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weekly thread Dec. 27 - Jan. 2

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Well, here I am to start the thread again! Today I am 39 weeks, 4 days.

Last night I got really, really thirsty - drank probably 64 oz. of water or more in an hour then I felt better. Then we ate popcorn and I had some Pepsi and I just felt like sh!t. So we went to bed. And today when I woke up I noticed right away that the ring on my right hand was hurting me, and my right hand is pretty puffy-looking. But my left hand isn't, and my ankles don't look any different to me... so who knows? Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I feel like something is a little "off" and maybe I'll actually get to have this baby sometime this week! :

I go to the dr. today so we'll see...

I know there's not many people left here, but here's my latest belly photo anyway:


DalaiMama, best of luck with your contractions today!
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You look great Jenelle! I hope your baby decides to come soon!
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41 weeks

... and I'm now "more" pregnant than I've ever been in my life.

I've been relatively holed up at home, not wanting to get stuck in our horrid interstate traffic -- as much as I want to have this baby, I'd rather not do it in the car on the side of I-4.

I have an appointment for a biophysical evaluation (non stress test and sonogram) @ 7:30 Wednesday morning, but will be walking and finding time for ... prostaglandin application in hopes that we will be able to skip the appointment. My husband works second shift; we are not morning people. I'd much rather be getting up to nurse a baby than getting in the car to be poked and prodded at that godsawful time in the morning.

My DSS's Christmas wish was to be here when the baby was born -- looks like it will be granted (he and DSD arrived in from out of town last night; DS13 is with his father's family until New Year's Day. DS11 and DD were scheduled to be here tomorrow, but with the baby happenings not quite yet happening, that's up in the air).

Time to go walk.

Congratulations and happiest of settling in to all who've had their babes ... to the rest of us still here, you've my empathy and good wishes. Be well, all.
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Jenelle, I got puffy a few days before I had Eliza. I hope the same is true for you--only that you don't have to wait a few days but have her TODAY!

I am still trying to check in here to keep those of you waiting in my thoughts and prayers--it's not fair if those of us with babies disappear on y'all that are still waiting!

Is it still a full moon? I hope this gets some of you going!!
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Good luck Illuviel! I hope you don't make it to your appt Wednesday!
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It's odd you should mention the puffy thing. My fingers are puffier than ever before tonight. I'm 40w 1d (2d tomorrow) and have never gone past 41 weeks yet. Oh I HOPE this is a good sign! My back is so sore, and the "bowling ball" sensation is getting old. LOL!

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DD1 had a horrible diaper rash that nothing seemed to help. A friend gave me some St. Johns Wort oil and it worked wonders. The rash was so bad it would bleed sometimes, and the oil cleared it up in 1-2 weeks. I only had to use the tiniest little bit. She outgrew the rash before the first bottle of oil ran out.
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39 weeks 5 days

Well, I went to the dr. yesterday and I am at 1 1/2 centimeters, very soft, but she said my cervix is long still.

We started talking about induction because of my husband's work situation, and she said she feels good about doing it at this point so we scheduled it for Wednesday AM.

She is planning to give me the pill form of Cytotec to start off with, and I have been pretty nervous about that but trying to reassure myself. Yes, I've done a search on here and yes, I've been to the FDA website. But I'm pretty sure it's the same thing I had with ds #1, except that doctor inserted it vaginally.

Anyway... I woke up probably 2 hours ago, presumably to pee, and just could not go back to sleep. It seemed like I was having some stronger-than-usual contractions while laying there but I wasn't about to get my hopes up so I just tried to go back to sleep. Then my stomach started growling and I realized it probably really was hungry so I finally got up and came to the kitchen to get something to eat. And when I just went to the bathroom a little bit ago, I've definitely got "bloody show"! It is like red-tinged mucous and it's been there for a few trips to the bathroom now. The sight of that made me cry. It is an outward sign that at least my body is preparing, and maybe something will happen on its own today - but at the very least I don't feel like we're starting things from "square one" anymore! I have felt kind of menstrual-crampy since I got up, but no noticeable contractions like they were in bed. I'm sitting here on my birthing ball... trying to help!

Anyone who's actually reading this, I'll keep you posted!
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Oh Jenelle, I hope this is it for you. In fact, i hope things get moving to the point where you can't update us until you have a baby!! That's exactly how my labor started--the puffiness, then the bloody show. By afternoon I was in active labor. Sending you strong labor vibes!!
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Thanks Lauren, but not much going on right now. I went back to bed for awhile after posting. Got up to more bloody show but no real contractions. I do still have that dull ache like the first day of your menstrual period though. I suppose that means something!
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Jenelle, I hope this is it for you and you don't make it to the induction!!!
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Thank you, Jessica.

Go, Jenelle! This definitely sounds like ~something~'s moving for you. May it be swift, sure and gentle for you.
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Thanks to those who've been cheering me on! I am going in at 6 AM. I feel pretty good about it, since I've been in some sort of labor for almost 24 hours now. I feel like we'll be helping things along instead of pushing them. I've had that menstrual-cramp feeling, plenty of mucous or "bloody show", very loose stools, some "real" strong contractions and hardly any sleep! So those of you that do pray, please pray to God that my "induction" will go well and that baby and I will be safe.

I'll be sure to post as soon as we get home from the hospital!
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Good luck Jenelle, I'll be thinking of you
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I hope it went well for you Jenelle
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I hope things are going well and you're holding your babe by now!
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hi everyone, sorry to be so lame about posting! I think about all of you mamas often, especially the ones who haven't yet delivered! Wyatt is sleeping in his moses basket on the floor by the computer right now, and I am so glad to be able to get on line and get updated about everyone!

Jenelle, good luck!

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no weeks pregnant!!!!

Hi everyone. I have my sweet babe sleeping on me in the sling and my sister is making me breakfast. life is good...

Good luck Jenelle! I can't wait to read all about it!
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41 wks 3 days and counting. Still here, but not anxious about things as I was before.

I had the non-stress test -this- morning, after showing up at the clinic bright and early yesterday and being told my appointment was for the next day. (Thanks, MW assistant. :P )

All was well; Thumpy's heartrate ranged between the 120s and 160 depending on what was going on, usually staying in the 130's-140's, and I experienced two rather healthy contractions during the 20 minutes we were on the monitor. (I've been having them intermittently since the 23rd, but they haven't yet organized themselves into labor.)

We also had an ultrasound to check that all's well physically / developmentally (it is :> ), and learned at this late date that Thumpy is actually a Tyson.

The doc said everything's great and to give it another week. This is much better news than I thought I was going to hear. We have an appointment on Tuesday, January 4th for a followup NST if needed. He hoped to not see us there. :>

I second that.

Congratulations, Nannymom and Jenelle, and all the other new moms out there. Looking forward to joining you soon.
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it finally feels over

my sister and her kids went home to Texas today . They left at 4:30 a.m. so I was hardley awake to register it, but now I feel like crap. My sister being here was such a big part of my pregnancy and my birth. I looked forward to getting to see her for more then a few days (I usaully see her once or twice a year for a week)the entire time I was pregnant. Ugh, It just sucks. I am soothing myself telling myself that I will take the baby to see her in April as a birthday present to myself. It has just really brought an end to the pregnancy/birth feelings in me.

Happy new year!
Best wishes to any mamas still waiting.
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