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when did you get your first postpartum period? - Page 5

Poll Results: when did you get your first postpartum period?

  • 10% (44)
    0-3 months
  • 17% (76)
    4-7 months
  • 22% (95)
    8-11 months
  • 15% (64)
    12-14 months
  • 19% (81)
    15-19 months
  • 15% (65)
    20 months or more
425 Total Votes  
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I got mine back when he was 17 mo old,since it cam eback though its been very unpredicatble and very painful
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9 months here but pretty irregular. still waiting on 2nd period (5 days late) but got a negative HPT this am. better look at that taking charge of fertility book as I'm not ready for more yet...
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Totally unfair!

Mine started at 6 weeks!! (With a *constantly* breastfeeding babe.) To make it worse, it was only a week after my postpartum bleeding stopped. Arrghhh.. My mom was the same way.
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With babe#1 it was about 30 months...we had moved twice since she was born and I couldn't remember where I'd dumped the tampons and pads in the new house. What a hoot. With babe#2 it was about 27mos. I was sorta clueless, not expecting it for another couple of months. I remember thinking, "where's this blood coming from? Huh? Do I have hemorrhoids?" Finally I figured out that I'd started my period. After having so few for so many years maybe I should head straight to menopause.
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Well I just got it yesterday!
Eden is 7 months old. I figured I was going to get it soon because my body has been feeling different the last month or so. Which is right in line with Eden sleeping about6-8 hours a night and nursing less during the day due to her increased mobility around 6 months. Also we started introducing solids last month. But I don't know if that has anything to do with it because she doesnt' really eat much yet.
So darn I was hoping at least a year! I'd forgotten the menstral blahs. I don't want to do anything but lay around and drink tea.
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Yesterday! Aaargh! Oh well, I guess it puts me back in the 'cycle of life'. Ds is 11 months and 4 days -- it was bound to happen sooner or later. I guess that means I can start thinking of baby#2! Hmmm. . . .
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I've read that every body is different and it has more to do with genetic makeup than the actual nursing schedule. With Evan it was the eleventh month I had spotting with regular menses returning month twelve and with Luc nothing yet! He is just now one year old.
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Several have posted about irregularity--after my dd #2, now 24 mos. old, I started when she was 13 mos. But the intervals were something like, 56 days, then 45 days, then 38 days, then 35 days, and a few more of longer intervals. About the last four months have been pretty regular, although I was doing extensive travelling last month, and it was not regular--just stress I think. But I know that if she's teething or something, things get weird.
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Got mine after 26 months. Was very happy to be back in the flow (er, sorry...)
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Right at 20mos for me. Have you read Breastfeeding and family planning? Around 19mos postpartum and wanting my fertility back (looking back, what was the rush?!) I started not lying down for daytime naps with dh, I nursed her in the rocking chair instead. I continued nursing at night, this is the only thing I changed, and I am convinced this is how I got my periods back right the next month.
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I never had a period between my first 2 babies, but I got pregnate when #1 was 24months almost to the day. After #2 I got my periods back at 21 months and got pregnate when he was 24 months also! It went like this ....I have 7 children all spaced about 2 years and 9 months apart. I often took daytime naps with my nurseling, but not always. We have always had a family bed so they have nursed through the nights and I never pushed solids much, so there you have it! The earliest I got my period back was at 14 months. That was with my last baby and I was 40 when she was born so I think that had something to do with it returning so soon. I know everywoman is different, and I wonder how much diet has to do with it as well? Interesting subject.

~edited to correct "The earliest I got my period back was at 14 (not 24) months." oops
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just an update - ds has been night weaning for 5m so exactly 31m and 28d from the begining of my last mense I have once again joined the reproductive cycle. In some ways I have mourned knowing that my child has grown but rejoiced knowing that soon I may bring another into our lives.
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Exactly 9 months for both dds, and nothing really changed around then. I still nursed around the clock, and neither of them would even take much in the way of solids until they were over 1 year. I was really upset after the first one, because things I had read made it sound as if getting your period meant you weren't doing things right, and I was doing everything it says to do in that book.

One thing I have heard is that weight can have something to do with it. Thinner mamas may take longer to get their periods than heavier ones. It didn't really work for me though. I was pretty skinny when my first was 9 months and weighed 40 pounds more when the second was 9 months.
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Just got it - yay!!!

I just got mine, after only 6 months!

I'm glad all systems are back to normal, even though it means I'll have to be more careful about birth control now.

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Well, I never GOT my postpartum period! When my child was about 20 months old, and still nursing!, I found out I was pregnant again! I had no warning menses... but when I was sick for a week and it wasn't getting better, I knew!
So, if I go the NEXT 20 months without a period nursing #2, I will have had NO PERIOD for over five years!
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Eight months, here...it was a big surprise! Just got home from a LLL meeting (where I had been bragging about STILL not having my period back, lol!) and walking down the hallway I suddenly felt a warm river down my leg!! THAT will teach me to brag:LOL
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15 months and counting. I have been anxious about whether or not I will ever ovulate again. It seemed like it was too easy to get pregnant the first time, it can't go that smoothly two times in a row. Always something to worry about....:
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I can't vote yet, either. My dd is almost 16 months and no signs of Aunt Flow here. Yay! I'm loving it, but we're ready to ttc so I'm almost hoping to start again soon.

A little off the subject but . . .
I just found this group and I absolutely love it! Seems like I've finally found some like-minded women to communicate with. This is my first post, but I hope to become more active here.
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Welcome 4syd!!!

Glad to have you here! Please feel free to introduce yourself here too over at "Please to Meet You".


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