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Charlie-horse-like cramping in my lower abdomen- need quick responses!!

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I have been having cramps that feel like a Charlie-horse in my lower abdomen, mostly on the left side. They usually happen when I am laying down & get worse when I am laying on my left side. The cramps are almost where you would feel ovulation pains & they literally make my breath catch. Once in a while it will happen when I am standing up, too. I am 20 weeks pg. I am debating whether to call my midwife or not. I thought maybe a mama here would have some insight, TIA!

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I don't know if this helps or not, but with this pg I have been having braxton-hicks, which basically feel like charlie horses, but they are on the right side of my belly button. I wonder if that might be it?
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it sounds like what may be the ligaments stretching-a normal process. the ligaments have a name-i can't remember-someone here will know.
go ahead and call your midwife! that's what you are paying her for.
cramping-especially leg cramps-can indicte low calcium. drink some alfalfa tea to get readily absorbable calcium.
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I was thinking that might be it, with my other 2 pg I had Braxton-Hicks, but they didn't make my breath catch or hurt so bad I couldn't stand up.


P.S. I am drinking pg tea with alfalfa in it.
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I used to get that (and it was around that time -- 20 weeks or so)... but it would only happen after I would pee. I wasn't able to stand up when I done, because of that pain in my lower abdomen. I don't think it was on one side -- it was just straight across. It was really painful, and I usually would end up standing hunched over until it passed.

My doctor told me that it was round ligament pain. Personally, I didn't believe her -- it just seemed too painful to be normal! But, it did go away, and it hasn't come back. I guess it wasn't anything to worry about, since nothing really came of it.
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Just to echo the round ligament thing -- I had it something awful with my first pregnancy and notice it again with this one, too. It's terrible! Hard to believe it's something so innocuous that hurts so much, isn't it? Nothing actually helps except avoiding the things that make it happen, which are different for everyone. For me, it's rolling over too fast in bed. Last time it was also bad if I walked too quickly (like, to cross a busy street).

Good luck -- just try to remember that it's not dangerous.
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I'd say it's your ligaments stretching to support your growing belly.
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I have the same thing happening this time around, and quite frankly, I don't think it's round ligament pain. I've had round ligament pain - that feels totally different, more of a deeper pain than this is. And it's definitely not BH contractions, although if you get one while this cramping is happening, it can be excruciating! The closest thing I can compare this feeling to is a leg-cramp, or like the OP said, a charley-horse. It hits suddenly, it's obviously in the abdominal muscles (not the uterus - so it's nothing associated with uterine contraction or stretching), and you can hardly move until it goes away.
I get mine when I roll over in bed, and often when I get up from bed, or when I get down on the floor to pick something up. And with sex - whether I have an O or not.
My guess is just abdominal muscle cramps, similar to what's been theatening to happen in my legs for weeks now. But if anyone else knows what this is, I'd love to hear it!
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