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spiritual limbo

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I have been in limbo all of my life. I come from a very new age place (sedona, az) and was brought up with such beifes. Some are good and some are not. I have mixed feelings about all things and I try to catagorize them as best I can. I have never been to church or read the bible. I do know that I am not into organized religion and have stayed clear. I have been wondering about paganism latley. I worship the godess, and howl at the moon. I believe in magic and inner power. I believe in healing through enery and natural lifestyle. I have been doing yoga for 4 years now. I believe in reincarnation.... I believe in life and love, karma, lessons, conversations with god, shamans, voodoo, wica, spirits, other demensions, time travel, conspiricys, propaganda, life on other planets, wholeness, the end of the world, the beging of the world, evolution, atlantis, herbs, native american belifes, budda, what you resit persists, and it goes on. So... where am I? Do I need to be grounded enough to pick a practice and ritual? I know I would like to but what? I am in limbo... to many belifes and so little time.
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Well you sound pretty Pagan to me!
And the great thing is, you can borrow ritualwork from all kinds of traditions, or make up your own.
I call myself "pagan" because I can't find a better label.
But I don't think you have to call yourself anything if you don't want to.
You seem to know what you believe.. that's good enough!
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I am right with you sister! I started out from the other end tho- catholic priests ate dinner at our house, my nana knew all the nuns, I read the bible later, and my grandfather was jewish so I ended up exploring that a little also- I love the goddess paths too- and have been traveling them for a couple years only - mom is buddist and we do yoga as a family too-
perhaps our religeon is life-
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That doesn't sound like limbo to me .
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At my UU church they have a series of courses titled "Building your own Theology". Maybe a UU church near you offers the same course, or you can buy a copy of the curriculum from the UUA bookstore:

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