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I miss being pregnant!

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Feel free to throw cyber stones at me!

I don't think I'm depressed, but just sad that my last pregnancy is over.

SO - ladies, I need to hear all your whining. Remind me that it was not all roses.

Kacie is squirming - time to get the boobies ready!
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I do too. I miss my pregnant body and especially my midwives. I'm sad I won't get to see them weekly like I have been
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Me three! I wasn't ready for the pregnancy to end. I was thinking I'd still be pregnant now and ds turned 2 weeks today. I'm just beginning to get used to the fact that I'm not pregnant anymore. I really miss it, I was enjoying this pregnancy so much and had wanted to take more belly pics at the end but never got around to it.
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Me four, and so hard to hear myself say that. All I would need to do is re-read my posts in the weekly threads to hear how uncomfortable and miserable and frustrated I was!

This is definitely my last (at 41!). I think it is always bittersweet to have the baby outside our bodies at last for everyone to share. While pregnant it is like a secret mystery that we hold for ourselves. Now everyone is sharing the not so mysterious but very wonderful baby.

I think it is a time to really really nurture ourselves to prevent some mood dips.
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I was wondering if I was the only one who missed being pregnant!! My dd was born 11/24, 8 days early (induction : ). We weren't quite ready for it yet since I was positive she'd come after her "due date" of 12/2.
I miss feeling her moving and bopping in utero. If anything touched my belly, she'd kick and poke at it. Now, when she lays on my belly or nurses, I keep expecting to feel a kick coming from inside!!
I'm ecstatic that she's here and perfect and it felt like I was waiting forever and I complained and whined about various aches and pains and emotions (esp. in that last trimester!), but at the same time... I'll only have our first baby once (and I got kind of used to that "round" look : :LOL).
Oh well, missing my belly is a small price to pay to have our baby girl with us!! Congratulations to all of you, mamas!!!
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heehee... me 7... or whatever!!!

I miss being pregnant too! I wanted to get some last belly shots in early labor, but it came on so fast we never got around to it. I'm trying not to dwell on it, since I can't do anything about it, but it makes me sad.
I miss my big belly too. But its nice to be normal size too, and to be able to sit in any chair I want to.
I am kind of sad that this was my last pregnancy. I'm only 24, I feel like I am wasting away years of childbearing time, but we don't really want anymore kids. I just love pregnancy and birth so much!
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I guess I'm the odd one out (as usual in my life...). I am so very, very happy to be reoccupying my own body. I feel like myself again for the first time in months. I love being able to move naturally, and I'm so fascinated with this newborn phase and learning the ropes of breast feeding (almost wrote "beast feeding" which is what it feels like some of the time....) that I wouldn't want to be pregnant again at all. And I was tiny and delivered early... But it is interesting to read about how the rest of you are responding.
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I don't really miss the late pregnancy aches and pains, but I do miss feeling her move inside me. We havent really decided if Vivien will be our last, but the thought makes me want to cry... so I am hoping that I can convince dh that we can handle one more once Ella is in school.
I adore nursing her, tho! She is such a wonderful eater and so laid back... I just hope she stays this way!
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