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when did you get your first postpartum period? - Page 2

Poll Results: when did you get your first postpartum period?

  • 10% (44)
    0-3 months
  • 17% (76)
    4-7 months
  • 22% (95)
    8-11 months
  • 15% (64)
    12-14 months
  • 19% (81)
    15-19 months
  • 15% (65)
    20 months or more
425 Total Votes  
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If your babe is nursing often throughout the night your period will be slow to return, and that is very common. My daughter was 16 mos. when mine returned. She had slowed down on her night feedings only waking acouple times aweek at about 14.5 mos. Enjoy...and think of the money you are saving!
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I feel I have to comment here about the nursing through the night posts......Not everyone who nurses through the night will experience *long* delays in the return of menses. I am a prime example of the early side....My first born stayed latched through out the entire night for just about her first year of life....and I had my period return when she was 6 months old. After my twins were born, I used to nurse them sitting up, all night long in the beginning.....As they grew, they would half sit on each side of me so that they could stay latched through out the night. My period returned at 14 months....and I was actually nursing Three at that point.

I just felt the need to comment here, since not *everyone* is lucky enough to experience such a long delay, even with a lot of night nursing.
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I didn't mean to speak for *everyone* out there, I guess I should watch how I phrase things. I should have said that I had that experience and she MAY be the same.
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That's okay, apmommy. I just didn't want anyone to feel like they had messed up with night nursing, or that they had been doing it wrong, if they had their cycle return on the early side.
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I went 22 months with my dd. Since I began again I've been very irregular. I've noticed that if she goes on a nursing spree (especially at night) my period will be a few days late. :
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Jazmonnie, what were the other 7 ways to be period free? I am at 12 months and would love to know . . .thanks.
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Got my period back at 21 months (6 weeks ago). I'm still waiting for the next one. I guess it would be okay if I was pregnant. I wanted 3 years spacing, but I think we're close enough. We'll see what happens.

We're still night nursing and nursing all day. Nothing really changed.
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Almost 19 months after DD was born for me. It was kinda hard to get back into the swing of things after all that time. Ahh, but such is life.

Love and Best Wishes
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My period returned with the cessation of pumping with all three of my sons.

Oh well. At least I continued to nurse !
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talk about bizarre

Now if this isn't strange. I just got my period back a couple weeks ago. My ds was 14.5 months. My older ds is 3.5. I had four periods between children so that makes four periods in nearly 4.5 years. Here is the bizarre thing - I got my period back with my second child within two or three days of when I got it back with my first. I guess if nothing else, I'm consistent .
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My "monthly friend" returned at 6wks, even exclusively breastfeeding! I was so bummed...
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Wow, that is a bummer! I complained when I got it back at 14 months. I had barely stopped the post-pregnancy bleeding at six weeks.
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Yeah, my OB's office was oh so helpful. I had just stopped post-partum bleeding and then I had really heavy bright red flow. I called the office to tell them what happened thinking I was bleeding to death. The nurse said, "Er, that's your period". "Are you sure?" I asked, "I am breastfeeding". She said it didn't make a difference, some of us were just 'lucky'.
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With the first dd I got it back when she was 16 months old.
With thr second dd I got it back when she was 11 months old.

I would not worry about you period noy coming back yet, I would consider it a blessing.

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With my first babe, period returned a few weeks after we stopped BF. With DD, who has nursed strong and steady from the get-go, I got it around her first birthday. I was disappointed, hoping I'd be one of the lucky ones to go 2 yrs! I am now charting my periods with the hope of eventually using this as a birth control method. My first cycle was 43 days, and very strange, but I attribute that to stress.

For the women who aren't willing to rely on BF as reliable birth control, I suggest reading Toni Weschler's book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. There is a comprehensive section on using FAM while nursing. It sure beats the diaphram. BTW, the typical user failure rate for the diaphram is 18% and I believe that increases after one has had a child. That isn't much better than the withdrawl method, which is 19%. If the rules of FAM are followed, the failure rate should be about 2%, significantly lower than the diaphram. You may want to discuss this w/ DH...
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I also have the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is a great book. Great alternative to the pill, shots, and diaphrams...
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I can top that!

Snickerdoodle -- I can relate. With my first and second I got my period at six weeks, even while exclusively nursing around the clock. When #3 was born I was still nursing #2....and even while tandem nursing, I got my period at six weeks post partum! Ahhhh!!!! Too fertile!!!
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haven't gotten it yet! and dd is 20 months
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There seems to be so much variation as to when ladies get their first period back. I had twins the first time in 1991 and got it back when they were almost 3 years old. I then had a son in 1995 and never got it back. When he was 3 and a half years old, I ovulated and got pregnant with my daughter who is now almost 2 years old. I have not had a menstrual cycle since january of 1995! It sounds unreal but is true. I am happy about it though!!
Several factors I feel are responsible for this, I am quite thin, and my children have all been frequent nursers. Some women are more sensitive to the amount and duration of suckling that it suppresses ovulatory function.
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Think of all the money you are saving on tampons!!! I am waiting for my second one as we speak, I have the feeling it is coming early. I forgot how nice it was not to have to worry about it.
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