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when did you get your first postpartum period? - Page 6

Poll Results: when did you get your first postpartum period?

  • 10% (44)
    0-3 months
  • 17% (76)
    4-7 months
  • 22% (95)
    8-11 months
  • 15% (64)
    12-14 months
  • 19% (81)
    15-19 months
  • 15% (65)
    20 months or more
425 Total Votes  
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Mine returned when I stopped pumping, some days after 12 months.
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My dd was 22 months when it came back, and I realized immediately that I didn't miss it!! And to add to my misery, the tampons I used had stopped being manufactured during my absense!! Oh the injustice!! lol
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: I was breastfeeding exclusively, and mine came back when ds was about 3 months old. I felt robbed! Breastfeeding is supposed to keep AF away!!! It was exactly one year since I had AF. Thanks for returning!!! : I breastfed my son until he weaned himself at about 16 months.

Now that I am pregnant again, I haven't had one since February 2002, and I hope it's a long time this time!!!!
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With dd1, it came back when she turned 4 months when, can you believe it, she began sleeping through the night . Dd2 is another story, she nurses around the clock, she is 11 months, and no sign of AF!
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With my first two boys "it" returned around the eight month mark. My youngest son is 16 mos now and still no menses!! It is great! This is a dangerous and very furtile time of the year and aunt flow can stay away a long time! I figured out the other day that within the last six years I have had only eight periods!!! It will be wierd to get back into the "flow" of things....
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I have a question for you all; when did you get your second postpartum period? I got my first when dd was 6 mo but now she's 8 mo and it hasn't come back. (I'm not pg.)
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I have NOT seen AF in over 5 years!

I got pregnant before AF returned... twice! I still have not seen AF since about February 1997!

I gave birth to my DD#1 in Nov 1997.
I conceived DD#2 early in 1999 without a sign of AF (when baby was 1 1/2).
DD#1 weaned herself at 20 months of age when I was 5 months pregnant for DD#2.
I gave birth to DD#2 in Dec 1999.
I conceived DD#3 early in 2001 without a sign of AF (when baby was 1 1/2).
DD#2 weaned herself at 20 months of age when I was 5 months pregnant for DD#3.
I gave birth to DD#3 in Jan 2002.
I am currently nursing DD#3 who is now 8 months of age and I now have a tubal so I don't think I'll get pregnant while nursing this child!
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i just wanted to point out that "exclusive breastfeeding" doesn't just mean no formula, but also no pacifiers. babies need to comfort suck as well as nurse for food in order to suppress ovulation. also, in order for the lactational amenorrhea method to be effective, your baby needs to nurse AT LEAST every 4 hours during the day and AT LEAST every 6 hours at night.

i can't vote yet! we are 3 weeks shy of her first birthday and no signs of impending ovulation or any bleeding at all. woohoo! i'm kind of ready for fertility to return because i miss having "sexy" feelings on a regular basis. ah well, what can you do but trust in the grand plan?
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My ds was 26 months old! Old enough to be sent into the other room to "find things" while I managed quick tampon changes! I'm not ready to explain this one yet!! How do you all handle this? We co-sleep and he had slept more hours in a row for a few nights in a row shortly before my period returned. The thing I notice the most? the bloated feeling and losing the "flat boy's tummy" I had after the pregnancy weight disappeared!!!
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I got mine back just after 18 months, with pms the day before like NEVER before! I was so evil to the guys who were installing a new heating system in my house, that I went to the basement and announced to them that I had just gotten my first period in 27 months and didn't that just make everything so clear!? They just looked at me really weird, and then didn't look me in the eye again for the rest of the time they were here. Oh, and I also cried my eyes out on a not-so-close friend and revealed every imperfection in my marriage. Try not to do this as I still wish I could take it all back!
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I got mine back when Littlebit was 17 months old.I still only have one about every 50-60 days.
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I voted 8-11 months. I got my first period when Peyton was 8 months and slept through the night. Then she did the same thing a couple months later.

I have had only 2 cycles since she was born and she just turned 11 months old. Not pregnant as I tested to be sure. Plus I am not vomiting (was on zofran the whole pg with both my kids). Just lucky here
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I got mine back at 13 mths and then got pg before I had the 2nd. So far I have not ha danything since her birth and I don't miss it one teensie bit!
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At 25 months pp, my ds was still nursing all day and strarting to go 3 hours at night, and I ovulated and got pregnant with dd, who is now 4 months old, without ever having a period - hurray! I wonder how long you can go with ebf and spacing kids a few years apart to not have a period.javascript:smilie('')
thumbs up
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I got mine back at about 13 months, and it was really light. Since then, I've had them about once a month and they've been EXTREMELY heavy and long. Almost makes me want to get pregnant just to avoid all of this!!
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I was sooooo devastated when I did! I cried for two days. My poor husband tried to be sympathetic....all I was was pathetic. :

Have a good night!
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Two weeks after my ds turned 24 months I got my first pp period. Now it's TTC time!
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I got my first period 22 mo pp. I then got pregnant on my very next cycle! So, at this rate, I'll end up having 1 period over a total of 5+ years, assuming this next baby nurses as long as Ava did.

peace, Beth
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Dd#1--(not co-sleeping) on her first birthday!

Dd#2--18 mos pp.

Ds--2 years pp
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