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I understand a little better after your last post (sorry if I was missing the point). It is absolutely reasonable to have an opinion- I was just trying to make the point that sometimes opinions change. I never had a birdseye diaper until the VB and therefore had no opinion before I tried it and I am so in love with this diaper. I was against using prefolds, wool, fitteds, and I'm sure there were others, and I just find that certain kinds of diapers are great for different situations and for different children. I am just now getting back into wool after being so against it. Again, your opinions are always valid.
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What is going on here Who cares if Holli doesn't like or want VB's.That is her opinion and she has a right to not like a diaper.I am loving VB's and Bumware AIOs right now myself but I know there are lots of other wahm made AIOs out there that are also nice.VB's are not the center of the diapering universe people :LOL
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flutterby baby also has a MDC discount code for 10 % off.
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Jamie, it's not that I care if Holli likes a certain brand of diaper, I was just trying to make a point that I would have her same opinions on the subject if I were in her shoes, but that opinions can change with real life trial and error.
She did start out by saying she had been "struggling" with whether or not to get some Very Babys, (not that she was certain that she wouldn't like 'em and had never felt tempted,) so I felt it was perhaps valid to share my experiences of how my opinions on them (which started out much like her current opinion on them) had changed from certain x,y,z real life experiences that changed my mindset. I thought sharing my experiences would be useful for someone, if not Holli. I, like others have mentioned, have come tenfold from where I thought I would be while preparing for the arrival of my baby, and actually think that sharing these experiences and revelations, these ways that babies 'change your mindset' on certain subjects (sometimes in quite funny ways), is interesting,valuable, and entertaining.

I'm sorry that discussing my own experiences wasn't received the way it was intended.
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butterflymom you said nothing wrong.
I love hearing your opinion. thanks!
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Angelica I think I probably read your post and maybe even Holli's wrong.At this point I am totally confused by this thread and am going to bed
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
I agree with you, Holli. I don't own a Very Baby, and those are the reasons that have been holding me back. Plus, I hate PUL. But windpro is available, so that wipes out that issue.

I also don't like Aplix and so snaps would be an upcharge. Also, I don't think that I would be a big birdseye fan and the hemp is also an upcharge. Then the microfleece topped quick dry soaker is an upcharge. So to get a large windpro, it would be $23. The only positive I found was the offer for free embroidery, which is a big plus.

I need to pick up 4 AIOs to have around the house for when the teenagers are babysitting. They aren't the greatest at using wool. They don't mind having the babies go coverless, which is not an issue if you are willing to check often for dampness. But they don't.

I would clearly like to buy Fluffymail AIOs instead as I like a uniform stash. I don't mind paying the extra $$ for Fluffymail.

I prefer them to my FCB AIOs. : And even with the extra charges, they are still less $$ and a more available.

Edited to answer the OP's questions...
1. How long have you had yours and how much use does it get?
Just over a month, but we use them ALL THE TIME.
2. Do you dry it in the dryer?
Yup, on med.
3. Do you get diaper snakes from the aplix?
4. What size do you like the best?

All of mine are from FlutterbyBaby and I just placed an order for two more with embroidery from Bumblebuns.
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Thanks, elyice. I think the main problem here is that it's so difficult to read 'tone' of posts, and when it concerns an emotionally charged issue, that can easily be misunderstood. I never intended to cause such a reaction with my posts, and hope that everyone will reflect on generally how friendly I am and realize that I intended no heartache for any MDC'er.

To get things back OT:

1. How long have you had yours and how much use does it get? About 8 months or so, and just about daily.

2. Do you dry it in the dryer? Yup. It's still damp after 1 cycle so I throw them on a rack overnight and scoop 'em up in the a.m.

3. Do you get diaper snakes from the aplix? Never.

4. What size do you like the best? Medium. Med Long offers much more growing room in the rise, but we lose the amazing snug fit through the stride with that size.

I hope anyone who has unfavorable things to say about their Very Baby AIOs isn't afraid to voice their experiences and opinions on the matter. It's just a diaper, people, I promise no one will bite! Just means more sewing time from Sunshine, Jess's grandmother, and other VB makers for us who love 'em!
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Holli I think your opinions on VB AIOs are very valid. I haven't tried them. I do have my baby/toddler here and I know that for sure I wouldn't like birdseye or an internal soaker. I don't hate aplix but I much prefer snaps.
Also the daddy comment bugs me. I've gone years without saying anything but it always makes me cringe to read that dads are not considered by many here to be able to change a diaper that wouldn't otherwise be able to be changed by a 5 year old. My dh can snappi a prefold and figure out a seperate cover all on his own. Does that make him a genius around here? It certainly seems to be the case.
Anyhow Holli I'm sorry that people are discounting your opinion because of your lack of real world experience. We all know what we like and what we don't and somethings just aren't negotiable. I would think that pregnant mothers and current mothers would certainly understand that. They probably wouldn't appreciate being ignored because they haven't been on the flipside of the situation.
to all. Its just something I needed to say.
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Originally Posted by Butterflymom

To get things back OT:

1. How long have you had yours and how much use does it get? About 8 months or so, and just about daily.

2. Do you dry it in the dryer? Yup. It's still damp after 1 cycle so I throw them on a rack overnight and scoop 'em up in the a.m.

3. Do you get diaper snakes from the aplix? Never.

4. What size do you like the best? Medium. Med Long offers much more growing room in the rise, but we lose the amazing snug fit through the stride with that size.
Angelica, are your meds from Sunshine and Jess' grandmother the same rise? The 15" rise of Sunshine's med was too short, but her med/longs are perfect - even trimmer through the stride for us. But, I think Jess' meds have a longer rise, right? I have never tried any directly from VB, so I have always wondered what size to get from her. Since you've used both I would love to hear the differences.
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The mediums I have bought from Jess's grandmother at very baby, and the medium I bought from Sunshine ages ago are EXACTLY the same. I have since bought a whole slew of medium longs from Sunshine, and they are too big. I haven't bought medium longs from Very Baby, just a bunch of xsmalls for the new baby.

ETA: OH!! I almsot forgot!! I meant to say earlier that my mediums from VB are hemp jersey in the body and hemp french terry in the soaker, no birdseye at all. And my medium long dipes from Sunshine are birdseye in the body but a 4 layer hemp french terry soaker in the body. I never get hemp issues, even with internal soakers, and these have proved the rule. Ironically, the all-hemp ones from VB dry the quickest, are the thinnest/trimmest, and I love them most.
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I tried a med on my dd, and the fit wasn't very good. Too short on the rise and wide on the stride. The applix was very weak as well. Haven't been tempted to go back. I'm really confused by all the vb madness around here. Not sure who made mine- I think I got it from Spark on the tp.

Holli, you qualify, imho, as an expert because you've seen so many dipes and done so much research. Sure, your baby's habits may change some of your opinions, but it's foolish to anticipate how. All baby's change our mindsets differently.
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Okay, now I'm even more confused. :LOL The med rise at VB is listed as 16.5" and 15" at FlutterbyBaby, but they are the same? Also, Jess' PUL is 1 MIL, is that that "breathable" PUL? I always thought we needed 2 MIL (and assumed that is what is on our VBs from Sunshine), but if we're using 1 MIL than I guess it's fine since we never have wicking issues.
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I don't know about posted rise measurements, but that's my experience. Also, I have no idea what kind of PUL Sunshine uses, but I know that the ones I have from VB are 1mm, and it's really nice and stretchy and soft, and no wicking ever.
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Thanks! I think I'll just order one from Jess to try. I really like the birdseye, but am curious what they are like with all hemp.
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Is VB open for customs???
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We have @ 13 VB AIO's w/ the internal soaker - all Mediums _ Em is 15 pounds & @24 inches - They fit great -
Yes the drying time sucks but its not like I am standing over them w/ a blowdryer doing it - I normally do it twice on high.
I've never had wicking problems or snakes.
We use them at night 7pm to 6:30 am w/ 2 superboosters & she has never leaked!
I also bought from sunshine.
I LOVE my VB's & am decidiing if I want to up to the M/L or not -
We use them about everyother day, for long car trips they are fantastic!
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I asked Sunshine about the different rise measurements and she double checked with Jess' measurements. Jess' 16.5" rise is measured prior to sewing, while Sunshine's rise of 15" is after sewing. So, both Flutterby Baby and the original VB from Jess have a final rise of 15" after being sewn.
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I've had my VB AIO's for a few months now and they are holding up well and I really like them.

I wasn't sure about the birdseye at first, but decided I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did, it works fine. I was trying to get away from my whole stash being hemp, so this was a nice option. I also like the internal soaker for the same reasons Angelica mentioned. I they are very trim and that's one reason why I like them so much.

I don't mind the drying time, they usually are done in one cycle if not I hang them up. It doesn't bother me to have to do that, since normal laundry requires me to have to hang things up too to finish drying. I figure I'm either spending the time folding it or hanging it.

For us the aplix is both mommy and daddy friendly. Connor is absolutely beastly when it comes to diaper changes and we need the quickest way to get a diaper on him. I guess the term 'daddy friendly' means different things to different people. In our house DH asks for 'daddy friendly' dipes if I'm not around. It's not meant in a derrogartory way at all, just referencing something that is easier for him to use. He can use snaps, but aplix is easier for him to manuver.

As far as the internal soakers not getting clean....I don't know. I can't see how it's much different than a fitted getting clean, but maybe I'm missing something.

No diaper snakes here either.

I also do prefer FCB AIO's but they are hard to come by. Plus Connor doesn't have much room left in them (even the size 2) and the VB's will last him a lot longer.

I don't think they are more (even when you add in the options) than many other AIO's I've bought before. Some other popular AIO's are $24 and $25.
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For all those out there who have doubts about birdseye, I recommend trying it out. I had my doubts but finally decided to try it and I am amazed at the absorbency. When Sunshine cut off the tip of her finger while I was waiting on an order she offered to upgrade mine to hemp, but I refused, I like how they are hemp free. What I wish they didn't have is flannel, I could definitely live without flannel in my life, LOL...

And about the snap issue, I checked out the snap placement when I was gonna order some of my VB AIO's, but I personally don't like how the snaps look on the diaper, the aplix is much neater, but Holli, I feel you on the chalkboard thing, I am like that with styrafoam(sp. is so off sorry), I can't stand to be in the same room when the stuff is being removed from a box or something, so if I felt the same way about aplix, I would stay so far away from it. Well, at least that means no velcro shoes for baby Mari and future babe's, I hate velcro shoes. Isn't it funny the things that bother us...

Okay off to go fill my belly now...baby is yelling at me.
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