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Home water-birth baby delivered by dad - in less than an hour!

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This was my 3rd birth - 3rd son!

This past July - 1 day before my due date, I started having contractions. I thought they were just more of what I had been having the past 2 weeks. They all seemed to be real, lasting 4 hours straight, 4-5 minutes apart, no matter what I did.

I had 3 contractions, and called my husband (who travels for work). He just happened to be 6 minutes from home. I told him to come straight home just to be sure this wasn't the real thing. I had 2 more contractions and they were stronger, I went to the restroom and had the slightest tad of pink on the toilet paper. I called my husband back and told him I was pretty sure this was it. He was at the bottom of our driveway at the time. I had my 6th contraction as he was walking in the door, and at this time, I was leaning over the kitchen table. The 7th contraction I was squatting and hanging onto the kitchen counter while he was calling the midwife.

My husband ran the bath in our garden tub. Our midwife was on her way. The contractions were so close, and we heard our 16 month old calling out from his crib to come and get him up from his nap. Our 4 year old just sort of ran around the house, excited, and helped his daddy get the bulb syringe, and other items ready. My sister-in-law showed up - thank goodness - to help take care of the other 2 children.

I could tell the birth was going so fast - I felt so overwhelmed even though this was our 3rd birth. I had to push, so of course I did! I had never been checked for dialation throughout my entire pregnancy. After pushing through the first contraction - I felt inside of me and could feel the baby's head.

I pushed through 5-6 contractions, and then the baby was crowning. The head emerged sideways : instead of faceback. I had to push through 3 more contractions. The shoulders were still not coming out, so I told my husband to gently pull, I was worried about shoulder dystocia. If this didn't work, I was going to get on my hands and knees. But, the baby came right out with the help of my husband through the next contraction, and pushing. My husband massaged the baby's back and he cried.

Our other 2 children came in and out of the bathroom during the entire labor and birth. They were so excited and welcomed their new baby brother with open arms and kisses.

I cuddled 9lb 10oz Dawson next to my breast and nursed him. He was 22 inches long. It was wonderful to have him born into the hands of his father, and the hearts of our family.

My husband had arrived at our home at 5:20 p.m. - Dawson was born at 6:10 p.m. The midwife arrived at 7:30. My midwife and I have decided we don't know what to do about the next birth - since they all will be quick if not induced!


My first two were induced by my midwife.

My 1st I had preeclampsia with so he was born at home 3 1/2 weeks early. Used birthing stool.
6lbs 0oz 18 1/2 inches. 6 hour birth.

My second was wedged with his arm up around his head, and I was dialated to a 5-6 for a week - so we induced 2 weeks early (he was born with his arm around his head, and turned- very difficult birth)!
Used birthing stool.
6lbs 15oz 20 inches. 3-4 hour birth.

We figured our 3rd, I was probably dialated to a 5-6 for the prior 1 1/2 weeks (like with my second) when I actually went into active labor.
Water Birth
9lbs 10oz 22 inches. 55 minute birth.

I never tore with any of my children due to wonderful stretching techniques. None of my children are circumcised! All have been breastfed, homebirthed, and cloth diapered. All are healthy, and we LOVE Homebirth!

Thank you God for keeping us safe during childbirth, and helping us birth the way you intended and designed our bodies to do, naturally!
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What an exciting birth! Thanks for sharing your story. Welcome to mdc!
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wow congratulations
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Wow. Thanks for sharing!

I swear, i love this forum. But everytime i read a homebirth story, i want to get pregnant and give birth at home, either in our bed, or the tub.

Then of course i would need a sling.......
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What a wonderful birth story. Thank you so much for letting us share in it.

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That sounds like a beautiful birth! I hope that is how my next baby is born. Do you mind me asking what stretching techniques you used. I didn't tear when my dd was born but I'd still like to keep trying to prevent for our next child.
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that sounds like a perfect birth! just curious, did you wait til the midwife got there to cut the cord?

oh, and
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cutting the cord-response to ashliepurdie

Yes - we just waited until the midwife arrived and had her cut the cord, do the weighing and measuring and so forth. It was kind of odd holding a baby in one arm, and trying to breastfeed, and having the placenta in a bowl in the other arm!

My husband and I have talked about it, and I think when we have our next child (hopefully 3-4 years), we will have it unassisted and just do everything ourselves. I hope everything goes as well and smooth as our last birth! (of course we will have a backup midwife/or doctor)

Thanks for all the comments and questions! I love talking about anything to do with birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, sling wearing, not circumcising, and not vaccinating!

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