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Jan. Mamas Dec. 26-Jan. 1

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Asheville Mama (Sonya): 1/01 with #2, homebirth
Nakagain (Pamela): 1/01 with #3, planning Homebirth
Killick (Nicole): 1/03 with (BOY = Will), hospital birth
Lisa2976 (Lisa): 1/03 with #1, planning water/hospital birth
Jee'smom (Keri): 1/04 with #2 (BOY)
Delfina: 1/05 with #2 (BOY), planning VBAC
ccasanova (Cynthia): 1/05 with #4
Zannster (Suzanne): 1/07 with #1 (BOY)
sme (Sheila): 1/07 with #1
embens (Leenie): 1/08 with #4
stacy31(Stacy): 1/8 with #4, homebirth
jhoward: 1/9 with #3
Kimberlytm (Kimberly): 1/09 with #2 (BOY), birthcenter
chickiepickie (Theann): 1/10 with #2
Kirei: 1/10 with #1 (GIRL), hospital waterbirth
mamajessica (Jessica): 1/11
Artemisia (Judith):1/14
Froggie:1/14 with #2 (GIRL), home waterbirth
Mamamaya: Born 12/29, Violet 6lbs 7 oz
Bunches (Mary): mid Jan with #1, homebirth
Chocomoto:1/16 with #3
PamandAbigail: 1/18 with #2
PIOmama: 1/18 with #5
Peace4you (Jen): 1/19 with #1
Nathansmom (norah): BORN 12/20, Zach 6 lbs 8 oz 18 in, Noah 5 lbs 14 oz 17.5 in
Majick1 (Celeste): 1/20 with #3, homebirth
Marysmama (Gen): 1/21 with #2, natural hospital birth
sweetpeasmom (Laura):BORN 10/11, Megan 1 lb 11 ozs, 13 in
AmyB: 1/22 with #2, homebirth
Babytime: 1/22 with #2 (GIRL)
Mamabeca (Andy) due 1/22 w/#2 , m/w asstd homebirth.
Zonapellucida (Heidi): 1/23 with #7 (BOY), planned UC
Jwhiskeycat: 1/24 with #1
Flyjawn: 1/25 with #1 (GIRL)
Fromscatteredtribe: 1/26 with #4 (BOY),homebirth
Slygrrl (Kathy): 1/26 with #2, homebirth
sadkitty: 1/27 thru 2/1 with #2, waterbirth at birth center
Proudmom: 1/27 with #2 (GIRL), homebirth
Parkersmama (Kristin): 1/27 with #2, hospital VBAC
Human Being (Heidi): 1/28 with #1, homebirth
NadiaSJ (Nadia): 1/28 with #3
Azreial: 1/29 with #2 (GIRL)
HelloKitty (Kitty): 1/30 with #4
icxcnika: late Jan with #2 natural hospital birth
tofumama: late Jan with #3
Jessitron (Jessica): late Jan with #1, homebirth
Zanelee (Jennifer): late Jan with #2
Malama: late Jan with #3
Milk4two (Adria): late Jan with twins
Chiromom (Mar): late Jan with child #3, planning UC
Parthenia: late Jan/early Feb with #2 (still one of us!)
rubysmomjess(Jess): Jan with #2, homebirth

HokieGirl: ? with ? (GIRL)
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Good afternoon, everyone! Wow, last week must be some kind of record for us. What a long thread. I was so busy last week with visiting and Christmas, that I really didn't have time to post. I usually read them, or at least checked to see if anyone had their baby yet.

Well, I made it to 36 weeks, yay! I'm so very pleased by that. Now, when I feel braxton hicks or whatever, I don't sweat it.

One crappy thing that happened was that I lost part of a filling in my tooth while I was flossing. The floss must have snagged on it somehow, and I just yanked it out. Fortunately, it doesn't really hurt. I'm not chewing on that side, which is kind of odd. I'm sceduled to get it fixed this tuesday. I'm a little worried about being in the chair for too long. My OB said it was fine for me to get it fixed. Can't have any x-rays, only local anesthetics etc.

I'm am a little concerned about the whole amalgum filling/mercury thing. I just don't know what to do otherwise. If I let it wait, it could get infected and that could be really bad. So, I'm just going to get it fixed. My OB ok'ed it and the dentist said it was safe. Soooo.

Can't believe no one has given birth yet. Seems like some of you are awful close. Good Luck!
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Hey MM - Ugh - I am a total woos about the dentist thing. I dread going. I lost a crown like three months ago and haven't been to have it fixed yet... I keep saying it'll happen hafter the baby is born, yeah right. Meantime I have gotten quite used to flossing after EVERY meal, I brush like 4 times a day, and I chew pretty much only on one side. The tooth is WAY at the back and noone can see it, but I do know I will have to get it fixed. I also give it a LOT of reiki, and hope it doesn't get infected... that would be the WORST! I've been working really hard trying to keep/get my balance back since taking abx for a sinus infection a couple of months ago. It's important because I am GBS + and if I have sign of infection during labor we agreed to nix the hb and go to hospital to have iv abx. So... lots of reiki works for me! Also, when you get there, you should def. ask about options if the mercury bothers you!

Well, X-mas was a HUGE hit around here. We took nice long walks (cold, but no snow) with the dog (that was HIS x-mas gift!), ate way too much (especially good chocolate!), watched new DVD's, and totally vegged out with the family. I didn't get ONE dud gift (ahhh, but dear brother is sick at home and didn't get anyone gifts this year - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not)! Dh got me a beautiful jewelry box with secret hiding spaces and new silver hoop earrings (which I've never owned, and they really look GREAT!). He loved his new knife and the racks (which are already installed and he's sharpened every knife to boot!), and the x-mas tree didn't fall over (again!). WHAT A DAY!

Today is much the same, except you can add in a bit of snow. It started when we were out hiking, (gotta work off some of that chocolate!) and hasn't stopped (about 4 hrs. now). Big beautiful flakes that started out weenie small and have gotten fatter and wetter as the afternoon wears on. Dh is now into football land, and I am thinking about split pea soup and cleaning up the massive messes from yesterday's day off. At least dd got some new clothes for x-mas, so she's got something to wear! Lisa - the ipod sounds like it hit JUST the ticket! I'm glad you guys found one - a lot of places were sold out here! Karen - why no x-mas? Not that I think everyone needs to (I mean this coming from the jewish kid, right?) just wondering... the cookies sound awesome! I looked up Hakalau on the atlas, it looks wonderful! I lived in Vancouver for 5 yrs., lots of rain, a few beaches (none of the cool black sand, though), pacific ocean, even a volcano or two...but just not the same, kwim! I hope you are enjoying the sun while it's out! We'll play in the snow for you, you bask in the sun for us, ok! I'm pretty impressed you are finding time to finish that quilt! That's excellent! Dd got a new duvet for x-mas, too (what didn't the kid get!?), which she is really loving. It's really too cold here to not sleep with a down cover. She was spending a lot of time in our bed because she'd get cold. With #2 just moments away, it's kind of my idea to make a little room in the bed.

One q. for all - anyone with intact boys - what's the proper way to keep an intact baby boy clean? I mean, I didn't clean inside dd's vagina, so I'm going to assume I don't need to clean inside ds's penis - is that correct? Both mw's have only girls...any advice from the seasoned crowd? THANKS :-)

I hope Lisa found her way to il's with casserole without sweatpants! And I'm so pleased that Marysmama has made it to 36 wks and is really starting to realx.

Take care! Andy
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So good to read about everyone's various holiday traditions over the past few weeks. We had a wonderful Christmas. DH bought me a beautiful sapphire necklace and a vacuum cleaner - seriously, I wanted the vacuum cleaner. DS enjoyed visiting with his grandparents and relatives. All went well.

I also have a cavity. I thought it was a filling that had come out, but when I went for my cleaning they told me it was a cavity. I won't do anything until after the baby is born since I need an x-ray. I just try to be preventative about further damage. Of course, I did have a dream where all my teeth fell out :

Still no word on my liver function test. I emailed my mw about the results. I am assuming no news means everything is fine. It will be good to know for sure, because if I notice my fingers or toes look swollen I start to freak out (Of course, I don't acknowledge that it is the end of the day or that I haven't had enough water or that I had ham(salty)....

Hope all is well with our early January moms... Still several weeks to go here and I am not ready at all !!!

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Aloha mamas!
Marysmama, sorry to hear about the tooth. I, for one, wouldn't get mercury fillings right now(or again at all) and there are alternatives. They have those white composite ones which are a mixture of other materials. They don't last quite as long, but don't have the same toxicity. that's IMO.

mamabeca.... no sunshine today. It's all gray and rainy, but I'm thrilled. A friend gave me these cute socks with cats all over them yesterday and it's actually cool enough to wear them.

We don't celebrate xmas cuz we're jewish-- not observant at all, but it's just not our thing. When I was growing up we didn't do gifts or anything for Hannukah either- my parents are Israeli and it's an american thing to do gifts and all that.
How cool you looked up Hakalau! People say that this island is a lot like the PNW, but warmer. I generally love living here, though there are things we miss out on. But I'm NOT complaining!

Re: the intact boys. Though I'm Jewish, and don't celebrate xmas, my boys are intact (and the best decision we EVER made). We don't do anything to clean them. Occasionally one of them will get some little infection thing on the end, which is easily cleared up with antibiotic ointment or tea tree oil. We made the mistake with ds#1 to take him to the ped when his foreskin was kinda red and the damn guy forcibly retracted his foreskin-- HORRIBLE. Mothering has an old issue about how to take care (i.e. do nothing).

I'm thinking that I need to get my birth space a little ready. We were planning on putting the tub in our downstairs, but when I was looking at it the other day, it was looking kinda icky- very utilitarian and not special. We need to make it look a little nicer, or else I'm birthing in the living room, next to the kitchen and front door and the rest of the house. Downstairs is more convenient though..... we'll see what we can come up with.

My son is having a pre-teen fest in the other room with a new boy he met at the beach and his girl friend he's been playing with since they were babes..... they're conversation is sooooo funny.....
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Andy - I indeed did go to xmas wearing sweats! But they are nice fuzzy red velour sweatpants, not my gross ones.
As for boys - yes, do nothing. Dh is intact, and as an adult, he has to clean under/around - which is something daddy can teach baby to do when he's a little older. Just watch for infection, if it seems painful to pee, something might be up. Also, there is a rare condition (can't remember what it's called) where the skin does grow shut some, and can cause problems, pain, etc. BUT the reason I'm telling you this is because most pedis DO evil things like try to retract babes and blame it on this rare condition, not because kids actually need retracted!! So make sure before you let hands on your babe you are making sure they aren't pulling that skin back!

Marysmama - Yes, I agree, I expected to get back here today to find a baby or two. I'm talking to my belly now a lot about staying in for one more week Or even two. I could do 2 more weeks.

Proudmom, that's my worst nightmare! I have this dream where I have a cavity, bite down on something, crack the tooth, and then all of my teeth crumble and I just walk around with a mouth full of crumbled teeth parts and lots of saliva and I won't open my mouth because the dentist will take all of my teeth away. It's one of those repeating dreams that I have once or twice a year. Ick!

Malama, do you need decorations for the tub?

We just got home from my nona's, where all of the holiday leftovers ended up. We now have 2# of turkey, 2# of ham, and stopped for bread and milk on the way home. Guess we'll be eating a lot of turkey and ham for the next few days. Or I need to find a good recipe to use them up!

Poor puppy went with us yesterday on our holiday crazy driving fest, and she didn't get a single nap in all day - this is a dog who usually sleeps about 8 hrs at night and at least 8 hrs while I'm working, and catches an after dinner nap as well. So when we got home at 10 last night, I was SO exhausted, I climbed into bed and fell asleep in minutes. Puppy did the same thing, although I know I heard dh put her out to potty before he came to bed. Well she got in his spot in bed, and he climbed between us, and she ended up wetting the bed last night, she was in such deep sleep. I told dh it was just a little practice before babe. He didn't seem all too phased by it, he took her out, tossed a towel over the wet, and went back to sleep.

Off to finish washing the bedsheets, hopefully he did something about the mattress! Dh is staying home all week, had to use/lose his vacation time, and so we've got little things to do each day - eye exam for him tomorrow, midwife Tues, haircut for him Weds., and such. Just enough to keep me from becoming a vegetable in bed all week, but not enough to wipe me out.

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Hi all!

Just got back from the x-mas shuffle. We drove up to WI to the inlaws on Friday (about a 7 hour trip) and were there all weekend, sleeping on an air mattress, ughh.

Last night DH and I went to a movie (the grandparents can't say no to free babysitting ---hooray) and I was being so careful NOT to eat a bunch of crap because my heartburn is soooo sensitive. So I just had popcorn and water. Then at 5 o'clock this morning I started puking like crazy and having diarrhea.....the nasty grease on that popcorn just killed my GI system. So I ended up passing out on the freezing cold bathroom floor in the basement at my inlaws, sick as can be with HUGE contractions from all the GI distress. I was really afraid I would go into labor...and as much as I would love to be done being preggo already I really didn't want to have it there or this early!!! So, I finally got everything settled down and got a little more sleep before we drove home today! Hoooray! Homey home home.

But now I am pretty much afraid to eat anything because it all makes me either have heartburn or nasty GI burpy yucks that curl my toes. I honestly have been getting up to throw up in the night about 4 out of 7 nights for the past few weeks. AND I still really have like 4-5 weeks to go! So I am a bit frusterated.

I am so glad christmas is done tho'!! I don't have to go anywhere or do much of anything except cover my shifts at out new practice.
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chiromom- YUCK! Sounds like some HORRIBLE heartburn. Does anything help? I know we all talked about our various remedies for it. Mine has been coming back again with a vengeance (god forbid I sip water at night when I'm soooo thirsty!), but I can keep it in check with papaya enzyme tabs. I hate the taste of them, but anything is better than heartburn!!!!

oh, and andy, I'm having so much free time these days because I'm not doing anything midwifery related at all. I found that I was just tooo much in my head doing studying or reading any birth related books, so that freed up a lot of my time. I go to no prenatals or births either. Couple that with 2 "older" kids who kind of take care of themselves- and all of their friends are out of school on vacation now (mine are homeschooled), so they prefer to play all day with kids rather than hang with me.....sooooo lots of time on my hands. AND i'm not complaining!!!
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Christmas was awesome. Dh and I went to midnight Mass together, alone. My mom took the kids to the 6pm family mass.

We had a ton of fun opening presents. DD2 really got into it this year.

I am having this horrible pulling sensation on the top of my belly. It literally feels like the skin is going to rip. Going to bed, will write more about Christmas tommorrow!!
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Hey all, thanks for input on the intact boy thing. Hopefully the ped. we're going to switch to will respect the intactness of the baby. I appreciate hearing your hard earned experiences.

I got the house somewhat more organized, got some laundry done, got dinner made, and promptly collapsed and watched bad football with dh. dh is now out ploughing the snow (and doing tinkery kinds of things to the snow blower), so I'm on my own (with ddog, of course!). Speaking of which, Lisa, I hear that you love this new puppy a TON, but my recommendation would be to keep pup out of your bed - mostly because you are going to want to have some puppy free space for the baby and that is pretty much the last square inch (this from one who made the mistake with dd!). If the puppy believes they're entitled to that space, too, then you will not have any space that is dog free (or you will start to create some ugly feelings... better to do it now when you can take the blame). I'm a TOTAL doggie person, and love my pup to bits, but we do limit him to downstairs (upstairs is only bedrooms, he's got his own bed in the kitchen). It's hard to know whether there will be allergies, etc., and also babies shouldn't be exposed to too many germies in the first month or so...they really can't fight off too much (that's b-fed babies, too). Since you can't stop puppy from licking all over (including places we humans can't reach on ourselves!), it may be best to have some space that is just off limits to the pup. You can still love your puppy to the MAX!

My indgestion (though not so bad as chiro's!) is pretty awful, too. It seems to run in phases, a couple of good days / nights and then whammo - it's back with a vengence. I haven't thrown up at all, but it's given me such bad feelings (and the runs), I get up and walk around, sit on the pot, burp myself (and that ain't easy!) and generally feel miserable and uncomfortable for a few hours. Starts around 9pm ends around 4am. lovely

I tried the Star Anise tea, it was pretty awful and didn't 'cure' anything, although maybe it helped somewhat... hard to know. : maybe it'll wane with the moon???

Am I the only one who seems to be sleeping away my time!? Karen is busy quilting and being productive (read: green with jealousy!), Chiro is STILL working, Lisa only just stopped, and then there's me...I seem to sleep late, wake and cook/clean/wash for a few hours then nap, then cook/clean/wash for a few more hours and then collapse! There's usually a little time in between for reading the occasional story, walking the dog, or chatting with you all, but mostly I just want to go to sleep! Or pee... I guess this is the hardest time (as I recall)...it seems to last forever, it's really uncomfortable, and although everyone is sympathetic (everyone except my mother, that is) noone really remembers how uncomfortable it was for them when they were there (even recently delivered moms!!) Selective group amnesia... interesting!

well, last load of laundry for tonight, dishes, then maybe a few chapters to read before trying to crash a little. Chiro - I hope you get some sleep! Enjoy home - as Dorothy said, there's no place like it! Karen, have you thought about mobiles for above the pool? They can be a great way of adding something personal to your space (and it sounds like your wonderful boys might enjoy helping build them), and also functional - something to focus on while in late first stage... there's my .02!

I hope to finish baby's room this week ... then the clean up and I'll post some pics for you. Hey - I'm allowed to hope, right!?! hee hee
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andy, lest you think you're the non-productive one of the group. I am working on my quilt, BUT, for every 1 hour I sew, there are probably 2 hours of lying in bed!!! I take a nap every day and generally spend a lot of time IN the bed- I have wireless internet, so that's why I'm always responding to everyone's messages. My house is in extreme disaster mode and I have a great desire for it to BE clean, but no desire to actually clean it..... so clearly I'm not nesting yet and baby has more time!

And re: the indigestion thing..... I keep having the WORST gas at night ( i know, TMI!). It's so bad that dh slept downstairs the other night. I wish I could sleep away from myself sometimes.... any ideas??? It's definitely exacerbated by eating beans, which I am going to avoid like the PLAGUE for the rest of the pregnancy, but geesh.
Though I enjoy being pregnant, and am not rushing to have the baby, I am REALLY looking forward to getting rid of some of these symptoms.
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Hi everybody!

You all sound so cheerful and happy today! As for me, I am uber grumpy mama bear Sorry, don't mean to rain on the parade. I'm just really tired and uncomfortable, and have family staying with me - which as you probably know - can be a little trying!

We had a great Christmas, though. The boys did get some Super power dino ranger thingys that will have to quietly disappear soon. They also got new bikes, which they are thankfully much more interested in.

The baby has decided to lodge itself under my right rib. Its really uncomfortable. Actually, its beyond uncomfortable. It was so bad the other night that I started thinking maybe my liver was swelling up and I was getting pre eclampsia and I should go to the hospital :LOL Silly me. Of course the baby's butt was sitting right there, it was pretty obvious what it actually was. I feel kind of bad for my kids. I've been so exhausted lately that half the time I just lay on the couch and zone out. Its too hard to go out with them -they are way crazy. they seem really bored. Oh, and I so long for a nap... Not gonna happen anytime soon. My second baby was already born by this point in my pregnancy. I forgot how uncomfortable these last couple of weeks can get

Um....ok, whining is done!

On the gas thing - i have it really loud and bad when I sit down to go pee. Which is fine when you don't have a bunch of people staying with you. Its like uncontrollable or something!

On the intact boy thing - just do nothing! The foreskin will naturally retract around age 5. Then the child can gently clean around it himself. The main thing you have to worry about is well meaning family or doctors retracting it. Watch them like a hawk, and make sure you tell everyone to leave it alone! I had to stop my grandma from yanking it back during a diaper change when ds1 was about 2 months old. She thought that's just what you were supposed to do.
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
On the gas thing - i have it really loud and bad when I sit down to go pee. Which is fine when you don't have a bunch of people staying with you. Its like uncontrollable or something!
ROTFLMAO! Thanks for writing this. I needed a laugh this evening!
Sorry you have visitors as witnesses.... but I have the misfortune (in this case) of living with 3 males who LOVE to talk about farting. Of course it doesn't help that the DAD is one of the worst in bringing it up, because he likes the laughing reactions he gets from the boys.
I'm sure girls laugh at farts just the same, but I'm the ONLY one here and they gang up on me all the time (and more since I've been pregnant and moody!).
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39wks 1 day

Well, despite the full moon, the constant activity, and contractions that happened over the weekend, there is still no baby. The people at work are going to be so surprised. I have actually had several contractions that have caused actual pain, not the braxton hicks kinds, so who knows. Since I could go at any time, we have put the ILs and Parents on notice so they can take care of DD.

She has become such a mama's girl lately. Always wanting to cuddle and hug and be carried by me. Gets a girl tired and I worry that I am setting her up for a fall when DS gets here and I have to devote so much more of my time to him because he is a newborn.

Well, I'll keep ya'll updated when something happens.

Nicole and Will (EDD 1/3/05)
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I really enjoyed sleeping in my own bed last night! I still woke up far too early (5:00am) far too wide awake...but I have tons to do. Now that DH has left for the office and DS is awake I am feeling very sleepy...go figure!

I think the nesting urge has finally struck! I have just been waiting for christmas to be over so I can get "set up". I have wallpaper that I don't hate but don't really like in my bathroom and I am trying to convince DH that its removal is a priority before the baby comes. I have picked out a lovely new paint color and am getting much more antsy to see this project completed. I have had both of my other two in the bathroom at our old house (love laboring in the tub and on the toilet) so I kinda want that room to be "special" again. DH is only working one job this week (our office) so I am hoping to light a fire under his butt since I really cannot do very much of this project with all the chemicals and crap involved.

I also have a huge project to purge a ton of the kids old toys that they never play with to make room for all the new crap (Grandma and grandpa go a little nutso) they got for christmas. Their toy boxes are overflowing already with stuff they hardly ever look at. So, I am on some crazy nesting mission to get the whole house cleaned out "clean sweep" style. We'll see if my energy level can keep up with my intentions.

I only need to work about 10 hours this week...but I am giving a four hour lecture on natural pregnancy and childbirth on Jan 15th and I have considerable work to do to get that project fully ready to go. But the good news is that with DH only working one job he will hopefully be around enough for me to get a few naps in!
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Sounds like just about everyone had a nice holiday. Ours wasn't bad either. I'm not really much of a christmas fan (I do love the tree though) so I think I'm happiest just to have it over and done with. Our worst gift would have to be the crib bedspread ???? the mil gave us. Not only is it extremly ugly but its a bedspread, not a blanket. I never even knew they made these things. She also gave us a large teddy that to me would be more like a toy for a 2-3 year old. You would that think with 11 kids she would know what babies need.

We got tons and tons of snow here I think we must have around 8 inches. DH was out all night plowing and shoveling with his cousins husband, he only got in about 6:30. I'm sure he would have stayed out longer except he needed to be back for ds so I could leave for work. Which I ended up not going to. I started driving to work but turned back and decided I would wait and go in later because the train station parking lot wasn't plowed out at all and I wasn't about to drive well over an hour (in good weather) to the subway station to find that lot wasn't plowed out either. So I drove back home after talking to DH, he usually gets upset when I'm not at work when I should be, but he was VERY worried about me driving at all never mind so far (I've only been driving for a little over 2 years and I don't do much of it) So, I came home and dh was bundled up on the couch frezzing and exhusted and I decided I would help him out by shoveling the step and walk way. Can we all see where this is going?..........Yep I'm and not going to work at all today and probably not for a few days. Big pregnant woman should not be outside shovling, I knew that but well I'm stubborn. So now my back and stomach muscles are killing me and two extra strength tylenol do NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to help me.

I want to soak in the tub but our tub is deep and I've been having trouble getting out latley and with dh sleeping I think its best that I wait. So I just keep trying to get comfortable but its just not working. I think I'm starting to nest a bit and everywhere I go I see or think of things that need to be done. Its so hard not to do them. I have a feeling that the next couple of days are going to be rough
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Oh yeah I forgot our best gift. My mum got ds one of those brio train play tables, plus a dozen train cars and some track. Which is really really nice of her. I wanted to get him a table but they are just so much money. She gave to him x-mas when we saw her because she heard Santa might have been bringing a train set for him (he has trains at his dad's but not one here and he has been asking for one for quite a while).

We went to set it up and the legs are wrong, the box has 4 long sides, no hardware and no directions : So we have to drive 2+ hours to the store where she bought it to exchange the bottom.
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Chiromom - I should have listened to your post! Popcorn sounded soooo good, and I ended up awake half the night with heartburn. But UGH, I really feel for you, I've never had it that bad!

Andy, thanks for the dog tips! She's actually 5, and knows her limits pretty well. It was just a freaky thing that dh put her under the covers with him and she wet the bed too. She's actually very good at asking permission to get on the bed with us, and she always sleeps at my feet when we do let her up. Nothing like an 80# dog putting her chin on the edge of the bed and making her little "please" noise... she even does this at grandma's house, where their dog has full run on every couch and chair in the house. Most nights she sticks to the warm spot in the living room above the furnace.

And I hear you on the timing of the heartburn - it's about the same, not every night, but it starts at 9 or 10 and goes until my 3-4 am pee. Anheaven forbid I eat anything with tomato in/on it after 4pm, or anything at all after 7. Ick! And I sleep a lot too - my recent life (this is day 10 of no work) has been something akin to sleeping an extra 2-5 hours in the morning, eating, taking a nap, watching a tv show, taking another nap, ignoring all laundry, dishes, housework of any kind, eating more, and going to bed at 9 or 10.

Comfortable - I actually think I felt the most uncomfortable around 34-36 weeks, now I'm doing better. Of course now I'm bigger and move slower and feel ackward all the time, but the upper back pain is gone, I'm off my feet since I'm not working, so there isn't much swelling in my legs, and I'm doing ok for not having any clothing that fits! But I'm also tall, so babe has some space to stretch and move, and since s/he dropped, the nasty mean pokes have become a little softer too.

Malama, I love our wireless here - poor dh has to bring me the laptop in bed, on the couch, once I took it in the tub with me. Great fun!

Az, yikes, take it easy! I sat IN the car and watched dh shovel it out the other day, no way could I help him! I'd love to climb in our tub, but it's an old antique and very deep/narrow, so I need more than a crane to get me out - it doesn't even sit near the wall, so I can't use it for leverage or anything. I think the last bath I had was around 30 weeks, and I had to have dh pull me out! But oooh that would feel good on aching belly and back!

So midwife left town and I somehow managed to drink too much soda/coffee for the last 2 days, and both nights I've been wide awake most of the night with my mind racing about what to do and who to call and what the backup plan is if I decide not to go to the hospital with the backup mw, etc. So no more caffeine for me! I told dh to physically remove any caffinated beverages from my grip if he should catch me with them. We'll see how tonight goes. Babe spent most of last night grinding head into the front of my pelvic bone, which is something I haven't experienced yet, and totally sent me into nervous midwifeless panic mode for a while. I even mentally went through my list of homebirth mamas to decide who I would call at 3am to help dh deliver babe when I refused to go to the hospital. Of course I'm sure this kid is staying put for at least another week, if not 2 more weeks, but that certainty only exists in my daytime mentality, at night, my mind is open to any crazy thoughts!

Taking dh to the eye doctor today, which means I get to go find 2 more nursing bras in the department store next to the eye docs. Yaay, because I actually found one that is comfortable that I like, and I can afford to get a few!

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Hello! Good morning! We're pretty cheerful here; lots of snow, dd's loose tooth (Santa brought that, too!) is hanging by a thread and this child is SO excited... and I actually slept ok last night. I read until I passed out (12ish?), got up at 3 to pee, turned off the light and slept till dh's alarm went off, then right back to sleep immediately (never heard the shower) and slept till about 9am. Whew! Dd was downstairs drawing and listening to Harry Potter books on tape...what a KID! We managed to drag out the garbage and recycling in our jammies, and saw that our nasty neighbors are MOVING! They've been threatening to for several months, but they wouldn't tell us when, which is kind of weird, especially since we're the only ones left who will speak with them...they're really very special . I can only hope whoever is moving in will be a good egg! Maybe even one with a dd about dd's age?! Too much to hope for?

About gas...seeing as I live with the KING of farts (oh, he is famous in the work place because it's dilbert land with all cubicles and EVERYone can hear EVERYthing), I don't think he can complain about anything. I do get bad gas sometimes, but my dairy intolerance (I have no ability to process it, although during this pregnancy I've been able to work through some hard cheeses...woo hoo!) can cause that...something with whey in it or even lactose sweetener will cause me to erupt for a good bunch of hours. Beano helps, tons of water, but for most of us it's just part and parcel of having our guts squeezed by 10+lbs (water, placenta, baby, etc) constantly. Poor dh will just have to love you through the fog!

I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for the info on baby cards and also, Karen, sharing your bed habits with me. It does make me feel a little better! My house is slipping seriously, but I did clean the kitchen floor yesterday. Today is clear out the computer table and pay bills (ugh).
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Hey everyone! It sounds like everyone had a pretty good Holiday Ours was, for the most part, also good but DH & I both came down with a bit of a cold just before Christmas and he was pretty laid up with it on Christmas Day. I'm feeling not too bad, and am mostly being optimistic that the fact that I got sick now means for a healthy birthing time!

DD is almost 2 1/2, and this was such a fun Christmas morning. She was so excited, but also very laid back about opening her gifts ~ she wanted to play with each gift as she unwrapped it, and consequently the last gift was opened sometime after supper! DH & I had gotten her a big dollhouse, and we can find her in front of it most any hour of the waking day Since we live so far away from friends/family, it was just us for Christmas so the day was quiet. After DD went to bed, DH and I played a game of Trivial Pursuit, the new 90's edition. That was lots of fun, and a nice wind down (pssst! By the way, I spent Christmas in my plaid, flannel PJ bottoms.. )

Marysmama & Proudmom, sorry to hear about your dental woes! This isn't the time you really want to be thinking about extra little things to get done, is it? I hope all goes well!

Lisa, your puppy sounds adorable! We had a "bed sleeper" too, but found that to be a real problem after DD arrived. To be honest, I wish I'd changed things up *before* the baby came, and we had some growing pains because of it. It's not simply a matter of sharing a bed with baby (which is how I'd simplified it in my mind), it's a matter of dominance. Long, long story short, thing deteriorated in the months after DD was born to the point that we needed to consult a professional behaviorist who helped us set things straight with our lovable pooch. In our kindness, we'd given her the message that her rank was FAR higher in the family than it can safely be, and we had to change things a lot. No pup on the bed, or the couch or any furniture. It really was hard for me at first (what can I say? I'm a suck! ), but honestly I don't know if there was any other way that would keep our beloved dog in our family. Just food for thought, from someone's who's tripped up in the past with good intentions.

I have so many plans for this week, so I think nesting is hitting full force! I really need to get the guest room de-boxed (where on Earth do we put this stuff???), and ready for the midwives and/or my parents when they come after the baby is born. I spent yesterday catching up on laundry (mental note: NEVER again will I wash our king-size, lofty comforter in our home machine.... it took from 2pm - 8pm to dry!! Ey yey yey!) We don't have much Christmas clutter to put away, so I am aiming to get that done today. DD is still very entertained with her dollhouse, so that makes it a bit easier for me!

Ok, off to get started
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