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What is your favorite Organic dipe?

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I am trying to get my youngest back in cloth but she has extremely sensitive skin. I would love to try all organic cotton dipes and see if that makes a difference. What are your favorite brands and websites for OC? Prefer fitteds to prefolds, snaps to aplix but am open to most anything. Fairly accessible is a plus of course.

So tell me what you have found.
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I'm tellin ya'll OC PFs are soooo wonderful!!!! I think especially for sensitive skin because you can abuse it when you wash it.

I've tried Under the Nile and EcoBaby. UTN has a layer hemp terry running down the center. That's great for super soakers, but I think for B it would possibly hold onto germs and stuff she might be sensitive to. Therefore, I'd go with EcoBaby PFs. I have one you can borrow to try out.

Both of them have this healing effect on Cicely's bum. If she's red at all, I switch her over to my OC PFs and she's healthy skinned after just one use. I LOVE using them for night time with a Duz-It-All rolled in. She wakes up in the morning with healthy glowing bum skin!
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My favorite right now is our OC/OV Fussybutt fitteds but they are harder to get. So my second favorite is our Organic Velour Loveybums fitted, it has to be one of the softed diapers I have ever felt. It does take longer to dry but for me it's well worth it, and Jack should be in a large but I bought him mediums and they fit so well and are very trim for an internal soaker dipe.
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The only organic cotton diaper I have tried is the Ecobaby Absorbitalls. I think they are best for light to moderate wetters. This diaper is very trim, and could NOT handle a heavy wetter.
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www.mammamade.com rock!! Her OV fitteds are great! Availability is an issue though...she's very sick w/ her pregnancy so that is slowing her down. I think she was going to stock again before the end of the year...but that may have changed w/ her being sick.

www.holdenslanding.com I just ordered one of her OV fitteds. should be here any day...so I'll post again when I get it

www.naturalsimplicity.com has OV. I also am getting one of these any day so I'll post back.

www.simonscustomcloth.com has organic cotton fleece

www.loveybums.com has OV and I've heard they are great.
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I was just coming here to post a very similar question! I am totally changing my stash to all organic cotton fitteds -- I'd try prefolds, but Gemma is at that stage where she can't hold still long enough to get the dirty diaper OFF, not to mention getting a new diaper on, and I can't be bothered to wrestle her AND deal with pins/snappis, diapers that unfold and need to be refolded, etc. (I'm about to go insane just trying to get AIOs on her!)

So please, mamas, keep the suggestions coming. Gemma needs new dipes ASAP, so things that are easily obtained is really one of our biggest issues. (Poor baby is having major rash issues regardless of how I change my wash routine, how hot the water I use, how long she's wearing the dipe, etc. The only thing that seems to help is organic cotton against her skin!) I'd love velour, no sherpa, QD, and snaps over velcro, please .... if I were custom ordering my dream diaper, that is! :LOL

I'm off to check out some of the sites you lovely ladies have already linked. Thanks!

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The only OV/OC ones we have are Fussybutt. Awesome!! Hard to get but awesome none the less.
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Absorbitals is my favorite general day-weight (ie, light to moderate wetter) organic. It has a great size range. And, last night the nightlights were all in the wash, so I stuffed the absorbital w/ the soaker/doubler from a BBH wio (hey, had to get creative ) and it held up great. So you could even get an absorbital (snaps) and then add some OC doublers (or PFs) to it for heavier wetters.
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The only organic ones we have are the Loveybums OV fitteds - but they are soooooooo soft and lovely - madly in love with them so far

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I our Ecobaby Organic Velcro Diaper. It is soft, fits well and is fairly absorbent.
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Well my favorites are my OC Elbees...but for something that you can actually get without waiting a year- I LOVE my OC Side snap sugarpeas. Dallin still fits in a small
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I second the OC side snap sugarpeas.. . .nice and trim and you can actually get them!! I'm wanting to try an Ecobaby OC prefold too. Thanks Mama has them for a good price with free shipping.


ETA: there were some OC Cloud 9 Softies at OrangeStarfish the other day too!

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hands down, fussybutt's are my fave organic dipes!!!
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All of my diapers are organic cotton. This thread contains a list of sites that sell organic cotton diapers:


My current *obtainable* favorites are Patchwork Pixie, Snoogie Snaps, Ecobaby Grow-With-Me, and Kidlets, but there are so many that I still haven't tried! Also, everyone will have different favorites, because everyone is looking for different things. I look for long-lasting super-softness and front snaps. Other people look for trimness and absorbency.
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Wow, you guys are great!! When I was buying dipes before, I did not care if they were hemp, cotton, terry, whatever. I loved great prints and great fit. Since Becca has been having rash issues, I am willing to give up cuteness in hopes that OC will help. Bulkiness is not a huge factor and as long as they are somewhat absorbant, that's fine since I change her pretty frequently.

So are absorbitalls pockets? Virg, you mentioned that you stuffed it. Does that mean that it has a pocket or did you just lay the stuffing inside the dipe?

I have an Elbee # coming up fairly soon so it is nice to know I can get those organic.

What is the difference between OC and OV?

Thanks again.
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OV is Organic Velour. Gosh... and here I thought YOU taught ME all I knew!
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Sugarpeas *can* have some issues with serging coming loose or the elastic rolling, however the fit is TDF and you can get OC easily. I love the fit of our side snaps.

My personal fave OC diaper is Bizzy B Hive. (I actually have prr print outers, but the rest is OC) They are amazingly soft and well made.

I also like my lonely Firefly from Fuzbaby.

If you have an elbee # coming up, I would take full advantage of that, if I were you!

Sustainer, what are Kidlets like? And where can one get the Ecobaby organic prefolds?
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Originally Posted by MamaTT
And where can one get the Ecobaby organic prefolds?
You have to go to heaven and ask the angels for them... seriuosly... I have no clue anymore! They used to have them at www.ecobaby.com and now... they're GONE! They said originally that they were still in test mode. My friend got the ONE that I have in a basket of fluff from the Christmas in July goodies. She passed it onto me. Oooh! They're nice.
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I am sticking with Little Fishy Cuddlebuns www.little-fishy.com Kira has organic cotton sherpa and she's getting in some organic velour. I have two of her organic sherpa witht he regular velour on top and I really like them. They are puffier then my hemp Cuddlebuns, but still nice and trim.
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Originally Posted by Spark
OV is Organic Velour. Gosh... and here I thought YOU taught ME all I knew!
I meant what is the difference in feeling. :LOL
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