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Jim Bakker

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I was flipping the channels today and came upon his new show,you know who he is,the evangelist that ripped off all those people and messed around on his wife and was in jail for a few years.Well today he was having a Quinceneara which is a birthday party-coming of age party for a hispanic girl.And he had at least 5 hispanic girls and 1 hispanic boy,they were mexican,and then he said they were his and his second wife's kids,I really don't get how they would let someone like him adopt kids.Guess they let anyone adopt kids these days.It was quite disturbing to me watching him with these kids.
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He was an adulterer, not a child molester.

What's the nature of the show? I'm surprised that an network would trust a known thief.

Coming of age at 5??? Coming of age is usually when a child is stepping into adulthood, a cultural recognition of that stage. Can you explain the quinceneara please? This is something I've never heard of.
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Quinceneara is the 15th birthday and is the traditional "coming out" age.
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the spirituality forum is not the place to come and bash someone, no matter how evil or misguided you believe them to be....

thread is closed. sorry folks.
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