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Iris is here (warning: involves traumatic events)

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I finally had my baby!
My water broke around 9 Monday (the 20th) and I labored all night and all the next day. My labor went quickly and my hipnobabies was very effective. I had a great labor. My Husband, Mom, and sister were all great. I went to the birth center around 7 and was already dialated to 9. The midwife stretched me to a ten and the pushing began.
I pushed for two and a half hours and at 10:20 she was born. Unfortunatly she had swallowed meconium and they had use th DeLee on her. They got it out but the baby wouldn't take a breath. They began to bag her and DH called 911. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital (thankfully only 2 minutes away). She was intubated and then began to breath on her own. My poor DH witnessed the whole awful event.
The baby then went to the NICU where she was put under the oxegyn "cake". I got to see her about four hours after giving birth and it was the best/worst moment of my life. We stayed with her around the clock (even though the nurses often tried to kick us out : ). By day two I was able to nurse her and she seemed to be improving, then she had a set back. Her kidneys were spilling sodium and the Dr. decided to do an ultra sound of her brain to be sure there was no bleeding. It was awful. The next day she was doing better-thanks to the fact that Iris is a championship nurser.Finally on christmas day we were able to bring our baby home.
We are all bonding well, nursing like mad, and enjoying our babymoon.
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Whew! Glad you are home safe and sound and Congratulations! Enjoy Iris and your babymoon!
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So glad to hear that things are going better with little Iris! Scary, but you made it through... And I love the name--it was one of my top five girls' names.

Best wishes to you!
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Much congratulations to all of you & I'm glad you are all home & safe
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So glad you're all ok. I'm sorry for any sadness and fear you went through to get her home. I know it's haunting even now but please enjoy your sweet baby! Have a wonderful baby moon and take is easy!!!
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I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you!!! I'm glad the labor went well though and that she's doing well now and was able to go home quickly! Congratulations and Welcome Iris!!!
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Oh wow... what a scary, trying start for you all! I am so happy to hear that Iris is doing well and that your Christmas brought you all home safe and sound.

Enjoy that baby, mama!!!
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Congratulations! I hope the next few weeks are very peaceful to make up for the scary start. Rest and nurse.
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Congrats! So glad things turned out all right.
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Wow! Scary stuff. What's that mean, kidneys spilling sodium? Was that a one time event?

Yay for breastfeeding. Enjoy.
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How scary!! Glad she is doing well now!! COngratulations mama! Debi
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