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Are you nauseous?

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I'm estimating my due date at August 30th and am already very nauseated.

I looked in my journal and didn't get nauseous with dd until week 8, I'm just on 5 now and have been ill since two days before the positive test.

I'm also a lot more tired and my breasts are more tender than they were last time.

I've read that early and augmented pregnancy signs are indicators of twins! eek!
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I've only had a teeny bit of nausea so far. My first real bout was this morning - when I got up I smelled the cat box - eewww! I think we're going to get one of those little kitty doors so we can keep the box sealed off and I don't have to smell it anymore LOL!

I have had some pretty intense food aversions though, starting the day I got my BFP - I can't STAND the sight of raw chicken, and can't even think of eating it cooked either. Eggs are totally out too. And my mom made one of my favorite foods for Christmas dinner and I couldn't even stand the smell of it. I felt so bad about that

I'll have to check with my sis about twins - she's had 3 singletons and 1 twin pregnancy but I don't remember whether her ms was worse with the twins...
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Not really, which is surprising to me since I had hyperemesis the first time around... Actually, besides insomnia during the night and fatigue during the day, I wouldn't have a clue I was pregnant!
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i have friends that are due with baby #2 now and many of their pregnancies are totally different this time - sicker earlier, showing earlier.. so, i wouldnt think twins just yet...
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I would not have taken the test if I wasn't nauseous and having insominia as well. I was nauseous from about 9 weeks to 16 weeks with my first. It is crappy that it has started so early now. I also had some food aversions as well.
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I'm queezy in the stomach already and have been for about 2 weeks now. I'm in week 5. Not a vomit kind of nauseous but the kind that gives you a belly ache and makes you a bit dizzy. I've been restless at night and so tired during the day not to mention hungry!! Twins run in my family and are in my generation. I hope not twins.. but it does seem pretty early on for all this right?
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I haven't been on Mothering for awhile, but want to daily now that I'm pregnant. I found out for sure today at the dr. My home tests weren't working, or a line would show up an hour later. I am really excited! My "official" due date is Sept. 1, but I think it should be Sept. 7, since I know my cycle is 32 day and that I ovulated later than usual.

I am feeling really tired during the day and can't sleep well at night. I'm not getting morning sickness (yet) and don't have that gaggy reflex all of the time, like I did with ds. I am looking forward to being big and pregnant in the summer! I hope I get to know all of you other Sept. better! Talk to you later.
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me, too

I was just like Sweetred (but add sore boobs and lotsa crying)...until 2 days ago. Now I have this really mild queesiness...not even sure if its the pregnancy or not. And I am a TOTAL wimp about feeling sick to my stomach, yet this is managable. I notice I want to eat a full meal, but feel worse when I do...might be time for those "smaller meals, more frequently" that I hear about. Bummer...I was looking forward to months of FEASTING!
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sweetred get them to put down a later due date, it can help you later when they want to induce because you are "overdue"

Or get a good midwife
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Yeah, I tried to tell the physician asst. that I met w/ yesterday that I ovulated on the 14th, so that my due date should be Sept. 7 or 8. I should just tell everyone the 7th, so that date is on my brain. Her only reply was that it will be readjusted if needed at my 20 week ultrasound. I don't like this dr. much, and am seriously considering changing. I like her a lot as a person, but she wanted to do an episotomy on me after only 20 min. of pushing. She also wanted to put me on pitocin as soon as I got to the hospital after my water broke at 36 weeks. I talked her into letting me wait 6 hours to see if I went on my own, which I did, but not as fast as they would have liked. Now, I'm just trying to figure out if I want to go to a mw or another ob, since I might be more at risk for another preemie.

Also, my sister who did ivf to get pregnant knew her exact due date minute, yet her dr. kept moving her date up since the baby was measuring big. She choose to be induced (against all of my nagging) 2 1/2 weeks before her real due date.
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I got the queasy feeling this morning! LOL!! Now, I hope that's as far as it gets...I had HG for a long time last pregnancy, so I don't want that again! LOL!
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Hey all-

I'm fairly new to the boards. We're estimating a Sept. 4th date, but my cycles have been irregular so who knows? I've been feeling somewhat queezy, but more at night than when I first wake up. Eating something salty seems to help - which is odd, considering my previous aversion to anything with salt in or on it. I feel like a deer at a salt lick now!
Looking forward to getting to know you other September mamas!
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I haven't been feeling sickly unless I eat fried foods. With my other 2 I just felt ill in the early evening, never threw up, just nausea.

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not nauseated but horribly gaggy and almost yakkin in the sink on a fairly regular basis in the AM. mostly just tired as heck. and an emotional wreck. but i think i got things sorted out today with my midwifery group so i feel better. hopefully i wont cry too much this weekend!!

hello to everyone!

oh yeah and i had a dream that i was having twins. since i am 39 and it runs in my family i guess it is a possibilty but i doubt it!!
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I just found out I'm pg so this could be in my head, but I was nauseous tonight. I also noticed the other day that my breasts were very tender when DS was crawling all over me.

I had early nauseous symptoms last time too, and I also found out at about 3 weeks. I didn't really has ms, but was queasy a lot. I also didn't have it in the morning, it was in the evening too.
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I've had nausea for a week...even before my family came down with a gastro-intestinal virus ... AND I'm due Setpember 15th or so ... AND I've never tested until at least 3 WEEKS past ovulation ... We'll see if the nausea leaves with the virus (which is almost gone ... and I only got sick yesterday!) or if it stays around for a while.
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I've been queasy, now and again. Last week, I was laying in bed with our long haired dachshund, Ginger. I was feeling pretty sea sick, when the dog spat up. Gah! DH says she knows I'm pg.
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