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Well, I wanted to share that I am in a telecourse. It has been great. I plan to take lots more. Most colleges do offer these. You either watch videos, or you watch tv (or tape from tv). You also get books and a "student guide".

I have to go on campus for tests, but there are only two tests per semister. The tests are on weekends. I strongly recommend for anyone interested in school to take telecourse classes. You get the same credit as if you were "On Campus", but you don't have to leave home (except for a test) and you therefore don't have to leave your baby or children.

My oldest son enjoys watching them too.

Anyway. I STRONGLY recommend them. For anyone that wants to continue their education or just improve their understanding of the world.

PS> 6 out of the 10 classes I am required to take are telecourses, so I will not have to go onsite much at all to finish my degree.
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I took one of these a couple of semesters ago. It was Abnormal Psychology, which I found extremely interesting.

They don't offer to many now for the program I'm in
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Distance learning is also a great option. I completed a professional certificate through NYU's online program.

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