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Oh my! Two pink lines!

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Glad to be here! This baby will make four, though I am holding my breath a bit as I've had several early losses. We are new to Maryland, and it would seem that Frederick county is not vbac friendly. I am strongly considering a homebirth. As this is very new and welcome news, there are lots of details to be worked out over the months. Congratulations to all of the September expecting Mamas!
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add me to the september club!
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Me too :)

This will be our 3rd. I'm going to post over here and over in the August forum. My due date is Sept 2nd (based on LMP). But who knows I like to have some week or so of options either way

Congratulations mamas!!!
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Congratulations. I'm from Maryland and Frederick occurs to me as a non VBAC place. Good luck!
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Thanks for the congrats!

Yes, Frederick seems to be pretty anti-VBAC, but we'll see. I might go to Shady Grove Adventist in Rockville, heard they still do some VBACs. I'm very low-risk, and already have a sucessful free-standing birthing center, all natural *posterior* VBAC under my belt, so that might help. I do kind of feel like walking in at 10cm & ready to push in Frederick though, just out of spite. However, that's really not the birth I'm hoping for. Also considering a birthing center in VA.

I really like the idea of homebirth, but we're almost 30 min from the hospital, and it's the evil Frederick one. The idea of a long transport scares me. *sigh* One of the tradeoffs of living in the country, I guess. I'm still trying to sort this all out. So far, I'll fib about my due date by one week because in Frederick, it seems that they schedule a c-sec before you go into labor & thus make sure you don't have an accidental VBAC, the b*stards.
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I'm sort of in the same boat in that I have limited options. This part of NJ is a desert for anyone wanting a birth center or natural births in general. But I'm a bit chicken about doing the homebirth thing, though I do have a hospital nearby. But maybe I'll work up the courage to do it at home. My husband who at first balked at the idea of a home birth is even considering it. That's how bad the first one went! I won't even get into it, but I had midwives!
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Congrats mama!

I'm interested in a home birth but DH is not comfy with it at all. I think the stress would be more for him to have the baby at home than for me to have the baby in the hospital. I had C in the hospital and it wasn't a bad experience, so looks like that is what we'll be doing again.
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