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IEP Update? Momofboys/Melissa? (am I remembering that right?)

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OMG I have never waited so long for an IEP update in my life! LOL How did it go? You were going to meet on the day they took the last boards down and I've been waiting to hear ever since! Please please please come check and let me know....

Leah (formerly quizas)
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IEP MeetingsS

Thanks for your concern and remembering! We have actually met several times. What I discovered at the first meeting was that there was not sufficient communication between the Resource teacher (Ms.L) and the classroom teacher (Ms. D). Ms. D stated she had never received a copy of his modifications and the two almost "exchanged words" right then and there. Fortunately, the principal was present and seems to have taken that bull by the horns. The Ms. D is doing a much better job of modifing his work and tests. She sends home a weekly lesson plan for everything that goes on in class. We now have duplicate books at home. His first nine weeks report card had a "B" average, although he is working well below grade level. But that is okay. He is learning and enjoying school. Ms. L is challenging him more and doing more to corrdinate with what is going on in the classroom.

He is focusing on the basic concepts rather than details is science and social studies. His reading is coming along. Math is tough. His class is starting multiplication and he isn't even doing addition or subtraction with re-grouping yet. SO, that (and reading) will continue to be the focus for the tutor. I email regularly to both teachers and that has worked well (as long as the school system is up). One thing we have repeatedly asked for and NOT received is objectives/concepts for the tutor to reinforce. So, there is room for improvement!

They did a sensory evaluation through the Occupational Therapist. She had a number of good recommendations for both the classroom and resource teacher. The classroom teacher asked for the recommendations IN WRITING and has yet to receive them. I am ready to raise hell about that. They also changed OT's about 6 weeks ago. I discovered the first OT had NEVER WRITTEN GOALS and the objectives that she had told me she would work on the new OT thought had been ACCOMPLISHED at his previous school. UGH!!! :mad: He also is getting all his OT in the resource classroom (read "group therapy") which was NOT what I had been told in September.

I could type all morning. Most of what has been going on is addressing the major concerns, adjusting to live with the minor ones and me learning a LOT about the SYSTEM!!!

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sorry I'm so slow...

I actually did read your response right after you posted it, but then had difficulty posting and for some reason I have trouble navigating these new boards. Not sure what that's about. Anyway, I'm sorry you're still frustrated with them, although I love to hear that your son is liking school and learning! I'm also very glad to hear that the classroom teacher is getting it together, that must be very gratifying for you. Hang in there! You're a great advocate for your son!

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At least once a week someone asks me how he is doing. My response is generally, "he loves school" and right now, that is enough for me!

The resource teacher is very accessible and seems to be on board. She is VERY pleased with his progress! As is his speech therapist. The OT is boarderline, but that is okay because he is still getting OT privately outside of school and I have relied heavily on him and he has come through with flying colors !!!

His classroom teacher cares very much but is very overwhelmed. She is very willing to do what is recommended and is always willing to talk.

My dh and I have decided that this is a year of adjusting and learning a new system. The resource teacher, classroom teacher and tutor say he is making GREAT progress and that, combined with the fact that he likes school is enough for me.

The future is unknown, but that is true for all of us.

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