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Diapers with soft elastic legs?

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Is there such a thing? I have a bunch of diapers that are causing horrible red marks on my DD's thighs and I really need to find some diapers where the elastic isn't sewn too tightly. The biggest culprit in our stash are our RB flag's. They fit great but they are starting to almost rub her poor little legs raw and they definately aren't snapped too tightly. I need something made of soft material that won't bother her legs.

Any suggestions or spam welcome.
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Muttaqins are really soft and velour lined and since they are one-size they will fit for a long time. http://www.muttaqinbaby.com/
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I'll echo Monique's suggestion. I never get red marks from my Muttaqins...and the fit is really nice.
But it looks like you want side snappers. Not sure about those...
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Oh definatly find diapers with velour in the body--hemp can be kind of stiff and hard when serged and snapped tightly around baby's thighs. I suggest crystal's cloth. www.crystalscloth.com --she has a lovely seleciton of 100% cotton velour.
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My 1st thought when reading this was absorbitals, which seem like they fit loosely, but hold it all in. A decent (day weight) internal soaker too.

But yes, Muttaqins are nice and so are cloud9s.

What cover is going over them? Could that be part of the problem (holding the diaper so tightly against baby)?
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Nope, can't do mutts. They just don't fit her very well. I'm going to check out crystalscloth.

zensizzled~ We use wool 100% of the time. Mainly Kiwi's but we also have a MM soaker and a BBB soaker.
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I 2nd Crystals Cloth. Here diapers rock! They are soooo soft. My dd has to have very soft elastic or it sets off her excema. Cloud 9 softies have really soft elastic too, but have to be found 2nd hand.
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Hmm, well Crystals Cloth is closed for custom orders and doesn't have any fitteds instock to try so that's out for now. Does anyone know when she's going to open back up?
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I've been thinking that Loveybums Organic Velour might work really well for Lindsey. I can bring one over and you can try it on her and see what you think?
She is going to open up for orders just after the first of the year and I've never had a problem with red marks on Jack.
In fact I was thinking of stopping by this afternoon (I'm going stir-crazy) Do you want me to bring one?
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That's funny, the loveybums left really bad red marks on ds's legs, I think it was b/c the elastic is sewn to the inner layer instead of the outer layers...
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Sure, stop by and bring it with you. I have a loveybums w/ velour inner and it's nice but you know how I feel about the snaps. Maybe if it works then I'll just have to get over the snap thing. We're going to take a nap soon but should be up by 3:30.
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Originally Posted by AugustLia23
That's funny, the loveybums left really bad red marks on ds's legs, I think it was b/c the elastic is sewn to the inner layer instead of the outer layers...
What diapers only sew the elastic to the outer layers. That would probably work great for us!
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I can't think of diapers that only sew to the outer layers, but I can think of ones that don't. I know that mudpie, loveybums, FCB, KWH, Patchwork Pixie, all sew to either the inner layers or to all the layers, which can leave red marks as well. Sorry wish I could help more, but this pregnancy brain has got me down.
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Oh I forgot about the snaps. Hmm, I wonder how www.naturalsimplicity.net diapers would work. They look to be turned and topstitched? so maybe that would be better and you can get the gusset feature which may help also and you can get the velour inner. I just bought one last night but I don't know how long it will take to get here.
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Nobody ever talks about them any more but we never had a red mark from Lukes Drawers. She uses a really soft cotton elastic. And it looks like she's got tons instock to.

ETA: I would personally avoid a TnT diaper if you are worried about red marks. All of our TnT diapers have left red marks...
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Any other suggestions??
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kissaluvs? very soft.
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We used Kissaluvs as our first diapers and they left marks on her legs even then. I'll just have to keep searching.
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Does anyone make a fitted diaper like an Angelwrap or Babysoft Wraps AIO? Like the fleece on the legs?
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Crystals Cloth is awesome! I know it says she is closed, but email her. She is super nice and helpful! I have 3 fitteds and have ordered 6 more!
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