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In need of your opinion

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I wrote a post about two weeks ago about ds being constipated. Well he is not really constipated but has become very irregular. It has been four days since his last bm. It does seem to bother him on about the third or fourth day. I took the advice of one mama and stopped eating dairy, which has seemed to lessen the bellyaches. Anyways, I was at doctors this morning, he did not seemed concerned but suggested giving ds a little prune juice. He's only 3 months old and my intial thought was that it probably wouldn't hurt but I'm feeling a little reluctant to give him anything but breastmilk. So I'm interested in getting opinions from the "experts" here at MDC.
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I used to notice that whenever I drank cherry juice my son would poop more. It's worth a try!
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In BF babies, sometimes when they get older they become more spaced out in thier poops. DD wasn't that way until after 6 months, but ds (almost 5 mo) has done this a couple times now. IT IS VERY RARE for BF babies to be constipated... Also they define consitipation as "hard stools, that might be difficult to pass" not by how regular they are. But I would also try drinking more water yourself (preaching to myself too!) and juice... (increase ounces). If they are loose, seedy like they say they are suppose to look, I wouldn't worry to much! You can always call a LLL they are pretty helpful... Don't give the prunes!!!
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Okay you guys maybe I'm worrying too much but It's been like seven days since last bm. I haven't had dairy, tried cherry juice, increased fluids but nothing changed. I had to work last night so mom watched ds. I work one night a week from 8pm-2:30am so she puts him to bed. I give her pumped milk to feed him. Since his irregularity started my mom has had a hard time getting him to sleep. She said it seems like he has really bad belly aches. Night time is usually very easy for us, but has been terrible for mom. This could of course be because he likes his mama to be there at bedtime. I'm curious about the bellyaches though, could it be the expressed milk? He has a lot of very foul smelling gas, this is why I thought food allergy. Like I said Dr. didn't seem concerned but something just doesn't seem right to me. I'm going to the LLL meeting next week so hopefully they might have suggestions. Just thought I'd run it by you guys one more time to see what ya think Any suggestion are greatlt appreciated!!!!!
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My dd only had a bm every 10 days or so and they were very soft when she did poop. I didn't worry because that was "normal" for her since birth. I think since you mention your child has become irregular--in other words, this is not typical for him--it might be a sign of some GI distress esp. with the signs of gas or pain he is displaying. It's good that you tried the dairy restriction as that is a common cause, however, it could be other foods too. Perhaps try staying on the dairy-free for several weeks as it can take a couple of weeks for the body to clear out the protein allergens. Or you may want to try a wheat-free diet. My dd also had colic up until she was 4 mos. where she cried alot after 6 p.m. or so and had gas too. It magically disappeared as they say it might around that time.

If the poops are soft, I wouldn't worry too much about how long he goes without a poop but would worry more about how he is acting and any other symptoms. Wait until you introduce solids and the poops really smell and can get harder

Good luck.
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Do you give him any water? My dd was constipated often and it helped. Also, I used to massage my dd lower tummy a bit when she got constipated. I'd lay her on the changing table and gently message her belly while carefully holding her knees up towards her chest. I did that maybe up to 7 times a day at first and then when she realized how to use her muscles effectively she was able to go it alone. What started as a short term solution ended up being a habit of sorts that I didnt mind. Every day during one of her diaper changes I would just softy push her knees up and she'd poop. Better than her sitting in a messy dipe. I hope your little guy is better soon.
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Another big factor also i know my LLL leader said was is my baby nursing long enough to get the hind milk not just the fore milk. And the smell gas you speak of sounds like dairy I would stay off of it for a good while it made a BIG difference in my DD.
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You could try some pedia-lyte. Electrolytes won't hurt. Babies tend to like it. I bought the popscycle kind. They will also drink it without much problem.
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Thanks everyone!Iwill continue dairy free but I am not sure I can do wheat free,I will If nothing changes soon. I'm going to try massage. I believe he is getting hindmilk because I pump a lot while nursing and can see the thick white milk. (This is hindmilk right?) I am curious about the reason to give pedialyte, isn't that usually used for hydration?(like during bouts of diarrhea, I believe: he's gets enough hydration from bm)Thanks for all the suggestions
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