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Add me in !!

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I was soooo happy to have gotten a on Tuesday. I knew it wasnt even time for my AF yet, but just KNEW I was preg. And now I am : that all goes well.

This will be my second child, I have a almost 4 year old son now. It looks like I will be due on Sept 1, but will confirm that when I go for my first widwife appt on the 17th.

I am REALLY excited, and looking forward to this board filling up with more mamas due the same time as me.

So far I have SORE boobs (never happens unless I am preg) and the crampy achey feeling in my belly.

Thanks for letting me share!
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Just wanted to say congrats to all of you ladies. I'll be putting up some sticky vibes for you!! I was just lurking because my best friend just told me she's pg and due the end of Aug or beginning of Sept. I'm excited to have her pg with me at the same time!! Good luck to all of you in your pg!

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Nice to meet you!
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I have just discovered my pregnancy too! I am happy! My first child. I pray the everything goes well during the first trimester. I am expectin a Sept 2-5 due date.

My boobs aren't sore --maybe a tiny bit but mostly, I am so tired and hungry!! I just lost 70 lbs so for me to be hungry and want bad stuff is unusual! I took the test and sure enough... I was pregnant!
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Congrats! So far I'm experiencing sore breasts and crampy type feelings as well. Superisingly the fatigue hasn't set in. Hopefully that will stay at bay.

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