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Welcome Baby Violet!!!!

Wow, the baby cascade is beginning. And I am sooo excited that tomorrow is FINALLY January. I keep trying to remember to just enjoy being pregnant one last time...but....I'm done now, KWIM?

I have been feeling better gastro-intestinally and have had a little more energy. I am nesting, BIG TIME. Poor DH is being run ragged by my constant honey-do requests. I have been waking up super alert at 3 am and that is kinda sucking.

Happy "baby-moon" to those with new babies...hope all goes well with Delfina's induction as well.

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funny, my dh has been generally ignoring my "please-do" requests.... then last night I told him that mamamaya had her baby, and I said that I could feel our baby's head through my yoni..... he freaked and started getting on some of the stuff! I don't feel like I'm gonna have this baby for a couple of weeks, but I would feel better if the general birth stuff was taken care of- I'll not run out of things to do for sure!!!

glad to hear you're GI stuff is calming down, chiromom!

And you're certainly not the only one waking up like that. I either have about 2-4 hours of insomnia in the night OR i wake up super early. geesh.
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Congrats mamaya!!

Welcome Little Violet!
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My body wakes up at about 3 and won't go back to sleep until after 4am... or it's up at 5:30 and won't go back to sleep until after 9am.. ugh. So I'm with ya on the weird sleeping thing. Some of it may be circulation... on my side my arm goes a little numb, on my back my legs go sort of wonky, so there's no good place to sleep, even with just about every pillow in the house on the bed! Still, I'm not complaining, just commiserating (sp?).

Happy New Years Day Mamas! andy
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Happy New Years Mamas!

So it's January now and all of our babes (if term) can start slipping out, eh?

We actually went to a party last night up the road. well me and the kids went- dh is sick. I thought we'd be well home and in bed by 10:30, but we ended up staying late. By 11:30 though the kids were tired and waiting for me in the car, so we "missed" the new years with our friends, but they were home in bed for it. I can't believe I even stayed up so late and then I slept til almost 9- woo hoo. I think I slept so well because baby was SUPER active yesterday and was probably wiped out and slept with me..... may that be a pattern!

Anyways, I'm excited that January is finally here and I'm looking forward to enjoying the end of my pregnancy but moreso of meeting my baby soon!!!
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Happy New Years! Today is my liittle guy's 5th birthday!

I can't wait to hear all your birth stories. Wishing you all the best in the next coming weeks. (And secretly hoping hurry up- so we can talk some baby talk together )

Let's all send some gentle birth wishes to Delfina. I hope she's doing ok.

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Happy New Year, everyone! Ours was a very quiet New Year's Eve, but nice. We played a board game just enjoyed each other's company ~ not terribly exciting, but nice just the same.

I'm also getting excited to think about all the babies that will be arriving soon! Wow, I just can't believe that January is finally here! It always seemed so far in the distance, and now we're ringing in the New Year and all so very close to having our babies in our arms. Enjoy these last few weeks, those of you who are still waiting it out with me!
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