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blisters on my nipple

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I have a blister on my nipple. It's obvious, filled with clear liquid. I have had this problem ever since my DS was born. The cells on the top of my nipple enlarge and get really sore and eventually turn into blisters. WHY? I have been also fighting yeast since he was born - he is now 16 months old, so perhpas it has something to do with it.
But I think I would still have this problem regardless. I feel like my nipples have never really adjusted to nursing. Is it possible? I have had the worst time nursing after birth - blisters, bleeding, infected, yeast.......don't even wanna go in there any more.

So does anyone have any idea why do those blisters happen? It does not hurt too much - or I already got used to pain after 16 months, but it is uncomfortable.

I really hope you don't mind, but I took picture of it so you can see it.
You can clearly see the blister and enlarged cells.

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OUCH! That doesn't look like fun.

I wonder if it's a positioning thing - if the way your ds latches on rubs your nipple funny against the top of his mouth? Are there different ways/positions you can latch him on that don't result in this blister-formation?

I don't know whether it's yeast related or not but I do know that yeast is a bitch and no fun to fight. What have you tried? Have you checked out www.kellymom.com - lots of great anti-yeast information there.

Have you called a lactation consultant? I would definitely think some expert, in-person advice is in order.
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