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Do you have a craft store nearby? Even some drugstores have little crafty sections with beads.....
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So my crying fit yesterday, I decided was like that of an overtired toddler.... those who have/ had toddlers will understand. And just like that overtired toddler, I had a crappy night sleep!

I've been a lot more nesty the past few days. i just have no tolerance for mess, which is terrible because between my kids and the next door neighbors and all the friends, there is always tracks of dirt and stuff all over the floor. Who knew I would become a sweeping madwoman!
I shouldn't complain after reading lisa's post about her unfinished kitchen project- that's the kind of think that really drives me batty- when we moved into this house we were under renovation and it was crazy. always a disaster.

oh, re: the bead thing- 6 people have pm'd me already! with me that makes 7! maybe what I'll do is send all the addresses to everyone on thursday morn (afternoon for many of you)- that gives us all a little more time to get the beads before the holiday and more babies start to arrive!
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Hi mama's! Just popping in to say hello and that it sounds like everyone is doing OK (how can we possibly feel "good" right now!). I am in for the bead exchange too. What a fun thing to do and a great keepsake to have and tell a story about to our little ones.
Chiromom, I posted this on another thread (in health and healing??), but I too was having the heartburn that made me vomit. My midwife and I tried EVERYTHING and I eventually had to give in to taking Prilosec. After it got under control (about a week) I stopped and have been doing fine on papaya enzymes, etc now. Just my experience! Take care everyone.
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I'm in for the beads, too Great idea!
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Hi y'all!
I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling moody and whiny. I told my psychaitrist I was just ready to be done with hormones and be able know how I am feeling without wondering if it's just pregnancy. I definitely have my good and bad days.

My nesting thing has definitely set in...I washed all the newborn clothes I could find. I'm in the process of looking for diapers, since I don't have a lot new born stuff. And I cleaned the kitchen this morning so I made dh take me out to dinner so we wouldn't mess up the kitchen :LOL

The baby has dropped bit, so it's not under my ribs but now I have to pee every 30 minutes. and I keep feeling this shooting pain in my cervix. Other than that heartbrun is much better since I have alittle more room. My left hip keeps popping and walking has become a bit awkward, but I did manage to go for a bit of a hike today. I'm also having a lot more contractions... despite all this I'm actually feeling much better since I haven't been going to work. I think I'll be working from home mostly now, except I have to go in on Monday and get my Leave of Absence paper worked signed...such a procrastinator.

Our 36 week home vist is on thursday and we're supposed to have most of our supplies. I can't find a mattress protector that doesn't stink and will fit a king size matress. ugh

Dh has been really great, giving a lot of time to myself and helping around the house. He seems so much more relaxed that I told I think he should quit/look for a new job. The difference is kind of startling, he's been much more interactive with dd and just happier. I honestly think I'd rather have him stay at home with the kids and me go back to work. My job has been fairly low stress and I make quite a bit more than he does.

Now I'm just rambling...

I think the bead thing sounds cool...I'll PM you tomorrow with my info. I'm off to bed now!
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Thanks you guys for all the info on the appropriate use of dandelion tincture. I know lots about chiropractic and general natural health principles, but I am NOT an herbalist.

I was thinking of using it mostly for liver support because I have been really itchy lately. Also, DD (22 months) has a wierd and frequent rash and nighttime itching that sometimes keeps her awake. I know she must be sensitive to some food/environmental toxin, but I can't seem to pinpoint it. I thought the tinctures might help her symptomatically when she is having an episode. Any thoughts on this?

My GI problem is not really heartburn, although that has been a frequent problem also. It is like my GI system is just too squished or stressed or something and all it does it produce copious gas and get stopped up. When I have thrown up the past few night the quantities are huge...as though nothing I've eaten is going down at all. It is as if most of my food (and fluids too) just sit in my stomach and attract stomach acid until I am so ill I vomit. Tonight I was very careful to eat a small amount...but I am so bloated up (it is like a second little bulge on top of my big tummy bulge...pretty huh?) with gas in my upper GI that it is uncomfortable to lie down. I can't win.

The only thing that seemed to digest okay today was my yogurt first thing this am and a protein/fruit smoothy I made mid-morning. I am getting so I am afraid to eat but I know I will be in big trouble if I don't get enough protein.

Enough of my bitching for one day. I appreciate the friendly shoulders to *cry* on as DH is getting really sick of it.

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Hi guys,

I am definiteley in early labor, but it is going very, very slow - and I am very, very grouchy. I'm hoping baby isn't in a weird position ie- I'm having terrible hip pain. I'll keep you all updated!
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Hi guys,

I am definiteley in early labor, but it is going very, very slow
Hurrah, hurrah-----all the best to you! Sweet birth blessings....
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Hi guys,

I am definiteley in early labor, but it is going very, very slow - and I am very, very grouchy. I'm hoping baby isn't in a weird position ie- I'm having terrible hip pain. I'll keep you all updated!
Yay mama!
Sending you some gentle birth vibes! Can't wait to hear about it.

Much Aloha,
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I'm in on the bead thing too...

Chiromom I know what you are saying, heartburn is like a side effect of the bad digestion. I had to puke to sleep a couple times because I had the same problem of food just sitting in my stomach. I think accupuncture helps me with the sluggish digestion. And the papaya/digestive enzymes. I too am afraid to eat at times. I think dandelion would help with the itch thing unless its topical- have you thought about waht detergents and soaps you guys are exposed to and all that yet? If you want a good herbs for kids book, Aviva Romm's "Naturally Healthy BAbies and Children" book is great and easy to use. Probably a good adjunct to your chiro/ holistic care for your little girl. Also, as maybe you can tell I am obsessed with my accupunctuirst. I feel like she can fix anything. I am just getting how broad her scope of practice is- and she orks on babies. Helped a 4 weeker that wouldn't poop get regular bowels every day by strengthening digestive chi, and cleared a cold in 2 days in a 2 weeker that got a cold from her older brother. Don't forget to use other modalities with your chiro, they all work so well together!

I am up too late, as per the norm. I am on a kick where I can't sleep until 3 am. I get to sleep in late though, so I don't ge tthe cranky toddler syndrome. I am not doing much midwife work now, just paperwork, no prenatal visits or clinic, so I am home and catching up on sleep in the day.

I had my baby shower, which my cousin threw but mom and sister made hard by doing it on short notice, chosing a crappy time (day after christmas) so they could include relatives that were in town, which meant my friends and other special people missed it cause they were with their families. And my sister doesn't like one group of my friends (some are her old freinds) and refused to invite them at all. So I was kinda miffed, but it feels jerky to be miffed when someone is throwing you a party and giving you lots of stuff. I didn't get alot of stuff I hoped for since it was all MDC advised, well researched stuff not avaialble in toys r us. No one could get anything shipped week before christmas, so there were many returns on the stuff I did get. Anyway, I was feeling like a big whiner being unsatisfied with people giving me gifts. Even if they were not what I asked for, needed, or wanted. Sigh. I did get my car seat of choice, a stroller, and a rocker, and a sling (my aunt got me a baby bjorn but she is exchanging it for the sling I picked out that she couldn't get in time). I was always planning on doing a small intimate blessing way with my birth team. But since many of my friends and special people couldn't make it to the shower, I am expanded the circle to include a broader group. I am excited about it. I will do it in my home (my birth place) at 38 weeks, when I am really thinking of birthing this baby. I need to make some invites. I better still be pregnant then. I did the moon phase thing, and if it is true for me, I would birth Jan 22nd. I am kinda hoping, planning, on keeping this kid in till February since I am a first timer due Jan 28th. I always expect first timers to go ten days late at least.....and my mom was 42 weeks with all of hers.

I need the time. I would go insane if I went into labor in this house now, which I can't do until 37 weeks Jan 8th anyway! My mind is on house cleaning/nesting/ stuff gathering. I am 36 weeks Friday and I expect my own clients to be totally good to go, supplies ready, car seat installed at this point. I am far from it. I moved my dresser to the birth center a few weeks ago, and the new one I got is unfinsihed, so all my clothes are strewn about until it got delivered, then we had to wait for the beeswax finish to arrive in mail, now have to wait to have time to finsih it with the wax. So room and clothes have been a mess a while. Then two year old Duet super fancy washing machine broke the week befopre christmas. A week and a half to get someone here to look at it. Now a week to wait for parts. I haven't washed my diapers or baby clothes yet!!! Then, our dishwasher broke. My father in law, who stayed with us a few weeks ago realized how bad it was. So the night BEFORE it broke, he called to say Santa was buying us a new one as a baby gift/christmas gift. I was so glad- if I had two broken major appliance and no plan right now I would have freaked, so FIL was right on getting us that. Serendipitous, wonderful timing. Anyway, what that all means is my clothes are a mess, my dishes are a mess, and my house is turned upside down for nesting. The washer repair guy walk in and said, oh are you guys just moving in? ooops. No, been here two years! So I am focusing home front right now. I do have to work tommorrow to get taxes and all that done though. Sigh. Will be a whole day of grueling book keeping and paper work stuff....and I guess I do have 2 postpartum visits, too.

Aren't I just rambling on now....so more on that....ha ha...Had tons of family stuff going on, last ones just leaving tomorrow. Every night has been a big dinner event- parents and uncles feeding me well. Friday Christmas eve fancy scallop dinner at my grandparents, Saturday Christmas turkey dinner at my moms, Sunday was the baby shower with awesome hor duerves and quiches, Monday Alaskan king crab claws from one uncle, and a huge homemade Indian curry meal from world traveler geologist uncle tonight. Yum. I am well taken care of right now on the food front for sure! But will be glad when I can just settle back to non holiday mode tomorrow.

So we had a nice christmas, husband gave me the gift of getting our wedding pictures from 2 years ago devloped! We had proofs but it was too pricey to get the prints made, and he did that and gave copies to the poor family that never got photos of the event. Was a great thougtful gift that fit with my nesting- I hated to move to the next big milestone with unfinished business from the last one.

I have my home visit/strep/iron tests Thursday. I hope I am strep negative. I just wrote a huge monster sized post on strep on another list I am on. I guess I'll get the IV if I am pos. Hope I am not....and curious to see where my iron will be- ias doing so good with my supplements but i slacked off as it was causing heartburn and I was feeling better. Now i am short of breath again....

Oh, one last thing- buy the Sinead O'connor CD "Gospel Oak". A roomate used to have it, and wanted to hear it now so I got it used form Amazon.com. .It's just 5 or 6 songs. She made it when she was pregnant and I was bawling listening to it. Her mothering songs are so sweet. The poor washing machine repair guy came when I was having a good solo cry listening to it!

So, I should go now, and try to sleep a bit before haivng to work in the AM!

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Heidi. I can't believe you're up posting now! It's only 10pm here and your post just came up!
I so hear you on your baby shower thing. It's such a bad time of year for MORE celebrations and planning. I've been approached by several people to do a shower for me and I said ok but nada. And then when I started to think about it, I wasn't sure I wanted to get any gifts from these people and all kinds of stuff came up for me.... I think it has to do with being such a giver and not a receiver..... tooooo particular.
I've just generally had a hard time accepting the gifts I have received, or really anything- my moods just don't allow me to be fully happy about some things. geesh.

I wish I spent the last week eating with you! sounds like you've been feasting and I'm very jealous! we've been lazy here and the other night had mac and cheese out of a box for dinner- was organic, but still not up to par for someone as pregnant as me.

Re: that moon thing. I don't necessarily give that thing any credence.... I copied it from the UC thred and it was really the first time i've heard any correlation between when moms were born and their babies. so no one get too attached!!!

I'm pooped and my pubic bone is terrible. I can feel it moving apart and it's not a happy feeling. Switching sides in bed has become a chore and I think that this alone motivates me to want this baby in my arms.... I feel like I need a couple of more weeks, but at least I'm finally pretty ready to go.
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I will be thinking of you today!
Good healthy birth & baby vibes to you!!!!

Can't wait for the good news!!!
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Wow, mamamaya!! I'm thinking of you & wishing you healthy birth vibes galore!

Chiromom. There's a shoulder here anytime you need it! What you're going through sounds just awful, and I really hope you get some relief soon. I guess that Baby coming will help with that, anyway!

Heidi, I am with you in the UN-prepared department! We still have to go buy a new carseat, and still need our hose & waterbed adaptor kit. Oh, and little stuff like the plastic sheeting for the mattress, etc. Ey yey yey! I think part of it, for me at least, is that I'm hoping that Baby will wait until DH returns from his interview, which means that I'm banking on another few weeks. I'm giving my head a shake this morning and realizing that it will certainly be a pain to NOT even be ready if this Baby decides to come when Daddy is gone! So, he'll be back from his interviewing Thursday night, and I'm marking down Friday as our "gather supplies" day

One of my best friends had her baby yesterday, and she had such an amazing birth experience. Her little boy was born at home, before the midwife/doula could even arrive, after just a few pushes and minimal pain at all! She called me just two hours after he was born, and she sounded so happy and relaxed. It is so wonderful to hear about these beautiful births, and to be honest in my circle of friends there have been some pretty difficult births the last few months, and with lots of interventions, so this was like food for the soul for me!

I was supposed to meet with my midwife this morning, but both she and I have colds and have decided not to "share" with each other. I just can't believe I'm already 36 weeks along!! Man, it really flies towards the end, doesn't it?

Off to have my tea
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Hooray! A good night sleep last night without even getting up to puke! I am up a little too early since I didn't go to bed until late (after I had burped enough to lie down) but I am energized at the moment.

I am feeling like Kathy and Heidi...lots to do to get ready and I finally feel motivated to shift it into gear. We bought a new mattress for me and DH should pick it up this morning so I can set up my little birthing nook in the downstairs office near the bathroom. Plus the baby will be napping there for a while so I can hear it and get to it without going all the way upstairs. I need to get DH to bring down the empty dresser I will use for a changing table and baby gear storage. I decided not to use my *real* changing table since DD loves to unpack and throw clothes and baby accessories around the house. Heavy drawers that close will be a good thing.

I am doing a UC birth so I need to buy the handful of birthing supplies I usually use: a new shoelace for the cord, some sitz tea/bathy stuff, maxi pads for making cold compresses with the tea, and maybe a tincture for hemmorhage (any suggestions?). I need to organize my old towels and plastic sheeting to protect the new mattress and for general cleanup, but I think that's about it! My last UC went really really fast and easy. (About 1.5 hours total with no tearing, bleeding or anything.) I am anticipating that this one will likely be just as slick. In fact, DH knew I was having a rough night 2 nights ago with the GI problems and contractions, so when he and the kids came down in the morning, DS asked me: "Mama, did the new baby come?" Silly papa and DS. Not yet! I guess they are expecting to be suprised.

I am much perkier today! Hoooray!

Happy and peaceful birthing vibes to Mamamaya/Heidi!

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Yaay, Heidi, happy birth vibes to you!

Jess, have you tried the fabric store? They sell the flannel backed picnic cloth by the yard, you could get as much as you needed, it's not as loud and crinkly as a plastic sheet, but not as quiet as the waterproof crib pads...

Procrastination: I hear you on that - if we were staying home, I think a lot more would be done.. but because I am avoiding the backup midwife like the plague, I haven't packed anything for hospital yet. I did put my bag and list on the changing table, and I threw the hand pump for the birth ball in there, but otherwise, I'm living in the mentality that if I pack it, it's like giving in and admitting I'm ready, which I am NOT!

I've been such a sloth the last few days too, as if napping and sleeping and eating and doing nothing else will keep babe in. I just keep chanting to myself only 4 more days and 4 more nights to go...

Some of dh's work crew from Chicago and Cleveland are meeting up for lunch today at the funky asian place nearby, I'm tagging along - hopefully I can get dh to go with me to the craft store, pet store, and bra hunting too.

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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Hi guys,

I am definiteley in early labor, but it is going very, very slow - and I am very, very grouchy. I'm hoping baby isn't in a weird position ie- I'm having terrible hip pain. I'll keep you all updated!
Sending positive birth vibes your way

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Hey mamas, WOW! Some seriously chatty gals hanging around this site! Yeah! Congrats to the early labor mamas - Know that you have a lot of mama-history behind you for the hardest parts... it helped me a bit last time round... just thinking about all the mamas who have done this before (none the same, many harder!). I am still living in a house full of spilling over piles, dirty bathrooms and dog hair starting to get out of hand. I'm just not very motivated to actually GET the vacuum, walk around with the vacuum, put the vacuum away... kwim? I'd sure love to have MONEY to pay someone to do this for me. Hopefully dh will approve having someone com in for a few weeks after baby is born. He says he'll do it, but then he's back to work on day 3 and doesn't have time to do any of the regular cleaning... he awesome at the BIG cleans - cleaning every speck of dust out of a room, but just getting things tidy and reasonably clean isn't his strong suit. sigh.

I've been taking ginger tablets (organic candy, really) which have recently been helping with the burps. As far as I can tell, you can take as much as you can take (which is about 3 an hour for me), and they kick in after about an hour. Last night I was fine, even with movie popcorn (without the marge) and a rather rushed sweet baked potato dinner. Hope it helps someone else!

Also feeling very unprepared. It's wednesday already and haven't finished the painting, therefore still have a baby room full of paint! Ugh. At least I have the diapers ready... but we got a crib from a neighbor and I have nowhere to put it. We didn't use one for dd until she was about a year old, by which time she was ready to take naps in it. I did use it for that...just not sure whether we'll need it for that with this one... but I thought I'd get it from them and see. Meanwhile, it's sitting in the front hall...

I'm on with the WTF is this? feeling about baby shower stuff. I did online and it's a help, but I KNOW people are going to get me stuff that I will not use, do not want, etc. what a waste. I guess all the reasons already posted still stand. Unfortunately all my most wonderful friends are scattered around the globe, so I can't really do a blessingway; I did purchase a few items from Under the Nile for the babe... a little org. cotton teether, a couple of onesies, some socks. We have a ton of clothes, lots of diapers, I think actually other than the fact that we don't have a room ready, we're good to go. 37 wks tomorrow ... YEAH!!!

Busy day today with sledding (dd, not me!), YMCA picture day, library story time, and a hockey game tonight. Tomorrow is major bead collection day (for babysitting coop) - one kid from 9 - 2, and then 2 kids from 6 - 9pm. Mostly these are playdates, with kids dd's age, so they aren't hard for me. I just need to stay awake! Take care mamas! Happy gentle birthing vibes to Heidi and MM! Andy
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Mamaya- sending you good birthing vibes!

I'm so tired and grouchy today. DD woke up at 5:30, dh went skiing today and I have this desire for the house to be clean and it's a disaster and nothing works and i feel so overwhelmed with amount of stuff to do. DD and I took a bath and we ran out of hot water. The dog needs to be walked ... argh...maybe I'll go take a nap instead.
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it was nice reading your updates

i am slowing down a lot too, but it doesn't keep me from weekly trips to the zoo and twice a week to ikea. my apartment is a mess though and I need to stop and sit a lot.

my kids are being pretty great. they make these elaborate messes by dumping out clean laundry (which i never put away often enough, we do six loads or so a day most days) and emptying toy baskets and bins. you can't even walk into their room sometimes, BUT they are cleaning the kitchen floor and cabinets with magic erasers right now. they put away bath toys and cleared the bathroom floor. the oldest helped me set up our guest room as a possible birth place, running things to the laundry and garbage while i crawled around on the floor like a crazy lady.

they also have been playing well today.

i'm pretty sure i only have a couple weeks left as each child of mine has been ten days earlier than the one before. i always measure big but my babies are usually close to ten pounds. new years day is 36 weeks but i know my midwife would probably do a hb now if i opted for that. we'll let this little guy cook a little longer.

he's finally head down, but still facing out (please turn, please turn)

diapers and clothes are washed, but sure to be taken out and stepped on a few times by my kids. hopefully I can rewash them soon. birth supplies are ready, but my exact plan is not.

i'm trying really hard to stay up every night until 11:30 when dh gets home from his second job, because i miss him and i figure these are our last chances to have sex before we have that month long break and then four kids to get to sleep or otherwise occupied. do i sound pathetic? trust me we aren't setting any records at this stage in pregnancy just trying to get some quality time together in lots of ways.
i keep drifting off at ten pm or so and sleep terribly until i know he's home safe. i am really jumpy and tossing a lot.

worried now about GBS test. i put it off until two weeks from now. 37.5 weeks. maybe he'll come a couple days before.
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Hi guys,

I am definiteley in early labor, but it is going very, very slow - and I am very, very grouchy. I'm hoping baby isn't in a weird position ie- I'm having terrible hip pain. I'll keep you all updated!

Send some of those birthing hormones my way, I've had 4 start/stop labors since since the 18th and it is driving my emotions insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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