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Need ideas for goodprotein snacks/meals

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I have a post on Life With a Babe about craving sweets. Seems this is an indication of not enough protein. I'm in search of good high protein snacks and meals. Any thoughts. I rarely eat chicken and turkey, otherwise no meat. I've got the nut butters in the pantry. Thanks!
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Do you like tofu?
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We're a trail mix household. I find it's very helpful. Now, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar in the late afternoon, I will eat trail mix or a handful of nuts or raisins. Seems to do the trick.
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Try adding nuts to foods: slivered almonds on cereals and desserts, peanuts or cashews in casseroles and stir-fry. I really like to make that green-bean casserole (w/mushroom soup and french-fried onions, the one that always turns up at potlucks) substituting salted peanuts for the onions that get mixed in and only using onions on the top.

Learn to make a spicy peanut sauce, and eat it on pasta, veggies, salads, etc. I put some peanut butter in an empty glass jar; microwave briefly to melt it; add soy sauce, cider vinegar or lime juice, cayenne pepper, garlic, and ginger; and put the lid on and shake. Yum!

Beans! Make burritos or taco salad or bean soup or hummus. Sprinkle beans on salad.

Tofu is good in practically any recipe that calls for boneless chicken: teriyaki, baked in sauce, tetrazzini, paprikash, etc. The great thing about it is that it soaks up flavor (marinate overnight for even yummier results) so can be used in practically any style of cuisine, not just Chinese.

Have you tried tempeh? It's a soy product with a consistency (and price) somewhere between ground beef and cheese. Tasty grilled, or in any recipe where you would use strips of meat, or on a salad.

I love cheese and add it (usually low-fat mozzarella) to spaghetti, rice dishes, steamed veggies, etc.

Do you eat eggs? One of my new favorite recipes: Start cooking rice. Slice up zucchini and a little onion and saute in plenty of olive oil and herbs. Put rice on plate and put zucchini over top (lifting out of oil w/slotted spoon) and cover to keep warm. Scramble 1 or 2 eggs per person in leftover oil. Put eggs on top of zucchini. It's a one-plate meal! I also like "breakfast burritos" w/egg, cheese, and salsa at any time of day.

Eat yogurt as a snack.

When you really must have sweets, eat ice cream! Then at least you're getting protein and calcium along w/your sugar.
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Avacado, yogurt, sprouted bread, miso soup, smoothies, do you eat fish?
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Have you tried Ezekial bread? It's a brand of sprouted grain bread that is almost a perfect protein. I keep it frozen and toast it for myself and dd for breakfast.

(They have cinnamon raisin...yummy!)
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I lift weight 4-5 days a week, so I really need good protien in my diet. Other than fish, I don't eat meat... or eggs or dairy. Here is my list of protien sources:

rice + beans
nut buttters
pumpkin seeds
Amy's brand organic vegi burgers
hempseed butter
sesame seeds
Rice Protien Powder mix- added to pancakes, sauces, oatmeal, etc
Spirutien protien powder mix- add to smoothies
ocassional soymilk, soy cheese, and tofu
sprouted grains and beans (great addition to salads)
nuts of all kinds (except peanuts)
fish 2 x a week (mostly salmon and tilapia)
soy flour added to baking recipes

**I wouldn't consider avocados a good protien source. But they are an excellent source of essential fatty acids.

If you eat eggs and dairy, then those are other protien options... high in cholesterol though.
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Actually. . . avacados DO have a bit of protein:

In Guatemala, locals apparently say a good meal is "an avacado, four or five tortillas and a cup of coffee". The avacado is popular in Central America, since it's the most nutritious of all fruits, rich in Vitamins A and B, and has three times the protein of apples and pears. http://www.stampsfiji.com/stamps/fruitsfiji/

1/2 avocado contains 2 grams of protein:

Another protein fix: Sometimes I boil some eggs and keep them in a bowl in the refrigerator - great for a quick snack or egg salad sandwich.
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cottage cheese, fruit and cereal is my standard attempt at trying to avoid a candy bar.
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my quick snacks for protein

big spoon of peanut butter
hard boiled eggs
luna bars (okay this my new vice!) i get sweetness from these too but i din't have them everyday

not much but in a pinch i can grab these quickly
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really...I am NOT trying to be argumentative... I think avo's are a wonderfully healthy food, in fact I eat about 3 or 4 a week! But 2 grams of protien is not much at all! For people trying to get a higher percentage of calories from protien, 2 grams is not gonna cut it. That's like trace protien...
10 grams is moderate, 12-15 grams good/average, 18 -24 grams ideal, above 24/25 would be considered an adequately high protien...
IMO, an active person and pregnant women should try to get .75 to 1 gram protien for each lb they weigh... you'd have to eat a lot of avos to meet that!
Of course less active people need only about 1/2 that amount.
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No argument intended

I found this description of protein needs and I agree with the author that most of us get too much protein:


See this page for a long list of protein sources:
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