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My twins have arrived

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I had the twins on 12/20. I made it to 36 weeks to the day. After all the problems we had I'm very happy to have made it to 36 weeks.
I went to the hospital with a burning pain in the cut from my previous csection and was wheeled into the or after 45 minutes. I was sort of surprised at how fast they decided to take them but they did think my uterus might have been tearing.
Noah Kenneth was born at 4:20 pm. He came into the world peeing all over the doctors. Noah weighed 6 lbs 8 oz. and was 18 inches long. His lungs hadn't matured all the way and was rushed to the NICU. He was the baby closest to my cervix and was breech.
Zachary Ryan was born at 4:22 pm. He weighed 5lbs. 14 oz. and was 17.5 inches long.
Zach and I came home on Christmas eve. Noah is still in the NICU. He still requires oxygen and he's being fed with a tube in his nose. He hasn't developed his suck reflex yet. Hopefully he'll be home before the first of the year.
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Wow, sounds like it all happened very fast...probably hard to integrate if you weren't expecting them to be born yet!
Good luck with Zach, hope he is nursing well and home soon!
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I am so happy that they are healthy. Praying that all are home soon.
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I'm so excited for you! I have wondered how you've been doing. I imagine it's hard to have Zach at home and Noah in the NICU. I hope he's able to come home soon. Congratulations on the birth of your little ones!
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Congrats mama!
Such good sized babies too!

I hope you get Noah home with you soon!

Much aloha!
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Congratulations, Norah! That's wonderful that you made it to 36 weeks and have two big boys! I hope Noah is in your arms soon!!
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How exciting! I know your little man will be home with you soon!

You did an awesome job mama!!
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Congratulations!!! So glad that you made it to 36 weeks! ... hope that Noah gets to come home soon as well.
How have you been feeling though all this? Sounds like it was quite stressful.

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Congratulations!! I bet they smell soo good! I can't wait to smell my little one! Good job cooking those boys up so big!

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Yeah Norah! I've been thinking about the twin moms, wondering how you are holding out... seems I'm baby up to my ears, it's AMAZING that you held on for 36 weeks! Great job!

: to both boys and I hope that you have them both with you soon. I know it can't be easy having one apart, just hang in there! He's getting stronger every day and will be with you soon.

Make sure you take care of yourself during these early days. If you need anyone to talk to, I think you know we'd listen willingly!!! And we are all so full of advice... just be sure that you don't bottle up too much, ok!?

We love you and send along lots of peaceful, loving, healthful vibes! andy
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Barging into this thread to offer my congratualtions. I hope you get some good hands-on help from a IBCLC or experienced LLL Leader to help Noah learn how to latch on. It can take a few weeks to get it right.

Is Zach nursing fine?
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Congratulations Norah!! I can't wait to hear more about your beautiful boys
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Congratulations on your successful pregnancy and birth. I hope the family is together soon.

If you need anything just ask!

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Congratulations, its great that you made it a far as you did. Hopefully Noah will be home soon
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Hurray! Congrats and hopefully everyone will be home soon
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Congats on your twins!!! I hope baby Noah comes home soon to join the rest of the happy family!!! Keep us updated. Blessings to you.
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