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Ok, please don't flame me, but I'll be the party pooper here. While the KSS pants are beautiful, I think $250 could be much better spent during this holiday season. There is no way those pants could make me cry the way the amazing, heartfelt thank you's from the needy families have. $250 means so much to some families, and this is the time of year when we are all called to remember that.

But they are beautiful, organic and a lovely display of craftmanship!
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Nothing at all wrong with wanting them. Those are just my thoughts....
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Those very beautiful pants were my custom order. I did not chime in until now. They are worth every penny. Karen worked extremely hard on them and they took many many many hours. I "released" them to MDF because we will be working on something else, and these were not "exactly" how I envisioned them. Believe me though, they are worth it.
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i don't think there is anything "wrong" with wanting, or even paying that much for them at all...but, i do agree with jessicasar that if i had that kind of extra money to spend on things i'd still feel better donating it...even if i already had donated that year. like, i watch all of these celeb shows where they spend thousands on this or that and i think to myself, "that should be illegal! you should be forced to donate that instead!" i mean, if DD had NO longies and i knew she'd wear these day in and day out, then they'd be SO worth it. but we have other things she can wear and so i can see the donation idea making me feel better.

now, not that this mamas work isn't outstanding or that she's making lots of money off of them. what i think needs to be remembered here is that for most of us, $250 is a LOT of money. even if they are worth that and more, it's still a budget buster.

so, no judgements, i just see both sides
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Who got them?
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Originally Posted by jennyriver
like, i watch all of these celeb shows where they spend thousands on this or that and i think to myself, "that should be illegal! you should be forced to donate that instead!"

jenny, if i didn't know you better, i'd think you were a communist. hehe
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Dang Meg, you score all the good stuff! Be sure to post pics of the longies once you get them!

I know $250 is A LOT of money for one pair of longies but I have tried to knit and I can't even get one row to look half way decent, so anyone who can create such a gorgeous work of art deserves every last penny. I don't think anyone would be throwing away $250 if they bought them (come on this is KSS!) but if you don't have $250 (like me) then you can just sit here with me and drool.

Who was the lucky mama who got 'em?

ETA: Why is all that BBH still sitting there?
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I think it's all a matter of perspective. What's a large amount to one isn't to another. Different people have different priorities and different reasons for what they do. What's very rational to one may not be to another. That's what makes the world go round
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Originally Posted by binxsmom
jenny, if i didn't know you better, i'd think you were a communist. hehe
yeah, that's me!!!

but you know, i have personally spent waaaay more than i "need" to on CD's so i TOTALLY understand wanting and willing to spend a lot on your babes. i just can also see how people might see the purchase as luxurious. we all draw the line somewhere...this would be it for me! so it's easy for me to say "oh, that could be donated....blah blah" when purchases i've made in the past (not so distant either!) could be viewed the same way.

but i'm still sticking to celebs who spend thousands on designer dog carriers should be thrown in jail :LOL
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they seem to still be avail......?
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I want to know who too!
(I suppose they'd need at least a min or two to recover...)

Someone please buy that smal BBH cover, I've never tried one and it's very pretty!!
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Odd the pants did go, but they are back again...
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I know! Crazy. Never seen KSS pants just sitting there. I know I NEED diapers and if I had 250 lying around, sadly, Id really need to get a good chunk of diapers, rather than 1 pair of pants, as gorgeous as they are!
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I don't see anything wrong with spending your money the way you want to, if you have it. Especially if you have done everything you have Holli. I say go buy them if you want to.
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If I had the money to spare, I would buy them. I would hope that any mama who wants them who could afford them wouldn't be afraid to snap them up and be proud to show off the beautiful knitted art!
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ok, so NOW who got them?
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I am sorry if I made anyone feel bad. I did not mean to. It just sounded like there were some mommas on the fence about trying to buy them, and everyone was egging them on, and I just thought I would offer an alternative. Dh says I get into trouble because I am always the black sheep. :

I would love to see pics from whoever got them!
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But, here is what I don't understand.. if you're a family who has already donated to charities, etc., then why is it so wrong to want these pants?

We specifically requested that our families do not send us any gifts this season, including my birthday which is on Sunday. Instead, we requested that they donate to Guatemalan causes in our name. We did not buy each other any presents this year. We donated to the needy families, the Guatemanal orphanage and some other charities.

Why is it so wrong to do these things and still want to spend $250 on these?

I am struggling with it only because we can't wear them this year, but I am sure those snowflakes took over an hour each to do..

I dunno.. I just don't know why it's so wrong to want beautiful items for the babes.
I completely agree with you, Holli. I know that mama here probably look at the pants and say, "WHAT?!?! For a pair of pants? NUTS!" But you cannot look at craftsmanship like that as just a pair of pants. It's artwork, and people pay a hefty preium price for artwork to hang on thier walls, wy not artwork to "hang" on their babes?

And while I think the sentiment behind comments like the one Holli's post is referring to are heartfelt, I also think that it's kind of rude to judge how another person spends their money. You've got no idea where they are financially, where they spend their money and what causes they give to. They might not give any money to any charities or needy families, but they might spend every single saturday volunteering somewhere to help those who aren't as fortunate, or tutoring kids, or doing any number of things that you've got no clue about. Just like it's wrong to tell someone how to parent their child, I think it's wrong to tell them how to spend thier money.

Now, I wanna know WHO got those pants, LOL?
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