother!! I made a few things while I was "nesting" - a little quilt, a stuffed knit teddy bear rattle - and I could not resist buying the sweetest veveteen rabbit! DD and I made two felted balls - those are inexpensive and quick - so she would have something to give him too. I'm sue you could get a few stocking stuffers - a rattle, a pair of socks, a bib - for little money. Or, if you are receiving any new baby gifts from others, why not save them till Christmas?
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Maybe a little ornament with his name engraved -- I think K-Mart does that with their ornaments for free -- check in the jewelry departments at stores... I'm doing a few soft balls with bells in them -- ds1 can play with them to & it won't be terrible if ds2 gets beaned in the head with them! :LOL
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I realized as I was wrapping DD1's presents last night, that she wouldn't think it was fair that Aurora got nothing for Christmas. So I wrapped up a couple little outfits and some booties for her. I'm going to let DD pick out a gift for Aurora from her too.
The sheepskin won't be here until after Christmas.
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