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Just found out a week ago that DH and I finally conceived! This is our first, and we are both 34. We started a year ago...well before our Labor Day wedding (because of our age). Looks like we might have a baby for our first anniversary!! And it was the very BEST Christmas present, too! Still working on telling our families and finding a MD or MW. I hope I've gotten the acronyms right, I really dont know the lingo yet. I've got a sore breasts (but love the larger size!), very emotional, quite tired, and a little bit warmer (perfect for the Maine winter!). Dreading the morning sickness, but no sign of it yet. Surprised to feel so calm about this whole process...hope to enjoy it with several of you here, along the way!!
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Welcome to the group...and to MDC!!!
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welcome to the group!
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Congratulations and welcome!

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Congratulations and welcome!
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thank you

thanks for all welcomes! Dan and I took a tour of a nearby birthing facility tonight...just to make it all feel real. WOW! First, we were the only ones not about to give birth (who cares)...and it was so amazing!! I am LOVING this! I'll enjoy watching this happen with you all!
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Welcome! Congratulations!!!!

We are in Brunswick, not too far from you all. We had a terrific birthing experience with our midwife in Scarborough. She delivers at MMC, which was a downside for us, but I wasn't comfortable enough with the Ballard House to deliver there - and, as it turns out we would have been transfered anyway. THey do wonderful deliveries at BH, but my own anxieties kept me from delivering anywhere without a NICU. I figured if I planned for it, we wouldn't need it.

Anyway, our midwife was amazing, and we had a terrific experience.
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