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Things you wish someone would buy so you don't! - Page 4

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So which ones are you buying, Shelly?
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ok claire, you beat me to it but any of these: http://www.thecushietushie.com/store/index.php?cPath=28 as i've wanted to try some TCT longies for some time. CUTE sets!

and i am with most of you on the daisy cover (gone now, phew!) and the bijou baby gear covers (also gone, phew!) AND the dyed holden's landing pants, luxe pants...

oh and stephanie, i have dreamed of aviva in one of those naturekins coats....i even put it on an early xmas list but figured this isn't the year for one. sigh. but what about for mommy???

how about any of these: http://patchworkpixie.wahmweb.com/st...mbs=No&Thumbs= SO cute and not just for xmas!

i love the hemp clothes here: http://betterforbabies.com/houseandhome.html i have seen one of those hats in person and they are AMAZINGLY bright! so pretty...just none (or shoes) in DD's size yet...

if i thought DD would fit into a size 1 this summer, i'd have a harder time resisting this: http://www.holysheepyarns.com/ccp51/...atstr=HOME:HKG

or if i thought she'd fit a size 3, then this: http://www.holysheepyarns.com/ccp51/...atstr=HOME:HKG

and lastly, this: http://www.mrpeabodyswoolsoakers.com/prod01.htm i really want to try peabody's too!

so, merry imaginary xmas!
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oh, one more...these: http://hyenacart.com/prod_details.php?id=47153&vid=10 we just got longies from this mama that i just LOVE!!! who is resisting these? totally GN!
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If I had the money right now this is what I would be buying -

I've been wanting to try these for a while

I have one of these covers and I want more, they are so awesome!
The Rainbow's End http://www.celticwoolcreations.com/s...mbs=No&Thumbs=
The Indigo Blue and the Sage! Yum! http://www.celticwoolcreations.com/s...page=2&Thumbs=
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[QUOTE=Spark]WAHM Sites...


That color is gorgeous. I think he needs those. Somebodies' little boy or girl need those.
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You guys are good. I have had fun window shopping today. I did decide what I would buy if I could.
This http://www.warmheartwoolies.com/stor...at=WoolSoakers the price is incredible and I love the colors and this http://www.valor-kids.com/store/ the ribbit set in the t-shirt and diaper sets section.
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You need money to buy stuff

I trade for mostly everything I have so I do not feel compelled to buy. Also Stinker is getting older and using the potty sometimes so I just do not feel it is wise to buy a diaper unless the wahm is going out of business and I need a memory of that diaper from the "blast from the past" column of my brain. :LOL
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Well even if you don't have money, you can afford these!
I just bought a pair last week for Timothy, out of the same material, and they are just yummy. Sooo soft and cozy. I got Luke a pair of new wool pants from her and they are also pretty nice.
Those Warm Heart Woolies longies are so cute. And such a bargain! Too bad they're too small for T and too big for L.
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Originally Posted by Spark
Hmmm, does that mean Miss M will have some new longies!?!?! :LOL
Yep, the all too fabulous Miss M will have new longies You know, fell in love with them the first time they were posted here and thought the same thing "Why are they still there". Then when I saw this thread and they were linked to AGAIN, I had to have them

Thanks for all these links it is fun seeing what is out there.
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You ladies are killing me.

I need to have another baby so I can buy fun hyena diapers and longies.

I'm wanting some longies from The Berry Patch http://www.theberry-patch.com/store/ . Look at her Gallery and you'll see what I'm talking about. Oh my... these are going to be some awsome longies!

Emily may be potty trained, but she still wears longies!

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Claire - you're going to get me in trouble again!! I'm not reading this thread, really, I'm not......
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I cant believe nobody has taken the custom wool at
I think it might be mine...this thread is evil BTW
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well I got it. I had it made with Pendelton Purples Plaid outer and Heavyweight Eggplant inner.
You diaper mamas are a bad influence. I shouldnt have started looking
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those cranberry knitterbockers are beautiful!
I just cannot get myself to try BJMs no matter how cute they look on my screen...
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Originally Posted by 2girlsandnowaboy


That color is gorgeous. I think he needs those. Somebodies' little boy or girl need those.
Someone please, please, please buy these!! I've been eyeing them since they were stocked and have managed to resist..but..I...can't...much...longer...
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wow. there is some awesome stuff here. I might consider getting my razor out too. :LOL
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