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New member of mothering.com & new to FlyLady

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I just joined here yesterday and am just getting used to how it all works.

I joined FlyLady about 3 weeks ago and I really like most of what she says. I do make it fit my lifestyle but my house is so much neater and organized since I have joined. I just bought her book so I can keep up doing what I want without needing to really go to the website.

My son Cole has his own morning and before bed routines and he does them without even a little complaint. He also happily helps with Bless My Home activities. We made our own control journal and because he was involved and everything is done with a routine and schedule he just jumps right in. When it was not a routine and I was the one *telling* him to clean-up or whatever he fussed because it was mom telling him to do it.

I hope to keep up with my form of FlyLady. Maybe we could all set-up our own type of home cleaning, uplifting thing and help support each other through it.

What do you all think?
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I don't do flylady but I wanted to say welcome to the board
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hi welcome to mothering

if you do a search of this forum you will find quite a few Flylady threads
I do kind of a flylady lite for what works for me
I have two autoimmune disorders and right now in constant pain from a back problem requiring surgery soon
I tailor it to my needs/abilities
I made my own CJ too
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Welcome to the board. I'm a former FlyBaby. The book was WONDERFUL and I love it--still use much of what I learned there... but the site/e-mails... not so much.

I bought the Motivated Moms calendar and it truly is FlyLady Lite. I absolutely love it. I put each week in a sheet protector and use a fine point dry-erase marker to mark things off. I can't say enough about it. It has a place for your Daily stuff--they have some items on that list with space for you to put your own in. And each day has some task for you to take care of throughout the house... like cleaning the microwave or the ceiling fans... little by little all over the house.

You can find them at http://www.motivatedmoms.com
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Welcome to the board. I'm a fairly new member and I love it here! I tell all my friends about this place... you'll enjoy it too, I hope!

I'm glad you found flylady. We all need something like that in our lives--I talk often about starorganizer.com--it's the same idea only less e-mails and more variety. Check it out sometime if you like the idea.

Let us know if we can do anything to help you!

need a change? www.starorganizer.com
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