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39 weeks

Mamamaya- I'll be thinking of you and sending you baby-love! Please let us know how it goes!!

Last night I thought I was in labor and frantically got all my things ready for the hospital. Turns out the contractions subsided, but I feel a lot more prepared now!

I saw my mw today and she told me that those lovely contractions last night did not change my cervix at all and the baby is still very high. Additionally, my initial BP reading when I arrived was 160/100 and I am now on bedrest.... At first I was looking forward to being 'forced to rest,' but I am just feeling uncomfortable and impatient now. My sides are aching from laying on them all day and night, I am tired, but can't sleep, my pubic bone is killing me and I generally just feel like a beached whale. I am having a hard time not having ANY control over my situation... kwim???

The good thing is that I have some great support. My husband is home for the rest of the week and has done almost everything and today one of my best friends (and my doula!!) came by with ice cream from one of those places that kneads the toppings into it. I had coffee ice cream with Reeces pb cups and cc cookie dough. Then at the end of the day she brough her chiropractor boyfriend over to adjust me on my couch! My mom offered to bring me dinner from Whole Foods, but my hubby and son were already making homemade pizza.

I hope you all have a good week.
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Oh Delfina! I feel for you. After a night my left side is so sore and achey, it's all I can do to not jump out of bed (yeah, like THAT'S gunna happen!) and stretch and do yoga... can't you get up to do some simple stretching? Or maybe do some on the bed? Child's pose, d.dog, etc. might help a leetle...

Busy day today, and still I'm not tired. Everyone is saying the baby's dropped, except dh who says it's slipped (ha!) but I don't think so. Next mw appt is next week, so that's a ways off... I think I still am having trouble finding body parts and distinguishing them. Spoke with mw tonight, and she wasn't at all concerned. I'm not either, but it'd be nice to have this little duckie lined up...kwim?

I hope others are getting good sleep. I'm off to take some ginger...and hope that Mamamaya's little babe is born or born soon! Here's to you gal!!!!
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So all that bitching and moaning about my friends not throwing me a shower....
I supposedly had a prenatal today at the beach, and when I got there I found a surprise blessingway. My mw organized it and it was so sweet and beautiful. They sang to/ with me, gave me blessings and beads and floated me in the water. It was such a nice blessing.
Funny I had asked my mw if she could just do my prenatal on monday when we met anyways and she gruffly told me NO. I was so annoyed and feeling like she could make concessions for all her clients, but not me (who has worked under her and with her for years now). Now I know why.

I got some beautiful handmade gifts- a quilt and a few blankets- but the best part was all of the nice sentiments and love thrown my way.

Unfortunately my pelvis undid itself sometime during the day and I'm in massive pain now.... but i guess it was all worth it.

Much love to everyone!

Oh, and if anyone else is interested in the bead exchange, please email me asap. I'll likely organize everything tomorrow afternoon- I have to go babysit a friend while she gets her wisdom teeth pulled in the am and have to be there early.
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3:30 and I'm wide awake.. aaaargh! I woke up at 2 from one of those dreams where you are convinced it's real and you have to sit and think about what is going on before you finally can believe that it was a dream. I woke convinced that I was having contractions - except I was sure they weren't mine, I was having them for a friend who lives 2 hours away and is due in 3 weeks. For whatever reason she wasn't able to time her contractions, so I timed them here and reported them to her on another chat thread, and I knew in my dream that if I just sat still they would go away so that I could wait until Sunday to deliver with my midwife. Talk about crazies in my brain! It took me an hour of watching the clock and getting rid of some gas pains before I was convinced that I wasn't having any contractions.

Oh I just keep up with my mantra, 3 more nights after tonight, and it'll all be good!

Going to try and sleep again.. it's just that my sides feel all bruised now, I'm running out of space!

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[QUOTE=Malama]So all that bitching and moaning about my friends not throwing me a shower....
I supposedly had a prenatal today at the beach, and when I got there I found a surprise blessingway. My mw organized it and it was so sweet and beautiful. They sang to/ with me, gave me blessings and beads and floated me in the water. It was such a nice blessing.

WOW! Is that ever awesome! I do hope that it filled a space for you - it sure sounds like you were pretty full of love and peace afterward! Congratulations! It's oh so nice to be cared for a loved...

Hockey game was fun last night (Rats lost 2-1), but I never realized how close together those seats are! I was squashed between a big guy next to me on one side and my own big guy on the other side, and a whole row of kids with these awful plastic banger things... it was actually fairly awful. I finally swapped seats with a friend who gave me the aisle seat...MUCH better!

Nothing new to report otherwise. Ginger is still helping, as is Mag Phos. Hope everyone is well!

Mamamaya??? You ok???
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Malama- Your Blessingway sounds wonderful. I am so glad you have such good friends!

Lisa- I feel your pain. I cringe when I wake up around 3 or 4 to use the bathroom because I know that is usually when I have trouble going back to sleep....

Mamabeca- Thanks for your thoughts. I actually haven't been a great patient. I only stay laying down for an hour or so and then have to get up and walk around. I am going back in for a re-check today so hopefully I will be taken OFF bedrest. I was feeling pretty funky this morning, so I am hoping that is not a signal that there is still a problem.... I still don't why I am having high BP problems. I didn't have them with my last pregnancy and when I am not pregnant I usually read about 105/75.

Mamamaya- Let us know how you are doing. We are thinking of you!!
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She's here!!!!

Violet Lilinoe was born Wed. morning about 1:30 am. Once my labor actually started (around 11m) it went incredibly fast! She was OP, and actually kept turning a bit to the side. I still have a lot of pain in my hip- hopefully it will subside in the next few weeks. Other than that it was a beautiful, fast, amazing birth! No tearing or anything like that, and she's a nursing queen!

She was 6 lbs 7 oz. I can't believe I have a daughter I'll try and post pics soon.
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Oh, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter!
What a joyous time for you & your family! I'd love to see some pictures of sweet little Violet! (gorgeous name, by the way!)
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Woo Hoo!

Congratulations mama!

Good job! Enjoy your new daughter and your babymoon!

I wish we were on the same isle so i could come and squeeze her- I'm having strong baby needs!

Much Aloha,
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WOW! Congratulations! Glad you had such a fast and easy labor, and early too!
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congratulations mamamaya!

thanks for the update. you've been in my thoughts.
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I sent a pm to everyone who wanted to participate in the bead exhange. If you were supposed to get one and didn't, please pm me. It's not as easy as using email and I wanna make sure no one got left out!

Have a great evening!

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Wow, super job mayamama!! Congrats! Maybe you can share some of those happy labor vibes back to all of us for a smooth time.

Had a looong day of teaching grandma to use the computer. We got pretty good at on/off, connecting to the internet, and we managed to turn down the mouse and keyboard to better suit her needs. Next lesson, email. Then who knows!! She offered to trade dinner for lessons, I'm all about that, so I suspect a few weeks after babe I'll be spending some time over there with her.

My parents are coming over now to get a desk and use our computer - something about their printer not working on their laptop, who knows!

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Congratulations and welcome to the world Violet!!

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CONGRATS Mamamaya!!! I am so glad you had an easy, uneventful birth. Enjoy your new bundle of love!!
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latest news

Just recently found out that I'm having a GIRL!!!
We are so happy!! Still due around Jan. 24. 2005 and all looks good so far.

Congrats to all you new mommas!
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Congrats mamamaya! SO happy she's here...enjoy your new baby, get help, and be gentle on yourselves....I look forward to photos, Heidi
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I had an appt with my mw yesterday. I met her student and she is nice(no problem having her at the birth).

The appt was not the greatest. I had my iron retested and it rose to 12.5. YIPPEE!! However my mw had to draw more blood, since this is another sign of PIH. She felt bad for me, since either way I couldn't win - low iron-bad;raise in iron - suspicious. I must say that fluordix, cast iron pans, alfalfa, nettles and a bit more meat have really helped my iron!

Then my poor vaginal area is totally swollen. She was trying to do a PAP and the GBS test (Yeah, I decided to test for GBS to see if what I am doing is helping my positive status). So, now I need to do comfrey/calendula sitz baths 3 times day. And I cannot lift/carry my 20 month old. She thinks his weight lugged around is the problem, since the baby isn't huge.

Oh, and baby's heartrate was a bit high. Nothing dramatic. MW thinks we just caught her at an active time.

I was a bit discouraged after the visit. MY mw kept reassuring me that all is well. I just need to take care of myself these last few weeks. However I feel like my body is falling apart. I keep thinking that all this work to have a natural, beautiful at home birth is going to be to no avail....

Moody, pessimistic

PS - Sorry to take away from all the beautiful birth vibes. Please carry-on
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Happy Birthday Violet!!!

I'm so glad you are here! What a wonderful way to usher in the New Year! Happy Happy Day! I too look forward to some pics! Well done Mamamaya!

It sounds like you had a surprise with the baby girl
I guess your chances of having one were less than 50-50, already having 2 boys, so WOW (doesn't it decrease by like 10% each time or something like that?)! Congrats! Having my girl already, I can tell you you will not be disapointed!!! Lots of challenge...daughters do not let mom get away with ANYTHING! But their love is as true and deep as that ocean out your window. ENJOY!!!

All is well here. I did finally say something to MW about the assistant that I was getting 'funny' vibes off of, so she won't be coming to the birth. The thing is, there was some real tension between her and the doula trainee, who is the massage therapist, and HER I LOVE! So if it was going to be only one of them, it wasn't much of a debate for me. Since it's friday, everyone waiting on husbands/midwives to return should be in good shape - WELL DONE! We knew those babes were listening!

ProudMom, hang in there. You remember how hard it is at the end... you have had a terrific pregnancy so far, and there is no knowing that you will not have a wonderful homebirth ... so don't make that call yet. Enjoy the time off your feet as much as you can, and it may be ok with ds if he starts to get used to mama not having two open arms for him... it's going to be that way for a while! Just take it one day at a time and be patient with your body. You are working SUPER hard right now... cut yourself some slack!!!

Happy Happy New Year to everyone! Be safe, be gentle, be in love. xxx andy

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