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hi! sorry i didn't answer you back 2 wks. ago. busy busy busy!!! anyway, i don't see that you had your baby, so i assume you're still pregnant. if you are, good for you! you must be about 36 wks by now. i'm 38!!!!! i NEVER thought i'd get this far, neither did my doctors. to answer your question... i also had spontaneous rupture of membranes with my dd at 35 wks. i did nothing different this time, except take it easy when i got too many contractions (i have an irritable uterus; cxt all of the time!). can you believe we both made it this far? i would've had a 3 wk old by now. the other day, my dh innocently said to me "hon, wow, can you believe you're going to have about a 7-8 lb. baby? i mean you had trouble/were in alot of pain with a 5lb 9oz. one!" i won't say here what my reply was!!! ok, gotta go to work!
warmly, keri