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If I can make a suggestion, I would definitely get the leather needles prior to sewing... they have a special triangular tip that slices into the leather in a certain way so that there are not big slices, just little holes... And super thin thread also slices the leather up terribly. It will weaken the seams and they will appear to be pulling apart. nylon #69 is the best for leather and shoes...
I love sewing from old purses too! Good Luck!

Oh and if your machine gives you trouble at thick spots walk it through by turning your hand wheel and wiggling the material a little. Don't use the foot pedal while doing this. I managed to get through quite a bit this way without abusing my machine too badly! Again Good Luck!
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I think canvas would make an excellent upper, and you can dye it to your liking!
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OMG, you guys - go take a look at Becky's yahoo group. She's got pics of her shoes in the photo section......they're a lot narrower than the free NC pattern, the vamp comes up higher.....it's exactly what I'm looking for
I think I found a new hobby!
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Excuse my ignorance but what's the name of Becky's Yahoo Group?
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What about felted wool? Heavily felted wool?
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Beckys_Suede_Leather is the yahoo group - she's got info there about the shoe pattern.

I was planning on doing heavily felted sweater wool for my experiments
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Aawww... Thanks so much Stell. I'm so happy you like it!!
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Originally Posted by lunchbox
What about felted wool? Heavily felted wool?
I was going to try that today or sometime soon. The only problem I foresee is if you have a walking baby....they would slip terribly on wool. I still plan on using leather on the bottoms. I am a veggie too...I'm using the leather from some old leather coats (think 1970's) that my dad got thrift shopping (he was going to use the leather to recover some chair or something) and he left at my house after my last garage sale...so these are old, old coats that really need some use other than going to a landfill.

For a smaller baby, I think felted wool would be awesome. I have 5 friends having babies in 2005, and this is a great idea for a blessing or shower gift. You could sew longies, a sweater, and booties...all out of an old felted sweater!
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Oh, definitely put leather or something else non-slippery on the bottom. I'm getting some leather scraps with my pattern, and I'll probably end up using them for soles, mostly. I have so many wool sweater scraps, I'd love to be able to do something with them!
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The first pair of baby shoes I made didn't have leather bottoms. I used fleece on the bottom and planned to paint them with puffy paint as someone earlier had also suggested, but I cannot find puffy paint ANYWHERE! I ended up using "dimentional" fabric paint and had to paint two or three layers because it kept drying up and just getting absorbed into the fleece, and they're still a little slippery on the bottoms so we just use them when DS isn't going to be walking or standing (like in the stroller or carseat). I now have some bits of scrap leather for bottoms and that works much better- be sure to get thin leather, like upholstery weight or clothing weight, the thick cowhide stuff can get really really thick and hard and just doesn't work for baby shoes (much less my sewing machine ).
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I wish I had seen this thread before I went and ordered ds shoes!
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Well I cut out his shoes last night and made one of them. I did a leather bottom but fleece backs and a fleece upper. I didn't want to use two layers of fleece in the upper (it's 82 degrees here and Nana wouldn't want him to wear the shoes if they were thick fleece).

Well as the shoe neared completion I could tell that I was going to need toe re-inforcement so I put a second layer of fleece just at the toes and sewed it an inch up from the seam of the shoe so it would stay there but not be in the entire body of the shoe. Because the shoe was already put together it was pretty hard to sew that and it looks a little wonky (not too bad but a little).

I put the shoe on Nathan and it's about a 1/2 to an inch too long and the upper is too wide for the base so I'm going to cut it off and take off the re-enforcement. I think I'm going to go back to the thrift store and look for a thinner suede for the upper but leave the back that fleece I'm already using. That back looked and felt really comfortable and the elastic was the perfect tightness.

Oh and I made all of my own pattern pieces from a pair of too small Robeez so I wouldn't get the fat, short shoes from Poo Pockets but I did use their instructions. Definitely easy to do (especially if you don't have to make your own pattern pieces! .

To be continued....
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Oh I'm loving reading this thread and following the adventures (in shoe-sewing!)... I love the idea of easy-to-sew, functional shoes. Plus, I have two friends having babies in 2005 and I'd love to give something more personalized to them!

My sewing skills... well, skills shouldn't even be used when I'm talking about my sewing I'm hoping it's simply a lack of experience, but I'd love to try out the ol' unused machine on something cute and seemingly pretty simple

Keep up with the updates! I love them!
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Judy, I just found these on ebay and thought I might try do something more like that for my couple of preggo friends. I don't think it would be too hard to figure out and they're so cute. She sells a "toddler size" (though the measurements for it were way smaller than my 15 mo old's - i think he may have giant feet), but i doubt these would work very well for a walking, untying kind of baby. But if i had a nonwalker, i think he or she would have a ton of these.

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Here are a couple of patterns for doll shoes that are similar to those. You'd have to adjust the size of course. http://www.dollmakersite.com/makingshoes.htm
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Well the adventure has stalled until after the holidays when I have the energy to go find some suede..

O/T - but still sewing:

At the present time I'm making matching shorts to the shirt I made for Nathan last week. I was really discouraged by it because I followed the shirt pattern to the T and the neck came out really big. The arms were a little wavy (curly) but it was the neck that bugged me. Well today I wet it under the sink and threw it into the dryer (it's a single knit) and when it came out - low and behold the neck had shrunk up and it's perfect! Granted the arms are still a little curly but I found that endearing and not an imperfection! So - I'm inspired to make the shorts tonight so he can wear the outfit on Christmas day while he opens all his presents.

Jayne - I knew that you'd be posting Mary Jane type shoes when I saw a link! Those are so precious! For $10 it's almost less expensive to buy them in order to get such wonderful materials - don't you think? Oh and Nathan wears a solid size 6 in regular shoes if that helps you decide on whether your little guy has monster feet! :LOL

Back to the shoe talk:

I was telling my mother about all of my shoe "fun" and the changes I'd need to make - I told her I didn't know if I'd pick the pair or shoes back up or just give up on making shoes permanently. She told me not to let them get the best of me and be defeated. She encouraged me to work my way through it and that I'd be happy I had. I know that she's right - that's how I've been breastfeeding so long (and happily).

Well as I was reading posts on another board I saw this quote in someone's signature, I'd seen it before and it meant a lot to me then too:

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

Now, granted courage is a big word to use when talking about sewing shoes - I'm not going to fight a war or anything but it's appropriate. Sometimes a failure (or semi-failure) scares me and I could use some courage! Whenever I read that quote I hear myself repeat the last line a few times while nodding my head, "I will try again tomorrow, yep, I will try again tomorrow" and I feel better - knowing that I can do it - I just have to try again!

Ok - the sappy post is over but I just had to share. Sewing is difficult and gratifying for me. I'm the type that likes to re-invent the wheel because I didn't know one had been made already!

Thanks for listening and helping me though this journey!
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Jenn, I think milo's feet are the same size. Good to know he's now a freak. He has only had one pair so far, which i think he's probably outgrown already, although he's worn them only once. He HATES them! Or at least he used to. It is really time to try again.

That is a good sewing quote. I got my machine in may thinking i'd make diapers even though i had never really sewn anything before. And i made a deal with myself that i would buy the machine and fabric and stuff, but NO MORE DIAPERS. lol Scary! So, I get the machine and all the stuff and bang out two of the worst diapers you've ever seen and then the machine sits in the corner untouched for months while i worry about how i'm gonna diaper my son now that i don't buy diapers. lol Thank goodness i got my second wind. And now I'm a little more corageous with it in general. And, big step, i finally put all of milo's bought diapers up for sale. woo hoo!

okay, mil just arrived from new hampshire, gotta go!
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