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Small stash and/or minimalist mamas...

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How many diapers do you have and is it "enough"? I'm going to be selling off most of the excess from the stash and I've lost touch with how many diapers one "needs". Do you think 2-dozen total for day and night is a good number to aim for for a 21-month old? And the same question for covers, how many covers does one need assuming there are no aios or pockets in the stash? I have definitely lost touch with how many covers one needs as we have enough for three or four kids I think.

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I think two dozen is a good number--that is what I have for my two and I wash every other day and it works most of the time (I do have some prefolds for in case but I hardly have to use them). I like that number also because I really believe you should stick with about that in the wash load...so why have more than you can wash. Covers...well, what type do you use? We do wool and it depends on the absorbancy--but I can get by with 3 covers per boy easily (rotating) as long as I plan the washing so they don't need to be washed all at once!
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Thanks!! I do have some prefolds that I can use as backups. Right now they just lay on top of the changing table in case of a really messy diaper, but they are regular cpfs so they would work great in a pinch.

We use wool around the house and either wool or pull on nylon covers for outings. I was thinking 4 wool covers would be enough, but man it would be SO hard to narrow it down to my 4 favorites as I really like them all. I'll probably keep all my featherlites too since they dont' sell for much and pack up really small for the diaper bag. Off to think about what, if any, wool I can part with. :LOL

Thanks again! It's good to know I'm on the right track.
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I agree on the two dozen dipes. For covers, I had 4 PUL covers for the day and 3 fleece for the night time system. I expect I had too many covers.
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2 doz w/ a full dozen PFs for backup would probably work. As for covers: are they all covers, or do some double as clothes? If they double as clothes, don't count them as covers (if you want to keep them that is)

I was buying lots when C was going through 18+/day. But now he's slowed down a lot (10+/day)-- so I...have...too...no, I can't say it. I just can't say it. But w/ a family of 6 and a disorganized household, it might take a couple days for laundry to get through the system, so I actually HAVE to be prepared for 5 days. Honest. A more organized house (read: more organized SAHDh) might allow me to simplify...but I can't under current conditions.

Good luck to you though.
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I'm a minimalist! A verrrry happy one! I've got a bag of diapers I'm getting ready to give away because they simply aren't used and I hate the thought of being so wasteful!

We're currently using 6 prefolds, 4 AIOs, about 10 fitteds, 2 wool covers and 4 PUL covers. I have more items that fit now (or are too large) that are not used in our rotation. My daughter is 2. In a normal day I'll use 6-8 diapers. I wash every day so I have more than enough. In fact, I've never run out. Even if I washed every other day, I'd be fine. Heck, I could wash every three days and I'd be fine!

I think 2 dozen dipes and 4-6 covers is plenty!
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Originally Posted by ZenSizzled
2 doz w/ a full dozen PFs for backup would probably work. As for covers: are they all covers, or do some double as clothes? If they double as clothes, don't count them as covers (if you want to keep them that is)

Oh! Good rationalizing! I have been feeling so guilty about my oversized stash, but if I don't count the longies or the Little Lambs, beacause they are only for outfits, or the fleece covers that are too bulky under anything and so are shorts, well then I ONLY have a dozen fitteds and a dozen FB for daycare! And I won't count the 20 PFs because they are stuffers and in case of emergency.

Whew, I've got a small stash, LOL!
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I have 20 diapers total mostly fitteds but I have 3 aios for under clothing. (and my 4th aio is in the mail http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...e=STRK:MEWN:IT )
In the house we wear fitteds without covers and since we hardly ever get out of the house, I only own 1 wool soaker and I'm about to start a pair of wool shorts for him. We use his soaker mostly just for overnight.
I like him just running around in fitteds He has sensitive skin and I change him faster when he just wears fitteds. It's easier to tell as soon as they are wet. faster changes = no rash
So anyway, I think you only need 18. But I am aiming for 36.
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I'm not sure how much help I can be since I'm so new to cd'ing but I have been functioning on a stash of 8 diapers (aio's). I do have one fitted but it doesn't get used because I have no covers. But that's all about to change due to one generous mama! Anyway, the point is if you have to you can get by on a very small stash. Granted I wash dipes at least twice a day and that's not exactly fun...but IMO it's better than using 'sposies. Having said this...if I had the extra money to spend there is no way I would have this small of a stash!
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Kristin, we have about 3.5 doz fitteds and it's really too many for a 23mo old. I think we would be fine with 2 doz, washing every other day. I want to know which wool covers you narrow it down to, BTW
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I think I would be very happy with about 18 to 28 diapers Thats 7 fitteds/prefitteds per day, 3 night diapers - one for backup, 4 diaper bag diapers, and 6 fitteds for emergencies (read "the runs"). Thats 27, and I have 43 total counting my dozen regular prefolds. I would let go of some fitteds, but sometimes I enjoy my prefolds, but they dont' work for runny poo. Whats a girl to do
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A dozen prefolds, two Bummis covers, and one FuzziBunz & insert is our entire stash and we've been cloth-diapering full time on it just fine. We have to wash daily, and I'd love to get a few more FuzziBunz (or other pocket dipes or maybe a couple VB or Bum-ware AIO's) so that I could wash every other day, but one dozen is functional for us.
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