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when did you get your first postpartum period? - Page 3

Poll Results: when did you get your first postpartum period?

  • 10% (44)
    0-3 months
  • 17% (76)
    4-7 months
  • 22% (95)
    8-11 months
  • 15% (64)
    12-14 months
  • 19% (81)
    15-19 months
  • 15% (65)
    20 months or more
425 Total Votes  
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I got mine back at 7 months PP and ds was still nursing like a newborn -- at least every two hours round the clock. I suppose it's just in the genes.
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16 months and counting here!

I couldn't vote, because I haven't gotten my period back yet -- dd is 16 months old She does still nurse frequently throughout the night. We use Natural Family Planning, and I feel fairly confident that I will be able to tell when I am ready to ovulate again -- I'm actually seeing some signs of increasing estrogen now. I'm just hoping that it's regular when it does come back! It does make my dh nervous, though -- he is really not ready for another one, and he doesn't fully trust that I'll be able to tell when I'm fertile again. He's just freaked out because we got pregnant the very first time we ever used a fertile day, so he's afraid I'm some sort of fertility goddess, LOL!
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I'm at 23 months and getting a bit frustrated (bc we want another)
It's good to see that other people went even longer -- I actually went to the dr. in august and had a bunch of bloodwork run to make sure everything was okay (and it was)
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I was just wondering this very same thing!

We are certainly in the same boat...I came online to post the same question. My DD will be 15 mos on Jan 16 and there is no sign of "Auntie Flo". So, it's 2 years this month since I used a menstrual pad.

I have to admit that I don't miss it at all b/c I always had bad menstrual cramps the 1st 24 hrs. My DD is a nurse-aholic too (and high needs) so I sometimes think it's nature's way of preventing a sibling from entering the picture now b/c she is very attached to me.

I'm 40 yo so, of course, I'm curious if I'll ever see my period again...or how childbirth/BF has affected it if I do.

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My Aidan is 31 months and I just got my period back last month. I can't say I missed it though!!
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14 months and counting. But we're night weaning now, so I expect it sometime soon.
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I think mine is starting today for the first time! We nurse all the time. DS takes solids, but I swear he still nurses ever couple of hours and through the night. Was hoping to go longer (he is 8 mos).
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Mine returned when ds was 20 mos, and I really felt my hormones changing... It was intense. It has been 2 mos now and I am just getting used to the period-cycle experience. Did anyone else notice their periods more intensely after bfeeding a long time and then getting them again?
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What about irregular cycles?

I got mine when dd was only 5 months, and i too was upset! My cycle used to run about 27 days, and now i'm four days late.
Is this irregularity common?
Or should I run out and get a pregnancy test?

not panicking as much as my husband...yet...
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our daughter ella is 8m and still no period for me. i wouldn't be shocked if its on its way though, since i've had cramps and bloating. as for forgoing birth control...i was the one who was so nervous about trusting that i was infertile while nursing. we are now not using protection and i am constantly having psychosomatic pregnancy symptoms! in either "natural family living" or in "the baby book" i read that after 6 months nursing is much less reliable as a form of natural birth control. anyone have experience otherwise?

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Almost 7 months & no sign of it yet.I have read too that heavy night nursing slows things and also age and those are part of my experience.This was a valuable read for me as most of my friends have long gotten thiers back ( but they also have weaned or night weaned),so I was wondering when?????.I have never gone 4 hours away from or not nursing babe,& ususually not more than 2,so do not know if frequency affects it or not.Seems there is a big variance.

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i just got it!!

well, since i started this thread, i thought i'd let y'all know, i got my first postpartum period today (dd will be 15 mos. old in 2 days). the funny thing is that today is EXACTLY 2 years to the day since my last period. weird. i almost forgot how to put a tampon in. LOL. :
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With my first it came back 7 mo. pp even though my dd was nursing a lot and still nursing several times at night.
And I got pregnant at 10 mo.
Now I am tandem nursing a 29 mo. old and 9 mo old and it still has not returned. - could be any day -or maybe I am pregnant again -since we ran out of condoms and the one chance we got in 2 weeks came! :P
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With both my boys I had several months of sort of feeling like I was going to get my period, but never getting it, before it finally returned. Just a warning, I knew that I was pg with #2 when I felt like I was about two days from my period for a week, but it never came.

As for nursing being reliable birth control after six months, the reasoning that it is not as effective is simply that your first period returns prior to the six month mark it is likely that you didn't ovulate that cycle. Once you hit that six month mark it is much more likely that you will have ovulated first. I know at least four people who got pregnant when their children were seven or eight months old, without ever getting a period first.

Of course my stepsister works with a guy who's wife got pregnant at SEVEN weeks postpartum -- while exclusively breastfeeding. Can you imagine???
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My son will be 6 months this week, and I got my first pp period today. :mad: Crampy, achey, gassy. . .
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OOPS! I meant 17 months not 7 with my little night & day HEAVY nurser.My friend got hers back 2 weeks after she night weaned.

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I can't believe how lucky most people are! I felt like all I did was breastfeed from the moment my daughter was born for the first four months, nights and all, and I still got my period back at 10 weeks.... and we use natural family planning, so it was a good thing we weren't counting on it!!
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Just bumping


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one period at 18 months then no more for 6 months, onernight nursing heaps all the way!
the good thing about cycles starting up again was losing that dry dry yoni feeling and a firing up of libido
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i was thinking of starting a companion thread and poll to ask about first pp period symptoms. i've had my life's worst cramps and backaches this week...but still no period. ust wondering if this was normal.

beth - thanks for your thoughts. i can't imagine being pg at 7 weeks pp. ah! i was barely ready to even hold hands with my dh at that point! this is my second month of symptoms...and i actually took a hpt, and it was negative. prolly af on her way, but just taking her time.
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