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Nicknames for Christopher

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Does anyone have any good nicknames for Christopher, besides Chris? Or any variation on the name Chris for a boy? Even way out there suggestions would be a great help.

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I read a book where the boy was called Toph. i kind of like it, I think it might be an "in" nickname right now though
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My DH's cousin goes by Chris, but his first name is actually Christensen. I like that as a first name.
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There is an actor - Topher Grace - who may be making that version used more often.
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I love the name Christopher! In the middle ages, the popular nickname was Kit.
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I love Topher...I think its adorable. Sorry I can't think of any others.
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Kit is cute
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My brother goes by Critt, Critter or Christophus.

I like Kit.
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i've known a Kit and a Topher. Kit had a mullet. LMAO!!
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Some British nicknames are Kit and Kip (according to a book I have), and an interesting version that a friend used for her son is Kristof (not sure how she spells it).
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DH's name is Kristoffer, pronounced KrisTOFFer instead of the normal KRIStoffer. (I wouldn't recommend changing the pronunciation of such a common name--very confusing.) I've always called him Kristoff, but most of his family and everyone he works with calls him Kris.
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What about Sport? Just joking!
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I knew someone once named Cristian (pronounced Kriss-tee-AHN, accent on the last syllable), and his wife called him Tatan. I don't know if that was their own thing, or a common nickname in the Spanish-speaking country where he came from.
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These are great, lots of ones I hadn't heard of. I would love to hear more. It seems like Christopher is name that doesn't have tons of nicknames.
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Dh's friend Christopher has the nickname "Tiffer", and I've also heard of Cristo.
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We call our Christopher CJ sometimes (and always when typing or writing, LOL). His middle name is Jacob. I really like Kit, gonna have to start using that one We use Chris a lot. And sometimes Topher, but always joking-didn't know people actually used it as a name! For me, Topher always flashes a mental image of a gopher. :LOL
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We call my brother CooToo. I think my sister couldn't say his name quite right when she was little and the nick name stuck.
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I went to school w/ a kid who went by "Pher", as in fur. His sister was Jessica, but went by Jec. I think both names evolved from the kids mispronounciations as little kids, and just stuck. Jec writes for the local paper now, and still uses jec
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I have friends who are married and each has a brother named Christopher. Luckily for them the confusion is minimal because one has been called 'Cricket' for all of his life!
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A good friend of mine, named Christopher at birth, has always gone by the nickname Kit, since he was a wee babe! I really like that nickname, instead of Chris.

He can always tell when telemarketers are calling, because they'll ask for "Chris Lastname"!!
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