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I took 2 HPTs this morning and got 2 beautiful !! I'll be going to the doctor on Thursday to confirm.

I'm so excited and totally in shock. We've been trying for over 9 months and I was beginning to lose hope. According to http://www.theballards.net/DueDate/DueDate.html# my due date is anywhere from 9/3-9/15, so for now I think I'll just stick with "early September."

DH wants to surprise our families on Christmas with the news, so I'm forbidden from telling anyone but my sister (who is my best friend and has been with me every step of our TTC journey.) I'm very close with my mom so I really feel like I'm about to burst! But it will be so much fun to surprise everyone.

I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone and hope to see more here soon.
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CONGRATS! What a wonerful gift. Hope it all goes well on Thursday.
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congratulations! I know how happy you must be after trying for all of those months!
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Went to the doc this morning. Silly me I don't know what I thought they could do, I'm only like 3 wks 6 days today LOL!

Anyway they did give me another test (urine) and it came up +++ right away so I'm definitely pregnant still

I also got a month's worth of sample pre-natal vitamins and an appt for Jan 13 to maybe do a u/s and definitely do bloodwork and all that.

Even though we didn't do much, it was nice to have yet another test say that yup, I'm pregnant!
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Congratulation Heidi !! How fun that you got to have your first dr appt, it makes you feel better doesn't it!!

Looking forwarding to getting to know you as the months go by.
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